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Pepperl+Fuchs' IDENTControl Compact

Article-Pepperl+Fuchs' IDENTControl Compact

Pepperl+Fuchs' IDENTControl Compact

IDENTControl Compact is comprised of one- and two-head RFID controller solutions offering easy integration of RFID into common PLC networks. This product family uses a metal housing offering the highest level of noise immunity and robustness. Complementing the company's four-head IDENT Control solution the compact housing is four times smaller while still enabling users to connect all read/write heads, even with different frequency ranges, to a single control interface. Pepperl+Fuchs' RFID connectivity for Ethernet and PROFIBUS systems was historically limited to four-head RFID controllers. The new one- and two-head RFID controllers are designed for space-limited installations requiring only one or two heads, while providing a more distributed RFID control system for larger installations. Read heads can come back to their own controller rather than be consolidated into four-head controller blocks. These Ethernet controllers have additional features including two onboard Ethernet connectors with a built-in switch. This allows for multiple Ethernet topologies; ring topologies are especially interesting because they incorporate media redundancy. If the ring is broken for whatever reason the communication path is rerouted to keep the system up and running. The same controller supports all common Industrial Ethernet protocols, including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and TCP/IP. One model covers all protocols, customers and applications. All of the IDENTControl Compact controllers have IP67 quick disconnects so they can be mounted where required - in a panel or out in the field - without switching hardware. All IDENTControl read heads - including low-frequency 125 kHz for machine tooling, high-frequency 13.56 MHz for pallet tracking and logistics, and microwave 2.45 GHz for automotive applications, can be connected, so applications are limitless.

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