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Pavilion to disperse cash

Pavilion to disperse cash

Technology from components to systems is the mainstays of factory automation, but that's no longer the only facet of National Manufacturing Week that might help companies catch the economic updraft. Executives may find that the new Capital Markets Pavilion can provide a necessary component for growth.

The Pavilion houses 14 equity fund companies ranging from private capital companies to Bank of America, the nation's largest financial company. "Company owners can come to the booth and talk to financial companies that can help them grow their business," says Sparrow Mahoney, at Matrix Capital Markets Group. Mahoney conceived of the capital markets pavilion and spearheaded the sessions.

This could be a good time for executives to examine the link to financial companies that can help companies in mergers, recapitalization, establishment of foreign operations, and other expensive growth and expansion steps. The National Association of Manufacturers predicts that production will grow at 6% this year, outpacing the U.S. GDP.

During the first day, "We had unbelievable response," Mahoney says. She plans to establish an entire session track during next year's National Manufacturing Week Conference.

Mahoney notes that the companies are equity funds, not venture capital funds. V.C. funds provide fairly short-term money for startups, while equity funds typically work with established companies and may form relationships that last several years. Equity companies at the booth typically work with companies that have more than $5 million in annual revenues.

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