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NKK Switches' IS OLED Rocker Switch/IS18WWC1W

NKK Switches' IS OLED Rocker Switch/IS18WWC1W

NKK's OLED Rocker is a low profile, multifunctional rocker switch with a built-in programmable OLED display. The OLED rocker switch is a new addition to NKK's SmartSwitch product line of user-friendly interfaces that combine a switch with a programmable display in one device. The primary applications for the OLED rocker switch are in control systems and in HMI displays or operator interface applications where it can be used to replace multiple switches and multiple displays. It also has an IP64 rating so it is well suited for applications where the device is exposed to dust and water. The OLED Rocker allows engineers to incorporate the functions of multiple switches and displays into one space-saving device. The benefits of this are lower material cost, reduced panel space, less inventory and faster installation time. The OLED SmartSwitch Rocker simplifies and improves operator interfaces where multiple selection menus are required. User selection is based on menus visible on the display and multiple layers of menus can be easily achieved; this affords engineers a great deal of flexibility with just one device. In addition, with its IP64 rating for dust and water protection, the OLED rocker can be used in industrial applications and medical areas where wipe down is required. The OLED Rocker has the following differentiating attributes: first programmable switch to combine an OLED display and three pushbutton switches; first programmable switch with an IP rating for dust & water protection; high resolution OLED, exceptional contrast at 96 x 64 pixels; and longest display life of any OLED switch (52K hours typical).

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