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New Literature

Manufacturing cell

A reconfigurable column and spindle design lets the Module-Mation(TM)manufacturing cell accept belt, motorized, and turret spindle types. Spindle orientation can be vertical, center mount, or horizontal side mounted for maximum rigidity. The "Flexible Manufacturing Cells" brochure describes these 3-axis modules and how to adapt them for multiple applications.

Russell T. Gilman Inc., Box 5, Grafton, WI 53024; FAX (262) 377-9438;

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RF connectors

The QDS Series Quick-Disconnect RF Connectors Catalog comprises technical drawings, product descriptions, specifications, and an overview of how users can build their own connectors at the company's website. The 50(OMEGA), 1,000V rms rated, Type N connectors are designed to mate securely without bayonets or threaded nuts. QDS Series products include: plugs, jacks, receptacles, adapters, and cable assemblies.

Tru-Connector Corp., 245 Lynnfield St., Peabody, MA 01960; FAX (978) 531-6993;

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Light measurement

Portable and benchtop instruments and components for measuring UV through near-IR light are detailed in the IL Light Measurements Catalog 2001. Products include standard systems for performing photoresist and photoexposure measurements, UV curing, photostability testing, and laser power measurements. The catalog also features the automated IL2000 SpectroCube(TM)spectroradiometer with built-in modem, and describes the firm's calibration lab.

International Light Inc., 17 Graf Rd., Newburyport, MA 01950; FAX (978) 462-0759;

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An interactive CD-ROM details Murtfeldt Spann-Box(R)and Spann-Boy(R)automatic chain and belt tensioners and includes selection criteria for the patented Material S line of chain and belt guides. Completing the disk are downloadable DXF drawings of all standard catalog items and a virtual tour of the manufacturing facilities.

Daido Corp., 615 Pierce St, Somerset, NJ 08875; FAX (732) 805-0122;

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DC motors

LO-COG(R)brush-commutated dc motors range from 0.87 inch to 2.21 inches, with each frame size offered in several lengths. The largest motor provides up to 50 oz-inches of continuous torque. The new ELCOM ST(TM)brushless dc servo motors utilize slotted-strator technology and feature hall-sensor feedback. A flyer outlines these two products as well as other brush-commutated and brushless motors. The flyer also provides a chart that details both recommended and continuous torque ranges for over 35 motor models.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338;

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Resistance testers

This third generation of clamp-on ground resistance testers offers 0.10(OMEGA) resolution. This increased resolution for models 3711 and 3731 equates to a ten-fold increase in sensitivity from prior models. Enhanced noise immunity makes the unit suitable for work around transmission towers and substations. Both meters measure ground resistance from 0.01(OMEGA) to 1200(OMEGA) without disconnecting the rod under test. The brochure provides comprehensive information including features, applications, specifications, and ordering information for the patented testers.

AEMC Instruments, 99 Chauncey St., Boston, MA 02111; FAX 617-423-2952;

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Directional-control valves for use in raw water or 95/5 high-pressure water systems feature a range of interchangeable parts. All valve assemblies are 100% pressure tested to ensure leak-tight construction. Pressure ratings for the valve line range from 150 to 30,000 psi. Handbook details high-pressure and low-pressure valves as well as valve controls. Cut-away diagrams of the valves are presented as well as information regarding the valves' positive shut-off feature that eliminates leakage.

Valv-Trol Co., 1340 Commerce Dr., Stowe, Ohio 44224; FAX (330) 686-2820;

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Forging solutions

A service organization produces forgings such as shafts, rings, discs, flats, hubs, hollows, and multiple-process shapes. Quantities can range from one forging to hundreds, in weights from 1 to 80,000 lbs. As a one-stop shop, the organization provides heat treating, rough machining, and testing of forged parts. Literature presents the advantages of forged parts when compared to machined bar, fabrications, and torch-cut plate. The strength benefits of forging's directional grain flow aspect are also discussed.

Scot Forge, Box 8, Spring Grove, IL 60081; FAX (847) 587-2000;

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BSP plugs

High-density polyethylene plugs provide protection to British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads from contaminants and other damage. The plugs can be tightened by hand, hex, wrench, or screwdriver, and are available in thread sizes from G 1/8 to G 1/2. Threaded-plug heights range from 0.35 to 0.97 inch and diameters range from 0.83 to 1.1 inch. The catalog states that the plugs meet low-pressure testing requirements and come in standard yellow.

Niagara Plastics Co., 7090 Edinboro Rd., Erie, PA 16509; FAX (800) 358-4391;

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Mobile antennas offer a variety of mounting options, including a patented On-Glass(R)method for both low- and high-power applications. Window-clip, magnet-mount, roof-mount, and elevated-feed models are also available. An expanded 800/900/2400 MHz trunking antenna catalog covers these mobile model features as well as portable and fixed-station types. This booklet also includes information on PR-911 paging repeaters and EAC-50TRADEMARK low-power, in-building repeater kits.

Antenna Specialists, 31225 Bainbridge Rd., Cleveland, OH 44139; FAX (440) 349-8407;

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Halide lamp

A 10W metal-halide lamp, Solarc(TM), housed in a compact, lightweight package, offers lighting system integrators a plug-and-play solution to their lighting needs. The unit is battery operated and can be purchased in "developer kit" form. The kit contains five metal halide lamps, a power supply, an instructions sheet, and CD-ROM containing technical specifications. A two-page datasheet provides performance characteristics under typical operating conditions along with physical dimensions.

Welch Allyn, Box 187, Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153; FAX (315) 685-2854;

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The input side of this hand disconnect clutch is designed to mount to the engine or motor shaft. This allows the driving power source to transmit full torque to the driven device. The output side of the clutch can be a keyed-bore or a splined-bore mounted to a gearbox or jackshaft with bearing support. A leaflet features other operational details and application information.

Hilliard Corp., 100 West 4th St., Elmira, NY 14902-1504; FAX (607) 737-1108;

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Rivet nuts

SpinTite(TM)threaded rivet nuts are specially designed for use in blind attachment applications where only one side of a workpiece is accessible for fastener installation and final component assembly. Installed from the accessible side of a workpiece, these rivet nuts provide metal threads in panels as thin as 0.02 inch. Bulletin PG provides an overview of five types of SpinTite fasteners, which can serve as an alternative to weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws.

Atlas Engineering-Penn Engineering, 248 Geneva Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278; FAX (330) 633-4783;

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Combination ventilator and filter systems are designed for installation within overheated and dirty control enclosures in industrial environments. Hot air is blown out of enclosures with filtered, cooler air that reduces internal temperatures. Electra-Kool(TM)systems consist of a blower, a two-stage filter, digital thermometer, an air deflector, mounting fasteners, and instructions. A booklet offers information on seven sizes of ventilators for enclosures from 600 ft 3 . Special and customized units are also discussed.

Wayne Products Inc., Box 788, Frazer, PA 19355; FAX (800) 252-0948;

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Sensor interface

Intelligent sensor-to-computer interface units for use with digital and analog signal devices are designed for installation remotely from a host computer. This remote installation close to the sensors minimizes possibilities of noise contamination. Communications are via EIA-RS-485, half-duplex, asynchronous serial communication. A directory has separate product sections for digital I/O pods, analog input pods, analog output pods, accessories, and serial communication cards for PCs. Individual model specifications and their current price are included.

Access I/O Products, 10623 Roselle St., San Diego, CA 92121; FAX (858) 550-7322.

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Insulating material

Insulated metal printed circuit board (IMPCB) material can reduce cost by eliminating the need for thermal and mechanical hardware and result in smaller product sizes. The flexible nature of this dielectric material makes it well suited for both SMD and chip-and-wire assembly. A guide covers the special considerations associated with IMPCB. While manufacturing issues are similar to standard FR4, there are several differences noted with respect to metal-base plate and copper-foil thickness.

Thermagon Inc., 3256 West 25th St., Cleveland, OH 44109-1668; FAX (216) 741-3943;

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Signal conditioners

Signal conditioning products described in a new brochure are single-channel units designed primarily for discrete automation applications. The 8900 Series provides outputs of either 0-10V or 4-20mA for PLC or PC control systems with analog input capability. The 8500 and 8600 Series accept RTD, TC, strain-gage inputs and should provide a frequency output for directly interfacing with PLC high speed counter inputs or standard 24V dc logic inputs. All products detailed in the literature are backed by a five-year warranty.

CALEX Mfg., 2401 Stanwell Dr., Concord, CA 94520-4841; FAX (925) 687-3333;

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Flexible Hose for High Pressure Cylinder Filling pamphlet provides detailed product information for compressed gas and cryogenic hoses. The book details the capabilities and options available for the line of hoses. It also describes the safety features of Swiv-L-Flex(R)for palletized filling, Oxy-Flex(R)for oxygen-cylinder filling, stainless steel hose for corrosive environments, and armor casing for strong and flexible operation.

Flexible Components, 460 Milltown Rd, Bridgewater, NJ 08807;

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An electronic catalog library contains the contents of three product catalogs on a single CD-ROM. The media contains detailed product and application data for more than 10,000 products including sensors, measurement/inspection products, and machine safety products. It also includes a feature that conducts a search through all three catalogs. All catalog files are provided in PDF format and also feature AutoCAD files for most products.

Banner Engineering Corp., Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55441; FAX (612) 544-3213;

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The ETCO Product Line Catalog features standard and custom automotive products such as spark plug and distributor terminals, and various types of boot insulators. Many cord products including blades, pins, and female contacts for 110/220V power supply cords, and male and female inserts for automated production are also noted. Engineered products including over 1,500 standard connector products such as rings, spades, disconnects, pins, and insulated quick connectors completes the products listing.

ETCO Inc., 25 Bellows St., Warwick, RI 02888; FAX (401) 941-2453;

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Networking raceway

A multi-channel raceway, that provides high shock absorption, is manufactured from UL 94V-0 rated plastic. Featuring a hinged cover for quick installations, the raceway houses up to four separate channels of voice, electrical, data, video, or fiber-optic cabling. A brochure describes this system as well as other products that connect, fasten, organize, and route wire and cable. For example, wire managers, racks and shelves, and ID tags are detailed.

HellermannTyton, 7930 N. Faulkner Rd. PO Box 245017, Milwaukee, WI 53224; FAX (414) 355-7341;

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Magnetic conveyors

Line of conveyors provides efficient transfer of ferrous chips, stampings, and parts. They function whether materials are hot, wet, or oily. An 8-page booklet details the entire product line. Information on how the system works, specifications and capacities on all systems, all available options, and a form for requesting specific responses to requirements are included.

Storch Magnetics Inc., Box 531356, Livonia, MI 48153; FAX (734) 591-2582;

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