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VersaMax(TM)Nano and Micro programmable logic controllers are designed to combine PLC and I/O into a single compact unit that fits in the palm of your hand. The Nano unit features 2K words of memory, 6 inputs and 4 outputs, and 1.2musec per Boolean operation execution. The Micro unit is available in either 14 or 28 point and can be expanded. Additionally, related programming software and options for communications, motion control, signal conditioning, and operator interfaces are also highlighted in the catalog.

GE Fanuc Automation, Box 229, Whitehall, PA 18052; FAX (610) 437-5212;

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Positioning stages

Integral Motor Micro Plus Linear Positioning Stages are constructed with built-in servomotors. They are intended to decrease overall system size while providing increased dynamic performance, and feature a magnetic rotor assembly configured directly on the ball screw. The design reportedly eliminates mechanical errors and compliant parts, such as motor mounting brackets and flexible couplings. Gearheads, gearmotors, servomotors, and amplifiers are also discussed in the company literature.

Bayside Motion Group, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 484-5496;

For Information, circle 651

Thrust bearings

These precision-grade carbon and stainless-steel thrust bearings are mounted in engineering nylon retainers. The heat-stabilized nylon retainers reportedly possess natural lubricity, and are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Because they are injection molded, they should deliver consistent, repeatable quality part-to-part and permit the capture of the balls in precision-molded pockets for smooth, free-turning operation. Engineering specifications and load ratings in inch and metric measurements are included in the catalog.

Torque Transmission, 1246 High St., Fairport Harbor, OH 44077; FAX (440) 352-7682;

For Information, circle 652

Pressure and vacuum switches

These miniature precision snap-acting switches, for interfacing from pressure or vacuum signals to electric control systems, feature low differential adjustable settings, various mountings, and good repeatability. They are single-pole, double-throw for normally open, normally closed, and common terminals. Available in 0.1 to 25 amp, the switches are 15A standard. Gold contact and solid-state switches are available for low-current applications. The catalog contains information on ten different switches and valves.

Air Logic, 5102 Douglas Ave., Racine, WI 53402-2097; FAX (262) 639-5996;

For Information, circle 653

Line clamping

This company has seven separate clamping systems, because they say preventing leaks in hydraulic systems is dependent upon clamping the hydraulic lines and properly securing the fittings where leaks can occur. The range includes the Multi-Clamp, the Walker-Strut, the Hydro-Strut, the Silent-Strut, the Econo-Isolator, the Strut-Adapter, and the Hydro-Stack. Each is reported to have its own benefits by reducing leaks, inefficiency, labor and capitol costs, noise, inventory, and hazards. The brochure contains specifications and accessories for each line along with ordering information.

Hydro-Craft Inc., 1821 Rochester Industrial Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309; FAX (248) 652-0343;

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This company specializes in supplying small quantities (a few grams to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research or prototype development. Their possibilities range from metals and alloys, ceramics, and polymers to compounds and intermetallics, and composites. The guide is written to be a convenient source of information on general availability and forms. It contains a company overview, as well as specifications.

Goodfellow Corp., 800 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312; FAX (800) 283-2020;

For Information, circle 655

RFI/EMI shielding

These RFI/EMI shielding products include beryllium copper finger stock, contacts, panel and strip gaskets, track-mounted shielding, connector gaskets, wire mesh with and without elastomer core, Silvershield, metalized fabric, various gasket materials, fan vents, filters, and honeycomb vents. The brochure compares mounting, composition, size range, type of seal, contact interface, and performance data for all standard-shielding products.

Tech-Etch Inc., 45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360; FAX (508) 746-9639;

For Information, circle 656

Test and measurement

IC testers, programmable power supplies, cable testers, video monitor testers, and a full line of accessories are among these test and measurement products. Pricing is listed with each product in the catalog to eliminate flipping back and forth. In addition to product descriptions, possible probes and accessories are also listed individually.

BK Precision, 1031 Segovia Circle, Placentia, CA 92870-7137; FAX (714) 237-9214;

For Information, circle 657

CAM system

EdgeCAM is reported to have the capability for turning, prismatic machining, advanced surface machining, wire EDM, and solid-based machining. Features include the Code Wizard post-processor development tool, and the toolstore tooling database. The brochure includes a fold-out matrix of EdgeCAM's features and capabilities.

Pathtrace Systems Inc.; 2143 Convention Center Way, Suite 100, Ontario, CA 91764; FAX (909) 937-1229;

For Information, circle 658

Plastic fluid-handling products

The "USCO 2000 Edition Catalog" contains hundreds of industrial plastic piping and other fluid-handling products ranging from flowmeters, valves, pumps, and gauges to filters and strainers. The format includes an index, specifications, and pictures of all products. Additionally, there are "Technical Tips" sections, written in a Do's and Don'ts style, for products applications.

USCO, Box 310, Medford, MA 02155; FAX (800) 232-8726;

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These aftermarket filtration products for turbines and compressors include: PH synthetic cartridges, vent mist eliminators, oil coalescers/separators, oil reclamation units, transfer valves, and filtration equipment. Product descriptions and illustrations are provided in the brochure. Customized designs are available.

Hilliard Corp., 100 West 4th St., Elmira, NY 14902-1504; FAX (607) 737-1108;

For Information, circle 660

Servo and step motors

Turbo Servo(R)and Turbo Stepper(R)high-torque motors are offered in NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34, along with popular options. Their open-lam design is intended to provide up to twice the torque of similar size conventional servo and step motors. They are recommended for demanding, high-performance applications.

API Motion, 45 Hazelwood Dr., Amherst, NY 14228; FAX (716) 691-9181;

For Information, circle 661

Material handling

This brochure on material handling applications was created for engineers, plant managers, and belt technicians who find belting solutions for daily equipment problems. The brochure includes a reference chart, equipment illustrations, and belting selection guides for various material handling applications, including solutions for low noise, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.

Habasit Belting Inc., 3453 Pierce Dr., Chamblee, GA 30341; FAX (800) 442-2748;

For Information, circle 662


These products range from electric motors and gearmotors to speed reducers, drives, and accessories. While stock and modified stock products are covered, custom designs can be ordered for industrial or commercial-duty. The product selection brochure gives an overview of each product.

Leeson Electric Corp., 2100 Washington St., Grafton, WI 53024-0241; FAX (414) 377-9025;

For Information, circle 663

Nylon fasteners

These fasteners are designed to be tough, resistant to corrosion, non-conductive, lightweight, and inexpensive when compared to alternative metal fasteners. All come in a natural nylon color or may be color molded or dyed to meet a customer's specific need. They are featured in the catalog, which also includes dimensional drawings and technical specifications.

Chautauqua Plastics Inc., 1890 Lyndon Blvd., Falconer, NY 14733; FAX (716) 664-2556;

For Information, circle 664

Heat shrink and abrasion protection

PAN-SHRINK(TM)Heat Shrink and Abrasion Protection Products comprise six groups of products that include insulate, protect, harness, and identify electrical and electronic components. In this catalog, the company offers heat shrink tubing and end caps, non-shrink PVC tubing, spiral wrapping, grommet edging, corrugated loom tubing, and braided expandable sleeving.

Panduit Corp., 17301 Ridgeland Ave., Tinley Park, IL 60477-3091; FAX (815) 485-5883;

For Information, circle 665

Gear drives

Quadrive(R)metric gear drives are available for horizontal or vertical mounting and come in 11 sizes, with 25- to 160-mm bushing bores, power ratings up to 224 kW, and 350,000 inch-lbs output. Output ranges from 5 to 350 rpm. The brochure details the TA Taper(TM)bushing design for easy installation and removal. It eliminates the binding associated with twin-taper and single-flanged bushing, reducing maintenance time.

Falk, Box 492, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0492; FAX (717) 242-2606;

For Information, circle 666

Monorail conveyors

Automated, electrified monorail systems can make smooth, clean, and quiet high-speed conveyor systems. The power track features a dedicated communications link to the main frame or other conveyor control computers. An additional benefit is that overhead designs can save valuable floor space. The literature describes two track styles for loads to 2,200 or 6,000 lbs, each with speeds from 20 to 300 fpm.

Jervis B. Webb Co., 34357 W. Twelve Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48331-5624; FAX (248) 553-1228;

For Information, circle 667

Trimming output voltage

"Output Voltage PD Series" provides details on the acceptable techniques used to externally trim output voltages. The guide provides comprehensive explanations of two trimming methods involving resistors connected between the sense pins and trim pin, and the voltage or current source connected to the trim pin. Further guidance is provided with drawings and components sizing examples of the company's PD150 and PD300 converters.

Powercube, 9340 Owensmouth Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; FAX (800) 866-3589;

For Information, circle 668

Power supply

These power supplies range up to 350W and the dc to dc converters range to 30W. Information is offered on open frame, U-bracket, L-bracket, and enclosed power supplies, PCB mounting and Ultra-Min PCB mounting modular switching supplies, as well as dc-to-dc converters in through hole and surface mounting configuration. UI, PFC, UL, CAS/cUL, TUV, and Nordic approvals are available.

Total Power International, 418 Bridge St., Lowell, MA 01850; FAX (978) 453-7395;

For Information, circle 669

Flaw detectors

These lightweight flaw detectors are offered in two models, both measuring 1.8x10.4x9.6 inches. Including batteries, they weigh 3.5 lbs each. The USM 22 has a broadband frequency range of 0.5 to 15 MHz and is suited to flaw tests on sheets and plates, while the USM 25 has a selectable frequency range to 20 MHz, with trig functions and DAC for weld testing and a variety of applications. The LCD panels and other features are discussed in the brochure.

Kraukramer Branson Inc., 50 Industrial Park Dr., Lewistown, PA 17044; FAX (717) 242-2606;

For Information, circle 670

Miniature tools

Available individually or in sets, these miniature products range from slotted, Phillips-type, JIS-type S, Hex, Torx, open end, and socket/nut and reversible drivers to adapters, inspection lights, scribers, pin vises, spring tools, and precision probes. The catalog includes all available POLLICIS(R)Series and ACU-MIN(R)tool sizes and has some recent additions that are sometimes hard-to-find, including T-1 and T-2 Torx(R)blade sizes.

Moody Tools Inc., 42-60 Crompton Ave., East Greenwich, RI 02818; FAX (401) 885-4565;

For Information, circle 671

Injection molding

"The VPM Guide to Injection Molding" is formatted to assist manufacturers in developing cost-effective plastic components and products. Based on the theme, "Taking Your Product from Concept to Market," the guide provides an overview of the procedures involved in the injection molding process from the initial design phase through tool building, molding, assembly, and fulfillment. It cites examples of cost savings and improved product designs.

Ventura Precision Molding Inc., 1744 Donlon St., Ventura, CA 93003; FAX (805) 658-6663;

For Information, circle 672


The Bow-tie(TM)Locking Cotter Pin is one featured non-threaded fastener among hundreds of detent devices, clevis pins, cable assemblies, Rue Ring(TM)cotters, and Nylon Lanyards(TM). The fasteners have industrial applications in military, aerospace, transportation, medical, fitness, recreation, agricultural, and material handling OEMs. The catalog and price list are two separate pieces of literature.

Pivot Point Inc., Box 488, Hutisford, WI 53034-0488; FAX (920) 349-3253;

For Information, circle 673

Pump products

Among these products are industrial pumps, mechanical seals and pump parts, split cartridge seals, and water system accessories, including impellers, bushings, O-rings, and gaskets. The company also reports to specialize in end-suction centrifugal pumps used by industries for cooling towers, plastic processing, and other machine-coolant applications. The catalog contains information on the replacement parts and the company.

R.J. Industries Inc., Box 565, Norwalk, CT 06856; FAX (203) 866-1344;

For Information, circle 674

Electronic components

ICs, components, tools, test equipment, and computer products make up these thousands of products. Of the 250 new products added, the security camera equipment is featured in the catalog along with torodial transformers, fiber optics, power supplies, motors, soldering equipment, Parallax basic controller chips, and USB peripherals.

Jameco, 1355 Shoreway Rd., Belmont, CA 94002; FAX (650) 592-2503;

For Information, circle 675

Thermal mass flowmeter

The Thermal Instrument Model 9500 Mass In-line Flowmeter with integral microprocessor electronics is designed to bring an element of versatility to mass flow measurement of liquids and gases. The bulletin describes the model and highlights the flow path feature, which is completely unobstructed.

Thermal Instrument Co., 217 Sterner Mill Rd., Trevose, PA 19053; FAX (215) 355-1789;

For Information, circle 676

Tools and test equipment

The "Master Sourcebook" offers a selection of thousands of products, tool kits, test equipment, hand power and specialty tools, wire and cable, soldering equipment, computer and LAN products, diagnostics, workstations, shop supplies, and field accessories. The company offers 160 tool kits, plus the option of designing a custom kit.

Jensen Tools Inc., 7815 South 46th St., Phoenix, AZ 85044; FAX (800) 366-9662;

For Information, circle 677

Testing medical components

The MicroTest Material Testing System is introduced in this brochure. The system is designed to ensure meticulous position accuracy and resolution for testing sub-miniature specimens requiring the utmost in accuracy for minute deformation measurements and control. Tensil, compression, flex, shear, cyclic, and dynamic testing are among those MicroTest performs. Applications, accessory choices, test environments, and software are covered.

Instron Corp., 100 Royal St., Canton, MA 02021-1089; FAX (781) 575-5725;

For Information, circle 678

Identification systems

Tags, antennas, and controllers are among these radio frequency identification systems. The catalog features information about the V600 series electromagnetic RFID system, the V620 microwave RFID system, and the V700 series electromagnetic inductive system. Complimentary products are included along with assorted reference information. A product selection guide can assist is choosing the best model for specific applications.

Omron Electronics Inc, One Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173-5302; FAX (847) 839-2298;

For Information, circle 679

Industrial spraying

Included in this "Industrial Spray Products" catalog are design features, performance data, dimensions and weights, and ordering information for more than 22,000 spray nozzles and accessories. It also contains a comprehensive spray technology guide, applications selection charts, and problem-solving maintenance tips. The catalog is organized to quickly find spray nozzles needed for coating, cooling, cleaning, or drying applications.

Spraying Systems Co., Box 7900, Wheaton, IL 60189-7900; FAX (888) 957-7729;

For Information, circle 680


The PackPRO sensing program is designed to bring full packaging automation to realization and solve a variety of common packaging problems. Automation products included in the program and described in this brochure include optoelectrics for presence, color mark and luminescence detection, Micropulse(R)non-contact magnetostrictive linear position transducers, non-contact Power Remote systems, inductive proxes, and capacitives.

Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, KY 41042; FAX (606) 727-4823;

For Information, circle 681

Dovetail slides

Created using Pro/Engineer's 3D solid modeling technology, this family of industrial dovetail slides, named the DS Series, includes the Express, Select, and Super Select models. The Express DS models offer one-week delivery of five pre-engineered sizes in base widths of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches. Select DS Slide models expand choice by making available a wider selection of drive styles, accessories, and sizes.

The SETCO Group, 5880 Hillside Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45233; FAX (513) 941-6913;

For Information, circle 682

Vacuum valves

The HPS(TM)High Vacuum Valves series 150/10 and V-100 valves are a line of bellows-sealed vacuum poppet valves. They are constructed of stainless steel and include formed bellows. Formed bellows are resistant to particle and chemical damage, and trap and release fewer particles into a vacuum system. The angle and incline valves range in size from 3/4 to 6 inches. The HPS valves are covered in this catalog along with application, specification, dimension, and pricing information.

MKS Instruments, 5330 Sterling Dr., Boulder, CO 80301; FAX (303) 442-6880;

For Information, circle 683

Polyimide machining

Pyropel HD is formulated to be a high-purity thermoset polyimide machining stock ideal for the manufacture of parts subjected to high temperatures or chemical attack. With temperature resistance to 550F, it reportedly exceeds the upper continuous use temperature limits of engineering grade thermoplastics such as PEEK and Torlon. The brochure describes availability, characteristics, and specifications of the material.

Albany International, 777 West St., Box 9114, Mansfield, MA 02048-9114; FAX (508) 337-8550;

For Information, circle 684

Glass design and manufacturing

This company offers product lines including electrolytic tilt sensors, inclinometers, press and pinch stems, ampules, Dewar flasks, nutation dampers, elapsed time indicators, glass-to-metal and graded seals, and custom glass forming. Their product lines are described in this folder and product bulletins. Technical capabilities are also detailed, including hermetic sealing, high-speed glass forming, flat lapping and polishing, precision ID and OD grinding, and graded seal fusing.

The Fredericks Co., 2400 Philmont Ave., Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0067; FAX (215) 947-7464;

For Information, circle 685


"When Potentiometer Performance is Critical" details the company's line of high-performance and custom potentiometers. Described are: the advantages of the flush circuit, co-molded conductive plastic potentio-meter element; commercial, military, and aerospace applications; custom and standard linear motion; "Do it yourself" potentiometer element rotor/wiper kits; miniature motor/potentiometers; and custom units.

JDK Controls, 424 Crown Point Circle, Grass Valley, CA 95945; FAX (530) 273-0769;

For Information, circle 686

Roller sleeve covering

PolySkate(R)is part of the Koat-A-Roll(R)family of coverings. It is available in a variety of materials for specific applications including: polyurethane, for cushioning and toughness; nylon, for the highest loads; and polyethylene, for economy and sanitary applications. Colors, alternate materials, and sizes are customizable. The Koat-A-Roll family, including Vinyl-Koat(R), is described in the brochure.

Kastalon, 4100 West 124th Place, Alsip, IL 60803-1810; FAX (708) 289-0432;

For Information, circle 687

Signal conditioning

The IntelliPack Math Module is designed to be ideal for integrator/totalizer applications used to calculate flow rates, volume, power, and other process variables. The unit can reportedly perform nearly any mathematical computation or conditional argument on two dc input signals. The "Signal Conditioning Catalog" contains information on this product and a total of four lines designed for process instrumentation applications.

Acromag Inc., Box 437, Wixom, MI 48393; FAX (248) 624-9234;

For Information, circle 688


MAGNAPLATE(R)TNS is formulated to solve "sticky substance" problems often encountered in the adhesive industry. It is reported to eliminate build-up of glue or adhesives on equipment, and prevents pressure-sensitive tapes from adhering to rollers or other parts. The brochure details the "synergistic" coating, which should eliminate the need for spray-on agents for metal parts that come in contact with adhesives.

General Magnaplate, 1331 U.S. Route 1, Linden, NJ 07036; FAX (908) 862-6110;

For Information, circle 689

Designed alloy forging

This company offers a variety of high-performance alloys that can reportedly be forged into sizes and shapes not typically available from other forging shops. Super austenitic and super duplex stainless including Ferralium(R)alloys, Hiduron(R)191 and 254 SMO(R), copper and nickel-base alloys, titanium, and aluminum are available, offering such advantages as high strength, resistance to pitting and corrosion, and heat resistance. The brochure describes the capabilities of the company's Designed Alloys Division.

Scot Forge, 80a Winn Rd., Box 8, Spring Grove, IL 60081; FAX (847) 587-2000;

For Information, circle 690

Temperature controller/switch

Differential expansion temperature controller/safety limit switch designs include NEMA 1 general-purpose units, weathertight NEMA 4 units, a compact multipurpose OEM design, and several explosion-proof designs. Each design is detailed in the brochure with brief descriptions and key specifications as well as a list of typical applications.

Burling Instruments Inc., 16 River Rd., Chatham, NJ 07928; FAX (973) 635-9530;

For Information, circle 691

Coordinate measuring machine

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) specifications are provided in the brochure for the following units: Umpire, a CMM for the shop floor; Impact, a low-cost CMM that is designed to bridge the gap between manual and high-speed CNC CMMs; Impel, a manual or CNC horizontal arm CMM; and Merlin, a top-of-the-line CMM with 0.1 micron twin measuring scale system for achieving three micron volumetric accuracy.

International Metrology Systems Inc., DMIS-CMM Center 37100, Plymouth Rd., Livonia, MI 48150; FAX (734) 591-3850;

For Information, circle 692

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