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New Literature

New Literature

Bonding guide

The Capabilities Brochure explains this company's elastomeric compounding and bonding technology for aerospace, automotive, heavy duty original equipment and aftermarket, and industrial manufacturing. The brochure provides designers with the information they need to create components which can stand up to the high stresses and often harsh environments of aerospace applications.

Chicago Rawhide, 735 Tollgate Rd., Elgin, IL 60123-9332; FAX (847) 742-3373; .

Cable isolators

The Selection Guide features the company's line of wire rope cable Isolator products and accessories for use in aerospace and other applications where high amplitude vibrations must be dampened. Complete technical specifications for the product line are provided, as well as a selection and application guide. A discussion of the various methods of shock isolation, including mathematical formulas, is also included in the literature.

Aeroflex International, 113 Main St., Bloomingdale, NJ 07403; FAX (516) 349-8870; .

Switches and controls

This company's catalog details their full line of precision switches and control grips for commercial and military applications. New products in several categories are featured, including subminiature, illuminated, watertight, and Hall Effect technology. The catalog provides a features and specifications guide, a listing of services provided by the company, and a military part number cross-reference chart.

Otto Controls, 2 E. Main St., Carpentersville, IL 60110; FAX (847) 428-1956; .

Ceramic fibers

This company's brochure covers its line of thermal ceramic heat and noise insulation and refraction products for use in aerospace applications. Products covered include Flexible Min-K(R)microporous insulation, Kao-Tex(R)Quilt, Aerotech(R)E-Mat, and Kaoset(R)moldable felt. An application guide is included, as well as technical specifications include testing data, graphs, and charts.

Thermal Ceramics, Box 923 Dept. 140, Augusta, GA 30903; FAX (800) 526-9665; .

Noise control

Acoustical products and solutions are intended for a range of noise control applications including HVAC equipment, air ducts, walls, and ceilings. Additionally, mechanical, building, acoustical panel, and equipment insulation, as well as caulk products are available. The brochure includes a matrix compiled to help specifiers, facility owners, and contractors identify potential noise problems for buildings such as educational, office, entertainment, public, and residential.

Johns Manville Corp., 717 17th St., Denver, CO 80217-5108; FAX (303) 978-2746; .

Detection, separation, and vibratory equipment

This company offers a variety of solutions for detection, separation, and vibratory problems in the plastics industry. Some include: Analog and Microprocessor Metal Detectors, to detect the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals; vertical reject systems, for detection and removal of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless metal contaminants in gravity-fed powder or granulated products; plate and grate magnets, for protecting product purity; and vibratory feeders, for high-speed feeding of light, bulky materials. These products and more are highlighted in the "Equipment for the Plastics Industry" brochure.

Eriez Magnetics, 2200 Asbury Rd. Box 10608, Erie, PA 16514; FAX (814) 833-3348; .

Cryogenic valves

Recommended for industries such as analytic chemistry, liquid/gas chromatography, metal treatment, food processing, semiconductors, and biomedical, this cryogenic valve series is reported to offer the following: quiet operation; mounting flexibility, as a stand-alone or in manifold configurations; direct acting seal, with no minimum operating pressure; and seat/seal design for fluids down to -345F and operating pressure to 1,000 psig. The resource guide contains diagrams, a valve selector graph, and product data sheets.

Valcor Engineering Corp., 2 Lawrence Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-8382; .

Linear and rotary actuators

Ledex(R)and Dormeyer(R)linear and rotary solenoid actuators reportedly offer the best possible combinations of quality and cost for advanced performance designs and price-sensitive volume applications. They are featured in this guide, which contains product overviews and other information on Ledex and Dormeyer products.

Automotive Composites Alliance, 3310 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 144, Troy, MI 48084-2902; FAX (248) 649-4889; .

Dc servomotors

ELCOM ST(TM)slotted brushless dc servomotors are designed to be a cost-effective alternative to slotless brushless motors. They reportedly feature high-energy bonded neodymium magnets for optimal performance. Continuous torque outputs up to 49 oz-inch can be achieved and three standard stack lengths (1/2, 1, and 2 inches) are available.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338; .


The VersaMax(TM)Nano and Micro programmable logic controllers are de-signed to combine PLC and I/O into a single compact unit that fits in the palm of your hand. The Nano unit features 2K words of memory, 6 inputs and 4 outputs, and 1.2musec per Boolean operation execution. The Micro unit is available in either 14 or 28 point and can be expanded. Catalog provides other features and specifications.

GE Fanuc Automation, Box 229, Whitehall, PA 18052; FAX (610) 437-5212; .

Thrust bearings

These precision-grade carbon and stainless steel thrust bearings are mounted in engineering nylon retainers. The heat-stabilized nylon retainers reportedly possess natural lubricity, and are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Because they are injection molded, they should deliver consistent, repeatable quality, part-to-part, and permit the capture of the balls in precision-molded pockets for smooth, free-turning operation. Balls are precision-grade 100 tolerance hardened carbon or stainless steel.

Torque Transmission, 1246 High St., Fairport Harbor, OH 44077; FAX (440) 352-7682; .

Line clamping

This company has seven separate clamping systems, because they say preventing leaks in hydraulic systems is dependent upon clamping the hydraulic lines and properly securing the fittings where leaks can occur. The range includes the Multi-Clamp, the Walker-Strut, the Hydro-Strut, the Silent-Strut, the Econo-Isolator, the Strut-Adapter, and the Hydro-Stack. Each is reported to have its own benefits. Brochure contains specifications and accessories for each line along with ordering information.

Hydro-Craft Inc., 1821 Rochester Industrial Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309; FAX (248) 652-0343; .

Positioning stages

The Integral Motor Micro Plus Linear Positioning Stages are constructed with built-in servomotors. They are intended to decrease overall system size, while providing increased dynamic performance, and feature a magnetic rotor assembly configured directly on the ball screw. A rotary encoder senses position directly from the screw shaft. The design reportedly eliminates mechanical errors and compliant parts, such as motor mounting brackets and flexible couplings. Gearheads, gearmotors, servomotors, and amplifiers are also discussed in the company literature.

Bayside Motion Group, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 484-5496; .

Hose products

The company's hoses and fittings are compatible with their Parkrimp line of crimping machines. The bench-mounted, portable crimpers reportedly allow users to create professional, leak-free hose connections without special training or tools. The catalog feature complete specifications, illustrations and applications for more than 50 reinforced rubber hoses and 400 fitting styles, along with information on the crimping machines.

Parker Hannifin, 8940 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060-2186; FAX (800) 892-1008; .

Pressure and vacuum switches

These miniature precision snap-acting switches, for interfacing from pressure or vacuum signals to electric control systems, feature low differential adjustable settings, various mountings, and good repeatability. They are single pole, double throw for normally open, normally closed, and common terminals. Available 0.1 to 25 amp, 15 is the standard. Gold contact and solid state switches are available for low current applications. They can be supplied with a maximum of 100 psi or 29.9 inches Hg. The catalog contains information on ten different switches and valves.

Air Logic, 5102 Douglas Ave., Racine, WI 53402-2097; FAX (262) 639-5996; .


This company specializes in supplying small quantities (a few grams to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research or prototype development. In addition, they can offer larger quantities for specific requirements. Their possibilities range from metals and alloys, ceramics, and polymers to compounds and intermetallics, and composites. The guide is written to be a convenient source of information on general availability and forms. It contains a company overview, as well as specifications.

Goodfellow Corp., 800 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312; FAX (800) 283-2020; .

Thermoplastic polyester

"Designing with Celanex(R), Vandar(R), Impet(R), and Riteflex(R)Thermoplastic Polyesters" provides details on physical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical product properties, as well as part design, molding, assembly, and finishing. It describes the four resin families, which includes alloys and elastomers, in applications areas such as appliance, automotive, electrical/electronic, furniture, and recreational equipment. Dimensional stability, and resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other environmental stresses are also discussed.

Ticona, 90 Morris Ave., Summit, NJ 07901; .

RFI/EMI shielding

These RFI/EMI shielding products include beryllium copper finger stock, contacts, panel and strip gaskets, track mounted shielding, connector gaskets, wire mesh with and without elastomer core, Silvershield, metalized fabric, various gasket materials, fan vents, filters, and honeycomb vents. The brochure compares mounting, composition, size range, type of seal, contact interface, and performance data for all standard-shielding products.

Tech-Etch Inc., 45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360; FAX (508) 746-9639;


This company's line of clamping systems includes options such as Multi-Clamp(TM), Strut-Adapter, Walker-Strut(TM), Hydro-Strut(TM), Silent-Strut(TM), Econo-Isolator(TM), and a Hydro-Stack system. Complete descriptions and specifications for the seven clamping systems are outlined in Catalog #40, and include recommendations for applications in hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, and HVAC systems.

Hydro-Craft Inc., 1821 Rochester Industrial Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309; FAX (248) 652-0343; .

Stainless steel

This company offers more than fifty types of stainless steel and other special metals in strip, sheet, foil, bar, plate, and wire types. Applications range from honeycomb material, aircraft turbine and bellows parts, automotive components, and household and houseware parts to deep drawn shapes, precipitation hardened parts, and materials handling parts. Ulbrich Stainless Steel, 57 Dodge Ave., North Haven, CT 06473-1191; FAX (203) 239-7479; .

Magnetic drive pump

These Magnetic Drive Pumps are designed for both corrosive and noncorrosive liquids. Flow rates range to 35 gpm with a discharge head range to 53 feet. These pumps can be constructed with special materials to handle dry-run conditions. The line, which is recommended for film processors, laser and x-ray cooling systems, and medical, scientific and laboratory equipment is described in this catalog.

Gorman-Rupp Industries, 180 Hines Ave., Bellville, OH 44813; FAX (419) 886-2338; .

Aggregate industry

This brochure is a resource for aggregate industry personnel seeking a complete automation solution to their most demanding applications. The full line of Dodge(R)and Reliance Electric(R)brand products are featured. The products include Dodge bearings, speed reducers, couplings, pulleys, and drive components, along with Reliance motors and drives. A legend identifies the various applications, from blasting and crushing to blending and load out.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders CT., Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (216) 738-3817; .

Grinding and metalworking

The "Super Dress" line of rolls and tools reportedly provides superior profile dressing over standard diamond rolls and tools. They are said to increase dresser line up to 5 times and provide more reworks in comparison to conventional diamond dressing tools and rolls.

Sidley Diamond Tool Co., 32320 Ford Rd., Garden City, MI 48135; FAX (734) 261-2028.

Fittings and valves

These brass fittings and valves are available in virtually any configuration and variation, with any combination of connector ends in sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches and 4 to 50 mm, including custom designed orifices and banjo-style fittings. The company can also produce specialty manifolds in any configuration, with both female pipe ports up to 1 1/4 inches and push-to-connect ports to fit tubing from 1/8 to 1/2 inch. The literature describes the company's short run capabilities, which include low volume, custom-designed brass fittings and valves.

Parker Hannifin, 8940 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060-2186; FAX (800) 892-1008; .

Sensors and switches

Sensors, mechanical switches, and safety switches make up this selection. The standard sensor products include photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors, and controls. Safety technology products include safety position interlocks, solenoid locking, coded magnetic monitoring systems, and safety foot switches. Descriptions, specifications, dimensions, and ordering information for each model are included in the master catalog.

Warner Electric, 449 Gardner St., South Beloit, IL 61080; FAX (815) 389-2582; .

Flexible tubing

Tygon(R)Tubing is available in more than 17 grades for varying applications from food and beverage, pressure, laboratory, and vacuum, to fuel and lubricant, and UV resistant. The brochure outlines grades such as Chemflour(R)and Norprene(R). Durometer harness and color information is provided for each product. Maximum recommended operating temperatures range is from 125 to 555F. Additionally, the technical information included has been expanded to encompass vacuum ratings and bend radii for inventoried sizes.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, 150 Dey Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470-4699; FAX (973) 696-4056; .

Data loggers

Recommended for a range of laboratory, scientific and industrial data display, monitoring, recording, and logging applications, the Doric 5000 is reportedly the first generation of "intelligent" panel mounted digital temperature indicators that sets the new standard for performance and price. Capabilities of the Viewer software are also outlined.

Doric Instruments, 4750 Viewridge Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; FAX 619-569-8474; .

Thin-section bearings

Reali-Slim(R)thin-section bearings comprise a family of open and sealed bearing assemblies ranging in bore diameter from 1 to 40 inches. These bearings are reported to save space, lower the weight of equipment, and can be engineered to meet application-specific requirements for friction, stiffness, and accuracy. The reference manual and product selection guide contains guidelines on selection and mounting, loading scenarios, and separators.

Kaydon Corp., 2860 McCracken St., Muskegon, MI 49443; .


This "Industrial Tool Book" contains information on more than 11,000 products. Safety and maintenance equipment sections have been expanded, as has the index. Additionally, there are more tool sets offered than before. The book, which supplements the Craftsman line with more than 150 other industrial brands, including Armstrong, will be available electronically this summer.

BMA Inc., 1204 Asbury, Evanston, IL 60202; FAX (800) 233-4557; .

Cable connector blocks

This line of Multi-Tap Cable Connector Blocks is designed for in-line tapping, splicing, and reducing of multiple-cable connections. The bulletin discusses a number of applications for these pre-insulated blocks, including use in control panels, HVAC/refrigeration systems, switch gear, and motor controls. Other benefits discussed include ease-of-installation, facilitated by hex-head setscrews, and dual-sided wire entry.

Panduit Corp., 17301 Ridgeland Ave., Tinley Park, IL 60477-3091; FAX (815) 485-5883; .

Pressure gauges and switches

The company's line of differential pressure gauges and switches, rugged flow gauges, and switches and gauge-switch combinations are designed to be suitable for filtration, process control, water treatment, and other demanding applications. Complete descriptions, tables of specifications, and dimensional drawings are included.

Orange Research Inc., 140 Cascade Blvd., Milford, CT 06460; FAX (203) 783-9546; .

Battery charger

Designed for use with both blooded and sealed, maintenance-free batteries, the SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) battery charger is rated to recharge any fully-discharged sealed or flooded battery within eight hours. The bulletin explains how the charger's efficiency extends battery life and describes how it protects batteries against under- and over-charging, battery/charger mistakes, and ac power failures. Additionally, charts list volts, amps, amp-hour ratings, and shipping data for the 23 single-phase and 40 three-phase models in the line.

GNB Technologies, Electric Vehicle Div. 829 Parkview Blvd., Lombard, IL 60148-3249; FAX (630) 691-7869; .

Electronic components

The "Relay, Circuit Breakers, and Accessories" catalog is a cross reference and technical catalog featuring all of the company's replacements for more than 44,000 industry part numbers. Seven new series of relays have been added, including the R17-10 amp industrial plug-in, the R64- programmable ac or dc multifunctional time delay, the R66-10 amp alternating relays with SPDT or DPDT cross-wired contacts, and solid-state and monitoring relays.

NTE Electronics Inc, 44 Farrand St., Bloomfield, NJ 07003; FAX (973) 748-6224; .

Metal powders

The PREP(R)process has reportedly produced powders from virtually every metal and alloy where high spherically, cleanliness, and high yields are required. Eliminating the introduction of ceramic material, this process is designed to assure high purity and free-flowing powders with a controlled median particle size within a specified range from 18 to 325 MESH. The powders used for medical implants, metal matrix composites, and other specialized metallurgical applications are described in this data sheet.

Starmet Corp., 2229 Main St., Concord, MA 01742; FAX 978-369-4045; .

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