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Net Composite Shapes Target Aircraft

Article-Net Composite Shapes Target Aircraft

Net Composite Shapes Target Aircraft

Greene, Tweed & Co.'s Xycomp DLF enables the production of highly complex shapes with 3-D features such as ribs, bosses, gussets and flanges from highly reinforced thermoplastic composite materials. This design freedom enables varied section thickness or stiffening features that can be added in higher loading areas or removed in lower loading areas to optimize weight savings. Xycomp DLF components also offer molded-in inserts for attachment points, heat sinks or bosses for integration of multiple components and reduced secondary operations such as drilling or bonding, as well as enhanced performance (greater-than-100-percent increases in torque and pull-out performance have been validated versus bonded inserts).

Xycomp DLF components are up to 80 percent lighter than metallic materials and offer superior matrix toughness over thermoset composites. Utilizing the proprietary automated ProFusion(TM) compression-molding processes, Xycomp DLF offers the unique capability for highly complex shapes with molded-in features, achieving near-net metal replacement, reduced inventory levels and simplified installations. This material shows exceptional resistance to aerospace solvents, high temperatures and high vibrations for extended component life and reduced maintenance requirements. Xycomp DLF can be recycled and has exceeded all Federal Aviation Administration and airframe interior requirements with excellent FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) performance, in addition to passing 15-min burn-through tests. Applications include brackets that hold structural elements together, provide support and hold components firmly in place.
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