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National Design Engineering Show

National Design Engineering Show


Redesigned analog output ultrasonic industrial-position sensors are said to increase measuring ranges from 30 to 2,500 mm, and have an improved resolution of 0.03 mm with enhanced repeatability of plus or minus 0.5 to plus or minus 1 mm. These devices are suitable for non-contact distance and level-monitoring applications, such as liquid-or granulate-level detection, clear and opaque object measuring, and roll-diameter measuring. The teach function on the sensor allows the design engineer to select both the limits of the sensing range and the slope of the analog output. All adjustments are made using the teach-in button and settings can be monitored using the multicolored LED indicator.

Baumer Electric Ltd., Booth 5234, Enter 576


Custom-molded products are reportedly beneficial for applications that require shock absorption, vibration isolation, and acoustic damping.

The company also features sheet goods and a variety of standard shock mounts and vibration isolators. These products are used in applications that include computer hardware, high-end audio, laboratory equipment, and industrial machinery.

Sorbothane, Booth 7432, Enter 577


The CJ1 series of controllers is reportedly designed to deliver improved PLC performance, requiring 40 to 60% of the panel space of traditional mid-size PLCs. The devices are said to have process speeds of 20 nsec and up to 2,560 I/O points, improve the performance of mid- and large-rack controllers, and allow compact machines to provide an increased level of control. The CJ1 modules are roughly the size of a playing card deck and connect module-to-module using locking connectors, which claim to eliminate the need for a bulky PLC rack.

Omron Electronics LLC, Booth 4700, Enter 578


The company is introducing all-planetary, low-backlash, servo-grade gearheads for motion control applications. Named type MRP, these products are said to be close to very high-end gearheads in torque ratings and torsional rigidity, but lower in cost. Ratios are up to 100: 1 and the devices are available in five sizes from 50 to 155 mm2, with maximum backlash of 10 to 15 arc-min.

Mijno Precision Gearing, Booth 127, Enter 579

Power supply

The three-phase QUINT POWER Supply with 20A output is a 24V dc power supply that is said to feature a wide range input suitable for North American (3 x 480V) and European (3 x 400V) machine tool, material handling, and automotive industries. Standard DIN-rail mount three-phase designs can reportedly provide 24V dc directly from power feeds, which could potentially eliminate large, inefficient, and costly step-down transformers. Electrical features include an input power factor correction circuit, electronic overload, and short-circuit protection with U/I characteristics. Other benefits of the power supply include a low 5-lb weight and an occupancy space of 9 inches.

Phoenix Contact, Booth 5100, Enter 580


"EC" series of brushless "pancake" motors are electronically commutated, reportedly enabling improved motor life since there are no mechanical brushes to wear out. Ball bearings also add to the longevity and, due to their low profile, the motors are suitable for color wheels, pick & place machines, robotics, and pumps. Four sizes are available: 2, 3, 12, and 30W. Maximum speed is up to 12,000 rpm.

Maxon Precision Motors, Booth 9067, Enter 581

Assembly products

A new traversing assembly is a featured product by the company, reportedly designed with two side-by-side load carriers on which to mount take-up material guides. A single rolling-ring linear actuator drives both load carriers, permitting near non-stop production during take-up operations. When a reel is filled, the take-up feed is switched to the nearby material guide and production continues without having to stop the system and re-synchronize the take-up drive with material pay-off feed, thus reducing set-up time and costs.

Amacoil Inc., Booth 233, Enter 582

Cotter pin

Bow-Tie(TM) Locking Cotter Pin works like a hairpin cotter that, according to the company, locks itself on. A simple but definite action releases the cotter, yet it cannot be accidentally knocked or vibrated off. Available in sizes that fit .25- to 1-inch shafts, the product can be used regardless of the hole position, and replaces other traditional cotter pins in a variety of applications.

Pivot Point Inc., Booth 7318, Enter 583


Solid Edge Insight technology is said to enhance the company's mechanical design tools-including its 3D mechanical software-with data vaulting, revision management, engineering change orders, and BOM management to help companies share and reuse the collective knowledge of their design-engineering organizations. This technology is a mainstream mechanical CAD system that includes design data management as a built-in capability. Insight offers manufacturing companies an improved alternative to separate CAD and product data management systems-an integrated solution for everyday CAD work routines.

EDS PLM Solutions, Booth 7505, Enter 584

Filter cartridges

Each 6-inch OD x 40-inch long MegaFlow(TM) pleated cartridge filters up to 250 gpm. The cartridges are coreless, which reduces disposal costs. MegaFlow vessels can hold up to 19 cartridges for a maximum 4,750 gpm flow rate. To simplify cartridge removal, the vessels have a convenient horizontal design.

Parker Hannifin, Process Filtration Div., Booth 817, Enter 585

Rotary switch

Designed for the appliance industry, the thiNcoder(TM) 5B is said to increase capability to a five-bit encoder switch that can be customized not only for washers and dryers, but other industries as well. It provides increased position allotment while keeping thickness less than 1/10 inch and costs low. Since this rotary switch can be mounted on flex, this design eliminates the need for failure-prone component interconnections.

Duraswitch Industries Inc., Booth 7339, Enter 586

Positioning table

Open-frame positioning table is designed for applications requiring backlighting. It is available with ball- or crossed-roller rolling elements that can handle loads of 225 or 450 lbs, respectively. Both versions are said to provide smooth motion from a precision rolled lead screw, and have positional accuracy and repeatability within 0.0005 inch along the total 6-inch range.

PIC Design, Booth 6526,

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