Brushless actuators

April 20, 1998

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Brushless actuators

The FHA Series of dc brushless actuators provide a large hollow shaft up to 45 mm in diameter. This feature targets the actuators for use in robotics, machine tool, and other applications where cabling, laser light, or shafting need to be passed directly through the center of the actuator. Because zero-backlash, high-stiffness "S" Series harmonic drive gearing is used, these units deliver continuous rated torques of up to 1,730 inches-lb and positional accuracy better than 1 arc-min. Servo performance is achieved using hollow-shaft, rare-earth dc brushless motors with integral electronic commutation and high-resolution encoders for position and/or velocity feedback.

HD Systems Inc., 89 Cabot Ct., Hauppauge, NY 11788, FAX (516) 231-6803.

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