Wanted: Demanding Pneumatic Design Engineers

April 27, 2005

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Wanted: Demanding Pneumatic Design Engineers

“What kind of performance or attribute is (most) important to you when designing compressed air powered equipment for your customers?” For engineers designing equipment for the packaging industry, a demanding high volume market segment, the number one answer was…

Ensuring uptime--chosen over speed, size, weight and even price.

If you design pneumatic systems and uptime is important to you, Norgren can improve your system’s uptime by minimizing downtime in both the air preparation and directional control valving areas.

The Right Start

One of the biggest causes of failure in pneumatic applications is inadequate air preparation. Proper air preparation involves filters, regulators, and lubricators - everything required to clean, condition, and control compressed air. These upstream functions are critical in an area where it just makes sense to sweat the details and demand more.

Heavy Duty Lubrication (e.g. large slow moving cylinders).  Shut-off valve, filter/reg, Oil-Fog lubricator, soft start/ dump valve, relief valve.

For air preparation, Norgren’s Excelon line is a complete air preparation system providing an integrated approach to a broad range of filtration, regulation and lubrication requirements. These direct-ported assemblies have a patented Quikclamp connection system, but can be used where both stand-alone units or modular assemblies are required. Addressing port diameters from ¼ to ¾-inch, the Excelon 72 and 74 units provide a flexible, modular approach with useful accessories such as pressure switches and manifold blocks. Designed for ease of maintenance, both systems include a quick release bayonet bowl, high visibility liquid level indicator, and easy to operate patented Quikdrain.

Check out more info on Norgren's Air Prep Solution Center.

Modular Plug-In Valves

Critical Pressure Control (e.g. precision regulation, fluidic systems, air gauging, process control).  Shut-off valve, general purpose filter, oil removal filter, drier, oil removal filter, precision regulator.

With a properly prepared pneumatic source, the next step to ensure uptime is choosing the proper control valves. Norgren’s VS Series provides a variety of combinations and configurations that can be built from one line of directional control valves. These are compact, selectable, solenoid operated valves that connect a manifold with no exposed wires and fit together in a plug-and-play manner.

With VS Series valves users do not have to replace the stack for modifications when the application requirements change. These expandable valves solve the problem of ratcheting up volume by providing a modular approach. Also, as system designs evolve, the modular approach provides the transition path to faster speeds and higher yield - and the means to differentiate products. The ability to transition quickly provides minimum machine downtime, which can be especially important if the reason to make the modification is increased capacity. This modularity and versatility breaks through barriers that have constrained previous valve systems.

Demand more uptime. Use Norgren’s Excelon Series Filter-Regulator-Lubricator units and VS Series valves to get it.

Check out more info on Norgren's Valve Solution Center.

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