ThinGap Announces: dc Ring Motor Powers 600-lb. Thrust Ducted-Fan

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April 27, 2010

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ThinGap Announces: dc Ring Motor Powers 600-lb. Thrust Ducted-Fan

FLUID POWER: ThinGap LLC announced a TG14090 Brushless dc Ring Motor that delivers 122 kW of shaft power, allowing a ducted-fan to generate 600 pounds of thrust, depending on the fan blade design. The motor provides an exceptional power to weight ratio—6.4hp per pound; a compact package that fits the control inside the motor and low thermal load characteristics.

The TG14090 design provides a low profile platform that is quiet, cool running, and saves power. By utilizing a cantilever fan blade design, the hub can be designed for either open or closed operation. An open hub provides additional surface area that increases cooling, allowing higher input voltage and shaft output power. A closed hub design fits the control can within the hollow space of the motor for a compact and more aerodynamic package.

Based on physical tests, the operating characteristics of four design configurations for the TG14090 have been calculated. The projections indicated that 70 to 122 kW of continuous shaft output power is possible. This allows a TG14090 configuration, weighing 25.6 lbs. and producing shaft output of 163hp, to deliver 6.4hp per pound of motor weight.


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