Test, Measurement and Control

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December 4, 1995

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Test, Measurement and Control

Barometers fit in tight spaces

Models 246 and 346 electronic pressure transducers accurately measure barometric pressure to within 0.01 inch Hg. They measure pressures over standard ranges of 25 to 32 inches HgA. Model 246 provides a 0-5V dc output signal, while the Model 346 offers a 4-20 mA signal. Optional Full-Scale Pressure Ranges (FSPR) and output signals are available. For use in applications where space is limited, the devices feature a stainless-steel construction, including 316 wetted parts.
Viatran Corp., 300 Industrial Dr., Grand Island, NY 14072, FAX (716) 773-2488

Transducer withstands harsh conditions

DC HydraStar(R) in-cylinder position sensor offers a rugged, NEMA 4-rated, signal processor capable of running off unregulated +10 to +36V dc. The high-speed, 10 kHz response follows even the fastest motions, while the precision 0.1% linearity tracks with extreme accuracy. The transducers' 100G shock rating makes it suitable for off-road vehicles, stamping presses, and high-vibration marine applications. The low-profile transducer and external signal processor combined with a high stroke-to-length ratio enable it to fit into tight spaces.
Data Instruments Inc., 100 Discovery Way, Acton, MA 01720, FAX (508) 263-0630

Controls are UL recognized

TG Series timing controls are UL-recognized and rated up to 1.5 hp. They offer a timer and contactor in a compact 2- x 2-inch encapsulated package. The controls also feature eight customizable timing modes. Optional current sensors can be integrated to provide non-contact monitoring of motors, lamps, heaters, etc. Operating voltages of 12 to 230V ac and 12 to 120V dc with time delays to 24 hours are standard.
Airotronics, 2747 Route 20 E., Cazenovia, NY 13035, FAX (800) 634-0285

Monitor works in-situ

The Model 20SX monitors particles inside process chambers of vacuum systems such as those found in sputtering and ion implant equipment. Used in conjunction with the HYT PM-200 or PM-250 controller, the device enables users to monitor particles continuously and in real-time. The device is capable of detecting particles as small as 0.19 mum and can be installed in the presence of an implanter flood gun.
Pacific Scientific High Yield TechnologyDiv., 617 Palomar Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, FAX (408) 730-4585

Devices offer roller indication

Liquid level indicators consist of rollers that move 180 degrees when magnetized by the inside float. The visual effect is a color change that shows the user where the tank level is. The indicators are not affected by the inside pressure of the tank. They are available in lengths up to 275 inches, and are checked for pressure up to 600 psig. Typical applications include use for indication and control of levels in water tanks, fluid chemical tanks, and expansion tanks in heating systems.
Granzow Inc., 2300 CrownPoint, Executive Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227, FAX (704) 845-2301

Analyzers offer continuous monitoring

ULTRAMAT 5E high-performance, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) analyzers are for the continuous quantitative process monitoring of gases with absorption bands in the infrared spectrum, such as CO, CO2, SO2, NO, N2O, and NH3. The devices operate according to the infrared two-beam alternating light principle, with a double-layer detector and an optical coupler. They are used in chemical and petrochemical industries and refineries for process control and monitoring, and in combustion efficiency control for stack gas monitoring.
Siemens Industrial Automation Inc./Process Analyzers, 100 Technology Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30202

Gage measures dynamic events

Model P101 integrated, dynamic pressure gage is for measurement of dynamic pressure events such as explosive blasts, as well as high-intensity sound levels or low-level pressure events in the frequency range of 50 Hz to 15 kHz. It may be used at temperatures up to 120C. The unit is constructed of 300-series stainless steel and uses a standard, four-pin, bayonet-lock, military-style connector. The flush-diaphragm device mounts with a 9/16-24 male thread and uses an O-ring seal.
Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., 1925 MacDade Blvd., Woodlyn, PA 19094, FAX (610) 872-3882

Controller is LONWORKS(TM) compatible

The Microlon(TM) controller can interface with up to eight Grayhill single-point I/O modules. The I/O points can be analog, digital, or a mix of both. The controller serves as an interface between dumb sensors and actuators and the LONWORKS network. The Microlon accommodates digital inputs and outputs to 280V ac or dc. Digital output modules can switch up to 3.5A. Grayhill G5-style analog modules are also supported.
Grayhill Inc., 561 Hillgrove Ave., La Grange, IL 60525, FAX (708) 354-2820

Monitor detects gas from any location

The Series 2800 dual-channel sampling monitor lets users monitor a wide range of gases from any location. The unit also monitors air flow to ensure the sample pathway is clear and the pump is generating sufficient flow. The Series 2800 provides a bright, LED display of gas concentrations; low-alarm, high-alarm, and within-limits status lights for each gas; pump status lights; an alarm buzzer; and two 5A capacity alarm relays for each gas.
McNeill International, 7041 Hodgson Rd., Mentor, OH 44060

Honorable Mention

Counter provides lab-quality results

The Target-Pro portable particle counter offers precise sampling, sizing, and counting in an easy-to-operate package, enabling users to avoid the expense and delay of lab tests while still obtaining lab-quality results. The counter detects, sizes, and counts particles within a hydraulic fluid sample from as low as 2mu up to 50mu . The device's sensor resolution is better than 3% with confidence limits of 44,000 particles per milliliter. Also, the Target-Pro's test cycle is less than 140 seconds.
Vickers Inc., Box 302, Troy, MI 48007, FAX (810) 641-4927

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