STMicroelectronics' Motor Control Kit

July 17, 2006

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STMicroelectronics' Motor Control Kit

Price: $55 each for 3 kW rating.

STMicroelectronics Motor Control Reference Design Kit consists of a control board and three power boards with ratings of 300W, 1 kW, or 3 kW. The control board uses the ST7FMC microcontroller, which is designed specifically for motor control applications. A dedicated graphical user interface and firmware libraries simplify configuration and customization. The separate power and control boards achieve high noise immunity. Designed for a range of three-phase applications, the inverter topology addresses ac induction motor, permanent magnet (PM) dc/ac or brushless (BL) dc/ac (six-step sensorless) control, and PMAC or BLAC (sinusoidal driven, with Hall sensors). The power switches consist of six IGBTs with short circuit rating at 10 µsec. The free availability of the OrCAD source files enables the use of the physical design of the boards in the target application.

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