SpaceClaim Launches Direct Modeling Challenge

July 13, 2009

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SpaceClaim Launches Direct Modeling Challenge

We’ve all been there. Distracted by summer, it’s sometimes hard to get your arms (not to mention, your brain) around your work. Or maybe you’ve been consumed by a vexing design problem that for some reason, you-or any of your fellow engineers-can’t see to resolve.

SpaceClaim, a relative newcomer to the 3-D MCAD scene, has thrown out an interesting proposition, albeit a somewhat transparent way to garner some positive PR this slow summer season. (See, it’s working!) The company is conducting a Direct Modeling Challenge  whereby it’s inviting engineers to send in design problems and one winner will be selected to have their particular problem solved using SpaceClaim. Entries need to be submitted by July 15 and the winner’s problem-it could be a CAE/model preparation challenge, a conceptual engineering problem or an industrial design issue-will be tackled using SpaceClaim’s direct modeling capabilities in an online Webinar on July 29. The winner even gets at $250 gift certificate to Amazon. While the exercise might not resolve your engineering problem, it could be a fun Summer distraction.

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