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February 3, 2003

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Single board computer

Multiple configuration options

Based on the Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor, the 6U CP605 Compact PCI Single Board Computer (SBC) is a 478-pin package with a 2 to 3 GHz high-performance version or a 1.2 to 2 GHz low power dissipation version. SBC serves up to 1 Gbyte soldered DDR SDRAM and, with DDR SODIMM modules, up to 2 Gbyte total memory. Offering more connectivity options, it provides 5 USB 2.0 ports and a 32-bit, 33 MHz PMC interface, supporting the PICMG 2.16 Packet Switching Backplane specification. Kontron America, Enter 602

Innovation software

Industry knowledge sharing

TechOptimizer(TM) 4.0 computer-aided innovation software identifies and solves engineering problems during product design and development, product enhancement, and process improvement. The Scientific Effects library in version 4.0 contains more than 900 new scientific effects, examples, and animations, in addition to more than 8,400 physical processes and industry applications. This innovation solution features the Scientific Effects Knowledge Base, which allows for knowledge sharing among different industries. Invention Machine,, Enter 603

Thermal modeling

CAD integration software

IcePro 3.1 interface integrates CAD software and Icepak thermal modeling software, automatically exporting much of the model with a few configuration parameters. Complex geometries may also be automatically decomposed into prismatic shapes. Software automatically exports protrusion features and cuts features on boundaries to Icepak. Additionally, it allows the Pro/ENGINEERS assembly tree to be replicated in Icepak. Fluent Inc., Enter 604

Fluid dynamics modeling

Includes Tecplot 3D datasets

Virtual Vantage(TM) 3.1 features isosurface viewing in wire frames for its plane, streamline, and surface-based visualization objects. Supporting stereo on Linux systems with stereo-enabled Quadro 4 graphics cards from NVIDIA, the software offers contour color maps, a user-configurable list of shortcut keys on alternative input devices, user alerts, improvements to the interface, and counted streamlines passing through selection planes. It also supports Tecplot 3D datasets, allowing any simulation software that exports data into Tecplot's FEBLOCK=BRICK format to post-process with Virtual Vantage. Fuel-Tech N.V., Enter 605

PLM solution

From design to manufacturing supply chain

Omnify 2.0 software is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for the Electronics OEM (eOEM) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industries. Among the features are component data, Bill of Material, and change management; Engineering Change Order and New Part Request workflows; bi-directional interfaces; direct connection to Cadence OrCad CIS and Mentor's DxDatabook; and remote access. Software may work stand-alone or within an organization's business tools and processes. Omnify Software, Enter 606

Solids modeling

Surface, open shell editing

Used to bring solid modeling to 3D, Power Solids verson 1.2 has added tools for creating and editing surfaces and open shells. The software is capable of the following features: merge/sew surfaces into solids; delete faces to enable surface trimming; extrude, revolve, skin, sweep with open loops to create complex surfaces; extract selected faces into BrepObjects or NURBS; extract selected faces/edges into curves; when combining surfaces with solids, remove excess faces automatically; and flip the normals of selected faces in a shell. Power Software Inc., Enter 607

Fluid flow simulation software

Reduces development, testing time

CFdesign v6.0 fluid flow and heat transfer simulation software reportedly allows product development engineers to simulate multiple design scenarios simultaneously and share results throughout the process. A fast track option gives users the chance to test idle CPUs, while the design review center visualizes multiple designs. Users may share simulation results and include comments in the design communication center. Operating with native 3D component and assembly models, the software works with Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, and Unigraphics. Blue Ridge Numerics, Enter 608

CAD translation

Supports Pro/ENGINEER(R) and Unigraphics(R)

TransMagic Release 3.0 is designed to offer mass properties for determining part volumes, bounding box size, and scaling parts, accounting for shrinkage factors. Supporting both Unigraphics(R) and current versions of Pro/ENGINEER(R), the stand-alone software combines high-end CAD translation, repair, and healing into a CAD interoperability product. TransMagic Inc., Enter 609

Data viewer

Modify 2D and 3D designs

CADKEY(R) V20 Viewer provides access for users to view CADKEY GraphX and CADKEY Workshop V20 architecture files, without modifying the files. With an HTML export tool, the viewer can be used to create a 3D model or 2D drawing web page. Viewer features include pan, zoom, rotate, and render tools, as well as user-controllable level mask, views, viewports, and display/hide status of reference parts. Viewer applications suit floor personnel who may need to view a drawing without having to install and learn the full software program. CADKEY Corp., Enter 610

Simulation software

Support for 3Dconnexion controllers

ANSYS 7.0 Workbench Environment simulation software package offers support for the 3Dconnexion product line consisting of SpaceBall, SpaceMouse, and CadMan. The product allows users to manipulate objects in 3D and to detect design errors early in the process while conducting advanced analysis with simulation tools. ANSYS, Enter 611

CAD/CAM software

Ease-of-use in a new combination software

InovateCAM CAD/CAM software combines Inovate 5.2 and VisualMill 4.0 in what the company reports as award-winning 3D design software. By not requiring users to be CAD experts, the CAD/CAM software enables users to enter data, make changes, and get the data back out into CAM, without difficulty. According to the company, the software also comes at an affordable price. Ironcad LLC, Enter 612

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