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July 7, 2003

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Interactive rendering product

Increases mock-up realism

Real-time rendering menus and interfaces without coding are features of the SGI OpenGL Shader for CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA 5. OpenGL Shader allows designers to increase the realism of digital mock-ups without additional hardware. The company's design solutions support business processes that reduce development cycle times, improve quality, and manage large data sets. SGI, Enter 594

Integrated design environment

Hardware and software flexibility

Board-on-Chip (BOC) technology is the company's answer to design and implementation on FPGAs. BoC enables engineers to use familiar design methods for rapid implementation and testing of complete digital systems on FPGAs. Features include mixed schematic/VHDL design capture, integrated software development, processor core packs, primitives and macro libraries, and schematic component libraries. Altium Ltd., Enter 595

Productivity workstations

Combine business, technical applications

Itanium2-based workstations running 64-bit Microsoft Windows(R) XP 2003 are available for technical and business applications such as mechanical CAD and CAE, scientific research, imagery analysis, and software development. A single desktop supports either 32- or 64-bit applications. Features include larger memory, higher floating point performance, decreased desktop hardware, and reduced training and IT costs. Hewlett Packard, Enter 596

E-learning classes

Customizable curriculum

Personalized, just-in-time training, is offered through an e-learning program for the design engineering community. MyTraining is reportedly the first fully customizable educational environment that allows users to tailor their curriculum. The program features interactivity, personalization, a blend of media, and effective content. think3, Enter 597

Project management

Links charter to project activity

Portfolio Planning, ActiveCharter, and ActiveResource are project software solutions that address specific strategic goals in management operations. Portfolio Planning allows real-time visibility to be linked to corporate objectives. ActiveCharter captures the information required for a project proposal. ActiveResource enables companies to analyze available supplies and match them to projects. The software combination addresses problems and solutions throughout the project schema. Framework Technologies Corp., Enter 598

I/O interface card

Functions as standard board or test card

I/O applications like ground-support equipment, equipment health monitoring, and caution/warning systems need robust computing power. A PMC parallel I/O card provides 64 channels of 3.3V I/O, each of which can be independently programmed. The product interfaces to a 33-MHz, 32-bit PCI bus using standard connectors. Three environmental versions are available: convection-cooled industrial, convection-cooled rugged, and conduction-cooled militarized. Thales Computers, Enter 599

Testing suite

Complete modal analysis

LMS Test.Lab processing and acquisition modules are part of a software suite for noise and vibration testing. Test.Lab features the complete modal analysis process from data acquisition to the validation of models; the company claims efficient and automated workflows are the result. With tract processing, throughput data is processed according to any preferred specification. LMS North America Enter 600

CAD project platform

Access, integrate industrial data

VizStream technology allows users to visualize, access, and integrate industrial data such as 3D models, 2D drawings, and bills of materials, all available within seconds. VizStream 3.5 reportedly offers a twenty fold increase in speed, allowing fast connections over most networks. The product's 10 Gbyte 3D model has more than 600,000 components and 100 million triangles. RealityWave Enter 601

Reverse engineering software

Curvature-based approach

CopyCAD boasts a surfacing option that offers additional methods for the conversion of data into models. Designed for the automotive and consumer product industries, and other complex designs, the software creates trimmed surfaces with any number of sides. This multiple-surface capability allows for faster and easier creation of CAD models without loss of accuracy. The use of trimmed surfaces also ensures smooth transitions between areas of the model. Delcam, Enter 602

Simulation software

Simulate, analyze motion

SimMechanics 2.1, a simulation software product with enhanced engineering analysis capability, imports SolidWorks(R) CAD assemblies. Engineers designing mechanisms with control systems can simulate mechanical and control systems functions in the product's Simulink environment. Behavior simulation improves design quality and reduces the time to market. MathWorks Inc., Enter 603

Predictive design software

Collect and analyze more data

Red Rock Software has exclusive distribution and development rights to the Windows(R) version of DeltaGraph(R) predictive analytics technology. DeltaGraph, a data analysis and presentation product, analyzes complex sets of data and presents it in compelling formats. Features include flexibility, chart advisor, and style libraries that help users edit and arrange legends, grids, and pictures. This product integrates with Microsoft(R) Office products. Red Rock Software, Enter 604

Mechanical design environment

Test for interference, drives

Motion and control interface products, released for plug-in to CAD software interfaces, allows design engineers to create dynamic models from static designs. Virtual prototypes can be tested in real time. Control Interface 4.0 allows several simulation processes to interact and follows the Pro/ENGINEER model to completion. Simple drag-and-drop abilities connect the model to the control hardware, and to fieldbus cards. Applications include automation devices, motors with profiles, and manufacturing process flows. Lumeo, Enter 605

Analysis tool

Bio-medical, electrical applications

MSC.Marc non-linear, parallel, finite element program helps engineers solve complex problems, especially productivity in applications like automotive, engine and power train modeling, air springs, and composite products. Features of the 2003 release include contact modeling with quadratic elements, material models, elements, electrical, and upgrades for single and parallel analysis. The program helps analyze, improve, and finalize product designs, the company says. MSC.Software Corp., Enter 606

Diagramming tool

Routes 3D cable, piping

The most sophisticated schematic diagrams can be created quickly and easily using RSD 4.0 stand-alone diagramming tool. Features include an XML interface, automated review process, and a wide range of diagram types. Typical applications are routing of cable and pipe systems, wiring processes and instrumentation, and other schematics. RSD 4.0 is optimized to drive Pro/ENGINEER 3D cabling and piping solutions. PTC, Enter 607

Simulation tool

Includes failure diagnostics

COSMOSDesignSTAR 4.0 design analysis and simulation tool allows designers to detect and fix design problems before prototype production begins. CDS associates with Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Solid Edge. The program diagnoses mesh failure, loads remotely, and reads geometry from most CAD programs. Version 4.0 also includes many customer-requested enhancements, the company reports. Structural Research and Analysis Enter 608

Reverse engineering software

New plane creation method

A new alignment manager, 3D digitizer links, real-time collection of part data, and immediate display are features of the RevWorks(TM) 2003 reverse engineering software program. Other enhancements include smoother operating cursor, advanced keyboard shorts, and an updated probe manager. Reverse engineering software helps reduce product development time and increases product model accuracy. Revware Inc., Enter 609

Web-based engineer's course

Complete e-learning

COACH for MECHANICA, an e-learning course for Pro/MECHANICA simulation software is designed to introduce structures to designers and engineers. Trainees spend 32-40 hours covering the major functions of the product. Most train at their own pace, covering relevant topics while the program remains open alongside. MECHANICA tests for structural, dynamic, thermal, and durability performance. Users access all training online. Cadtrain; Enter 610

CAD software

Batch hundreds of files

VersaCAD 2003 for Windows(R) offers new features including VersaCAD Explorer, a new batch translator, standard Windows tool bar, and save-as-image menu option. The Explorer finds graphic symbols from libraries, and the batch translator converts VersaCAD files to or from formats like DXF, DWG, and IGES. The product is suitable for a Windows viewer, converter, or plot station. Archway Systems, Enter 611

Simulation software

With database manager

CFD-ACE+ metaphysics engineering software now includes simulations of complex processes for automotive, aerospace, biology, fuel cell, and semiconductor applications. A unified database manager for all material properties and chemistry data is included. The adaptive time step control sets the step size and reduces solution times when compared to fixed-time steps. A biochemistry module fits into the chemistry section. A stress solver and free surface module are included for accuracy and complex simulations. CFD Research; Enter 612

Hybrid software

Treats raster, vector the same

WiseImage 5.5 uses Windows(R)-style tool bars and buttons for a consistent look in Raster editing and R2V conversion software. Compatible with AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT 2004, WiseImage has an improved calibration tool and automatic Raster-to-Vector conversion. The program treats Raster and Vector objects identically, and is designed for A/E/C, CAD, GIS, and Reprographics markets.; Enter 613

Online store

Design, visualization software

Find critical information about design and manufacturing software at the company's purchasing website, including reviews, evaluation copies, and technical manuals. Users can e-mail for quotations or purchase directly. Specializing in design, visualization, and data translation software solutions, the company's website also offers complete instructions. Novedge; Enter 614

Part modeler

Fast boolean operations

Reportedly the leader in solids-based machining, the company released the EdgeCAM part modeler, designed for simple construction, manufacturing modifications, and fixture building. Engineers can construct workholding systems, like turning chucks and milling jigs, using the part modeler as a support tool. Pathtrace Systems Inc., Enter 615

Modeling subsystems

Improved speed, stability

Release 11 of the company's line of 3D subsystems for modeling and visualization is now available. Features and improvements include complex, variable radius blends; tapered surface creation that holds definition; 20% increase in facetter performance; and coincident face detection and reporting. One feature commonly used for end-capping is advanced covering, which allows a surface to be fit onto circuits. R-11 includes the Inventor reader, which allows viewing of Autodesk Inventor files. Spatial Technology, Enter 616

Workstation graphics

CAD, DCC applications

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 500 workstation graphics board is designed to be an integral part of production workflow. Boasting superior application performance, Quadro FX 500 reportedly meets the needs of all CAD and DCC workstation applications. The board features full 128-bit IEEE precision for accurate visual quality. The product offers special effects for OpenGL(R) and DirectX(R) applications for real-time rendering. PNY Technologies, Enter 617

Projection system

Steroscopic, digital

Project technology takes a step up with an ultra-high resolution digital stereoscopic system, available with pixel density up to 1,600 x 1,200. The projector visualizes complex data sets and rich detail not previously possible with active stereo. View data sets in stereoscopic or monoscopic modes, in extreme resolution. The technology uses graphics cards and multi-channel computing available in current equipment. Fakespace Systems, Enter 618

Touch screens

Wide-angle viewing technology

Available in 300- and 400-nit, the T-51511 Series color TFT LCDs offer wide viewing angles and high-color saturation. Both modules feature 16.7 million colors, 15-inch XGA screen, and 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution. The LCDs are backlit by replaceable CCFLs, each with a typical lifetime of 50,000 hours. The 300-nit model is reportedly ideal for industrial-display applications like test and measurement, automation, and process control. The 400-nit item is bright enough for voting machines, kiosks, and POS displays. Optrex America Inc., Enter 619

Hand-held computer

Monochrome LCD touch screen

Powerful hand-held computing devices, the JETT- ce computer features a sunlight-readable display, optional touch-screen technology, 64-Mbytes of SD RAM and 16-Mbytes built-in Compact Flash, expandable to 2-Gbytes. Application development services are available. These models are reportedly ideal for warehousing, transportation, field service, meter reading, emergency vehicles, and inventory control. Options include keypad overlay, logo tag, serial tag, and cable. Two Technologies Inc., Enter 620

Report wizard

Offers custom options

Improvements to the company's Report Wizard and its environment include easier navigation, an improved format, and built-in options for customized output. The Wizard automatically collects data related to finite element analysis and generates reports in HTML. Reports are delivered in the FEMPRO modeling interface. Use any Internet browser or HTML-editing software to view and change reports. Algor Inc., Enter 621

Mobile computer

Anodized aluminum chassis

On-road, off-road, in heat or cold, and on rough terrain, the FieldGO S1 laptop computer features shock-resistant drive bays. Reportedly offering a slim, mobile, super-rugged product, the manufacturer reduced its weight by 40%, but retained full power. Units measure 16.6 x 11.1 x 6 inches. They are powered by Intel Pentium(R) III or 4, up to 2.8 GHz. Systems include large flat-paneled display, detachable keyboard with touchpad, and amplified speakers. Broadax Systems, Inc., Enter 622

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