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November 3, 2003

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Assign contour variables

Tecplot v10 was released to add capabilities in three areas-plotting tools, data management and user interface-the company reports. Plotting tools include multiple contour variable options, polar plots, 3D scatter symbols, and image importation. Data journaling records plotting alterations. Undo options in the interface allow exploration of data with the ability to undo operations. Amtec Enter 576


Improved aesthetics

Parasolid v15, geometric modeling software that includes enhanced editing capabilities, creates a precise 3D mathematical representation of the product. The resulting data allows users to automate product lifecycle management in CAD and CAM processes, the company reports. Features include advanced tapering for castings and moldings, advanced smoothness control in sheet and surface modeling, and improved blending support. EDS, Enter 577


Drawing enhancements

The SolidWorks 2004 3D mechanical design software release includes drawing automation enhancements that allow designers to create production drawings from large assemblies faster than any previous version, the company says. Lightweight drawings facilitate the creation of assembly drawings without loading every component of the assembly. Features include a weldment environment, an analysis tool in COSMOSXpressTM, and an automated core/cavity command for mold designers. SolidWorks Corp., Enter 578


Runs inside AutoCAD

Version 3.0 of the company's CAD software includes parametric solid modeling, advanced visualization, and 3D-to-2D automation tools for AutoCAD-based products. Features include a QuickCut command and RealView visualization enhancements. Both standard and EXPRESS versions work inside AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, or 2002, as well as Mechanical Desktop and Architectural Desktop, et al. AutoSolids, Enter 579


Manage manufacturing processes

CATIA v4 Translator is a data translation product for Tecnomatix' software eMPower suite. CATeP is an independent software, requiring no license. It stands alone in Windows environments, providing a link to eMPower's manufacturing process management tool. The product translates CATIA .model and EXPORT formats, using filters for selective data translation. CADCAM-E, Enter 580


Improve designs, speed decisions

Computational fluid dynamics software v3.3 is available and includes architecture using VR Juggler(TM) and OpenGL(TM) libraries. Features include decimation, intuitive navigation, seamless integration, virtual user interface, Computational general notation system reader, and 3D graphical capabilities. Applications include automotive, aerospace, defense, and chemical processing. ACUITIV, Enter 581


Integrates with management systems

AutoVue v17.1 includes new format support, EDA features, and functions for the electronics and high-tech markets. The visualization and collaboration software supports CATIA 5, Pro/ENGINEER, Wildfire, Inventor, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Mechanical Desktop, and more, the company adds. Features include cross probing, search and zoom, and a 3D PCB viewing tool. Cimmetry Systems Inc., Enter 582


Shorter development cycles

A package of visualization and rendering software solutions for automotive CAD programs is available with a full range of support services. The package reportedly contains all necessary rendering software including sketch rendering, interactive image regeneration, and advanced photorealism. The package renders NURB surfaces, visualizes Mold-Tech surface finishes, and offers a library of shaders. Lightwork Design, Enter 583


Faster milling layout

InterOp translators will be integrated as a suite in SURFCAM CAD/CAM, providing access to CATIA, STEP, Pro/E, and Unigraphics files. SURFCAM offers 2D and 3D modeling, and CNC programming for mills and lathes. According to the company, the package reportedly makes more flexible use of 3D systems possible. Spatial Technology, Enter 584

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