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Shock therapy

DN Staff

February 17, 2003

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Shock therapy

Keys to long life: Materials, including special synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, and seal and compensating head design allow the XR Series shocks to achieve 20-million plus cycle life.

While typical hydraulic shocks may have a lifetime of 3-5 million cycles, the extended range XR Series from Enidine uses proprietary "energy absorption" technology to have consistent performance while reaching more than 20 million cycles. Such durability is geared for high speed, high cycle, repetitious applications such as plastic bottle and PET container manufacturing.

Product Line Manager for Standard Hydraulics Norman MacKenzie notes, "The Design Engineering Group integrated the latest technologies in seal design and materials, along with fluid development. By using state-of-the-art synthetic hydrocarbon fluids, fluid viscosity breakdown and lubricity properties, which change during repetitive, high-pressure cycle applications, were minimized."

MacKenzie also notes that a compensating piston head adjusts to maintain original design clearances between dynamic wear components. The result: Consistent damping performance throughout the extended life cycle of the XR shocks. "Newly developed materials, which have greater memory retention when subjected to continuous linear travel, greatly reduced dynamic seal wear, always a concern in fluid sealing design," he concludes.

The shocks also borrow the corrosion-fighting nickel-plated exterior from the company's Platinum Series for not only long life but also aesthetics. Engineers designed the shocks as drop-in replacements for many existing models. XR shock operating temperature range is -20 to 210F.

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