Robot Serves Drinks During Happy Hour

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June 6, 2005

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Robot Serves Drinks During Happy Hour

This ambidextrous bartender accesses all the tools of the trade through a rotating base and a reach of 532 mm (20.9 inches). The base of the robot houses the NXC100 controller for both arms.

With everything within arm's length, Motoman's RoboBar, a dual-arm robot serves various beverages and does not take tips. Engineers used Motoman's UPJ robotic arm assembly designed for dispensing, handling, and material removal in more traditional industrial applications to demonstrate potential uses in the service industry sector.

The two robotic arms each have five axes of motion and the base rotates providing an eleventh axis of motion. With simple parallel grippers for the end-of-arm tooling, the unit can dispense draft beer, mixed drinks, and soft drinks. More complex motion includes picking up and tilting bottles to deliver the precise amount of beverage, and returning bottles to the shelf. Each unit's base width of only 200 mm (7.9 inches) allows both to be mounted within the confined space of a human form factor and the reach of 532 mm (20.9 inches), about arm's length, provides a wide working envelope.

For the control portion, engineers chose Motoman's NX100 controller with its Windows CE programming pendant and ability to control up to four robots and perform other tasks. The unit controls both arms and the I/O devices, which include a magnetic card scanner to authorize drink service and a touch screen display to choose a beverage. An optional video screen provides a selectable personality for the robotic bartender.

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