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Robo mower won't cop out

DN Staff

August 21, 2000

1 Min Read
Robo mower won't cop out

Dallas, TX -Do your kids sass you when asked to cut the grass? Now tell them to take a hike.

Friendly Robotics has developed the RL500 robotic lawnmower that uses a miniature electronic brain based on its proprietary Robo-Scan(R)technology to systematically cut grass. RoboScan uses an internal floating compass to find magnetic north for navigation. Odometers in the rear wheels count the number of "clicks" to account and adjust for turns. Guided by 18 AWG perimeter wires secured by plastic pegs, the robotic lawn mower uses an onboard computer, ultrasonic sensors, and sensitivity bumpers. The internal computer is a 16-bit Hitachi microprocessor with 256K of memory, and 512K of flash memory for adding software, music, and future upgrades. The mower uses four proximity, and four RF sensors to follow a specific signal from the insulated perimeter wire.

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