Right Hemisphere Moves Product Data Downstream

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May 14, 2007

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Right Hemisphere Moves Product Data Downstream

Right Hemisphere has upgraded its product communications and collaboration platform with new capabilities that facilitate the sharing of product information across the extended enterprise.

The Right Hemisphere 5 platform extends Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions by opening the information stored in these systems to anyone in the extended enterprise, in whatever format is required. The software automatically connects to 130 different applications formats, including most popular 3D CAD and ERP applications.

While the promise of PLM is to make product-related data accessible throughout the organization, the reality is the data is not as readily available beyond engineering, Right Hemisphere officials say. "PLM vendors come out of the engineering space and their DNA is around engineering processes," says Michael Lynch, Right Hemisphere's president and CEO, in Fremont, CA. "While they created the concept of being able to support data moving from concept to retirement, their vision of PLM is correct, but the data doesn't move effectively into other areas of the organization."

PLM systems, Lynch says, require downstream users to have systems that will understand their proprietary formats - for example, UGS' JT Open or Dassault's 3D-XML. Not so for the Right Hemisphere software. "We have a different concept in automating the delivery of data the way users need it versus automating the delivery of data the way we want to give it to users," Lynch says.

Electronic Data Systems' Virtual Reality Center, in Troy, MI, has been using the Right Hemisphere platform to move a variety of rich 3D CAD into its environment to aid in its prototyping work and production of technical manuals. In the past, the group had to write its own translators to grab CAD data from systems such as Dassault's Catia or PTC's Pro/Engineer. "Now we can bring CAD files right into (Right Hemisphere) without having to have other CAD software available," says John Brabbs, senior simulation consultant for EDS' Virtual Reality Center. "It saves us time."

Right Hemisphere 5 Deep Exploration, Deep Publish and Deep View client software is available at the Right Hemisphere e-store. Deep Exploration is available as a $495 Standard Edition and a $1,995 CAD Edition. The Deep Server piece will ship this summer.

Right Hemisphere 5 lets users create stepped assembly and disassembly procedures and publish them to a 3D PDF file without requiring knowledge of JavaScript programming.

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