Programmable Dual USB 2.0 Host/Slave SOC Assists in Lowering Design Component Count and Reduces Costs

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April 5, 2010

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Programmable Dual USB 2.0 Host/Slave SOC Assists in Lowering Design Component Count and Reduces Costs

MOTION CONTROL: Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) announced the launch of their Vinculum VNC2 user programmable dual USB 2.0 Host/Slave intelligent SOC controllerBuilding on FTDI’s competitive advantage of fully supporting designers and customers by delivering a complete solution, VNC2 enhances the initial member of the Vinculum family, the VNC1L, by reducing the device cost as well as introducing the capability for designers to develop their own application firmware and program the host controller themselves.

VNC2 comes with a royalty free software development environment— the Integrated Design Environment (IDE) which includes a compiler, linker and debugger to fully utilise the increased memory and multitude of communication protocols handled by VNC2. The software developed toolkit is based on the ‘C’ language and provides a comprehensive suite of object files to provide support for USB host functionality including USB Flash Drive (B.O.M.S.) storage, HID, USB COMMs class and FAT File functionality.

VNC2 includes a new, customised 16bit MCU core, 256kB on chip programmable e-Flash program memory and 16kB of SRAM data memory. The IO communication capability has been enhanced to include 2 SPI slave controllers, 1 SPI master controller, 1 high speed UART interface (up to 3M baud ) plus a flexible 8 channel PWM block allowing precise 16-bit control of motors, servos and other analog application areas. In addition to these enhancements, VNC2’s 1-Pin debugger interface, which functions independently of the MCU core, provides a simple yet sophisticated debugging / device programming interface.

VNC2 launches in 3 different pin-count sizes, 32LD, 48LD and 64LD supporting up to 44 user defined IO pins. Each pin-count size is available in LQFP or the more compact QFN package option — 6 variants in total. The 48LD LQFP version, offers a “close-fit” equivalent pin-out to the current VNC1L allowing easy system upgrades to the new VNC2, often with just a simple BOM change.

Operating from a single +3.3 VDC supply, the VNC2 has a low standby current of typically 128uA and also has 3 low power modes.

The Vinculum VNC2 suits a broad range of USB consumer and industrial related applications including camera, mobile accessories, data loggers, toys, keyboards, game controller interfacing, POS applications and USB to USB bridges.

Engineering samples of VNC2 are now available with mass production expected from May 2010. For 10,000+ quantities the VNC2 48-pin LQFP is priced at US$2.75.

-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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