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November 17, 1997

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Rod Seal

Zurcon(R) L-Cup(R) rod seal for hydraulic cylinders offers optimized pressure distribution, back-pumping ability, and better extrusion resistance. The seal is produced through injection molding in a proprietary polyurethane, Zurcon(R) Z04, with hardness shore A 93. The seal can be installed in sealing systems with double-acting scrapers or in tandem arrangements with the Turcon(R) Stepseal(R) K.
Busak+Shamban, Jupiterstraat 106, 2132 HE Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, FAX +31 23 5615225.


Single-piece silicon rubber sealing gasket is for keyless-entry control in sport vehicles. Molded using three different color materials, the gasket provides watertight seals for the two PCB-mounted pushbutton control switches, color-codes these switches for easy identification, and provides a transparent window for viewing the battery status LED. APM Hexseal Corp., 44 Honeck St., Englewood, NJ 07631, FAX (201) 569-4106.

Belts/drive tapes

Metal belts and drive tapes have high strength-to-weight ratios, require no lubrication, operate in clean-room and hostile environments, and are thermally and electrically conductive. The products are accurate and repeatable for timing applications, are quiet, and made to customer specifications.
Belt Technologies Inc., Box 468, Agawam, MA 01001, FAX (413) 789-2786; Belt Technologies Europe, Suite 3L, Durham Mountjoy Research Centre, Stockton Rd., Durham City DH1 3UR, England, FAX +44 0191-383-1820.

Stack lights

Stack lights can be reconfigured without tools in any combination of one to six light assemblies or with an alarm or strobe. The stack lights use CAD engineering to maximize luminosity and combine impact-resistant polymers, non-corrosive support posts, rubber O-ring seals, and heat-resistant housing. Changing a light bulb or the color of a lens requires a twist of the stack light.
Cutler-Hammer, 4201 North 27th St., Milwaukee, WI 53216, FAX (412) 449-7319.


PicoDotTM Class II convergent photoelectric laser sensor features a precise convergent point size of 0.25 mm at its focal distance, making the sensor suitable for applications such as semiconductor wafer mapping, miniature parts detection, and connector pin counting. Measuring 40 3 45 3 12.7 mm, the unit is suitable for use on robotic end effectors.
Banner Engineering Corp., Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55440, FAX (612) 544-3213; Banner Engineering Corp. (UK), Suite SF1, Heybridge Centre, 110 The Causeway, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex CM9 4ND, England, FAX +44 1621 841566.

Circuit breakers

M-Series line of miniature magnetic circuit breakers allows users to specify smaller-sized circuit breakers for protection, where ratings up to 25A are required. Baton and paddle actuator styles are available, and are supplied in a gloss finish in colors including red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white, and black. The series can be used to protect applications including generators, computers, and peripherals.
Carlingswitch, 60 Johnson Ave., Plainville, CT 06062, FAX (860) 793-9231; Carlingswitch Ltd., 4 Airport Business Park, Exeter Airport, Clyst Honiton, Exeter, Devon EX5 2UL, England, FAX +44 392 364477.

Motor kits

Frameless motor kits integrated into an application feature high torque to inertia ratios, speeds to 20,000 rpm, and power ratings up to 5 hp. Eight different brushless motor kits eliminate coupling, alignment problems, and backlash. Skewed stators for minimized cogging, designed with rotors with IDs of 7.6 to 139.7 mm, accommodate a range of shaft diameters for applications requiring hollow shafts.
MFM Technology Inc., 200 13th Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, FAX (516) 467-5176.

Rollnut assemblies

Guided miniature rollnut assemblies control the accuracy of actuators in critical mechanisms and are for applications requiring exact and repeatable positioning and location, such as diagnostic equipment and laboratory instruments. The guided miniature rollnut consists of a miniature rollnut screw and nut assembly modified to include a linear bearing and guide rod supported by the same end plates that secure the rollnut screw. The resultant anti-rotational device does not require an outside guide system and ensures accurate positioning.
Norco Inc., Flennor Div., 139 Ethan Allen Hwy., Ridgefield, CT 06877, FAX (203) 544-7121; Flennor GmbH, Schwarzer WEG 100-106, D-40593, Dusseldorf, Germany, FAX +37 021170077302.

Bearing material

BB-16 is a self-lubricating powdered metal bearing material used for heavily loaded applications. This bearing material features compressive strength and wearability, and is shock resistant. Applications include automotive, railroad, escalator, machine-tool, off-highway, and heavy equipment.
Bunting Bearings Corp., Box 729, Holland, OH 43528, FAX (419) 866-0653.


The Z26000 Series of high-volume 26-mm-diameter linear stepper motors for global applications use ball bearings and a rare-earth magnet. The motor provides a solution for linear-movement requirements for applications such as office equipment, medical devices, small machinery, and instrumentation.
Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705, FAX (203) 756-8724; Haydon Switch and Instrument, Isoldenstraabe 22, 80804 Munchen, Germany.


EP31 adhesive is for high-performance applications and features lap shear strength exceeding 4,500 psi. EP31 has high bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates, and bonds have resistance to chemicals and a service operating temperature range of -100 to 250F. The adhesive cures readily at room temperature or more quickly at elevated temperatures, and has a convenient 3:1 mix ratio by weight. EP31 is available in 1/2-pint, pint, quart, gallon, and 5-gallon kits and syringe applicators.
Master Bond Inc., 154 Hobart St., Hackensack, NJ 07601, FAX (201) 343-2132.


EF1 pneumatic cylinder is a compact, aluminum-extruded body cylinder for international machine requirements. The cylinder has a PTFE-impregnated, hard-anodized aluminum body for wear resistance. The cylinder also features a miniature switch that slides into a track in the cylinder body. Expected service life of the cylinder is 2,500 km. Models are available in double-acting; single- or double-rod end; and single-acting, spring-retract, or extend.
Bimba Mfg. Co., Box 68, Monee, IL 60449, FAX (708) 534-5767; Bimba Ltd., 23 Maxwell Rd., Woodston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 7JD, England, FAX +44 01733 391080.


Couplings are machined from a single piece of material into specific configurations that incorporate special design features or characteristics. The couplings use a curved-beam ("flexure") design concept that transmits torque while compensating for lateral, axial, and angular misalignment movements. The curved beam enables customer-specified end attachments to be integrated into a single machined component.
Helical Products Co. Inc., Box 1089, Santa Maria, CA 93456, FAX (805) 928-2369; Helical Products Co. Inc., c/o G.J. Bohnenstiel GmbH, Postfach 101469, D-69004, Heidelberg, Germany, FAX +49 6221313250.

Heat exchangers

Model 727 liquid-to-air copper fin-and-tube heat exchangers measure 24 3 24 3 2.6 inches and are capable of dissipating 330W for every one degree Celsius difference between water and air entering the heat exchanger. A lightweight and durable aluminum fan shroud for mounting four fans is available. Applications include closed-loop liquid cooling required in cooling semiconductor manufacturing, processing, and test equipment, as well as cooling of lasers, electronic cabinets, industrial furnaces and ovens, and other demanding applications.
Thermatron Engineering Inc., 687 Lowell St., Methuen, MA 01844, FAX (508) 687-2477.

Recirculating chillers

RC006A recirculating chillers with full-PID adaptive control are for applications where tight temperature control is required. The RC006AG01 and RC006AH01 models achieve plus or minus 0.1C temperature stability and provide up to 600W of cooling in a 14 3 14 3 22-inch cabinet. The active components are mechanically isolated to minimize noise and vibration. The -G01 model is for North American electrical requirements and the -H01 is for international electrical requirements.
Lytron Inc., 55 Dragon Ct., Woburn, MA 01801, FAX (617) 935-4529.


Timing belts are available in an assortment of matching pulleys, clamps, tensioners, and slider beds. Standard and self-tracking pulleys are offered in both English and metric pitch as well as flat idlers. Pulley sizes are available up to a maximum width of 180 mm and maximum diameter of 640 mm. The pulleys are available in aluminum for standard requirements, steel for high-torque applications and abrasive environments, stainless steel for high-torque applications that cannot tolerate rust, and Delrin/Nylon for applications requiring light weight and rust-free operation.
BRECOflex Co., L.L.C., Box 829, Eatontown, NJ 07724, FAX (732) 542-6725.


Dc servomotor is for high-speed processing applications where precision accuracy is an important factor. High-speed capability offers increased system throughput to reduce machine cycle times. The three-phase design is compatible with industry-standard servo amplifiers and servo controllers. Standard NEMA packaging in size 23 and 34 permit drop-in replacement of motors into existing stepping-motor-based systems. Replacement requires no changing of mechanical hardware, and packaging is compatible with many gearboxes, brackets, pulleys, and X-Y stages for use with stepper motors.
Eastern Air Devices Inc., 1 Progress Dr., Dover, NH 03820, FAX (603) 742-9080; E.P. Electronics Int'l Inc., 21 Amber St, Unit 2, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 4Z3, FAX (905) 475-0821.


OS520 Series of handheld infrared th

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