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September 8, 1997

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The Lucas Free-Flex(R) Pivot is a frictionless, precision cross-spring bearing for use wherever limited angular rotation bearings are required for angular travel up to plus or minus 30 degrees. The pivot requires no lubrication and no maintenance, is dirt insensitive, and eliminates the inaccuracies of friction, striction, wear, radial clearances, and backlash. The pivot has a high radial and axial stiffness to maintain repeatability to plus or minus 0.000001 inch in one plane of motion, with low hysteresis, center shift, and thermal drift.
Lucas Aerospace Power Transmission, Box 457, Utica, NY 13503, FAX (315) 793-1273.

Filtration products

Filtration products for the aerospace industry include aircraft hydraulic, fuel, and lubrication or engine bleed air systems. A library of filtration media enables the company to custom design filter elements to meet a wide range of performance requirements--from 3 to 70 micron filtration at operating pressures up to 5,000 psi and temperatures of -60 to 800F.
PTI Technologies Inc., 950 Rancho Conejo Blvd., Newbury Park, CA 91320, FAX (805) 375-2299.


ACT ring, for the aerospace industry, offers reduced dynamic and static frictional drag, improved life-cycle capability, improved low pressure efficiency, and a back-up assembly profiled to mate with the elastomer configuration. The dynamic crown of the ACT ring has converging sides in order to ramp lubrication for reduced friction and wear, with an apex for force concentration under low pressure conditions to optimize sealing. Angled converging side walls are incorporated on the ring to provide cantilever support to the sealing stem, eliminating torsional rotation of the crown under high-pressure retraction.
Greene, Tweed & Co., Box 305, Kulpsville, PA 19443, FAX (215) 256-0189.


Long-life rectilinear potentiometers offer infinite resolution and reliability for a satellite launching system. The potentiometer used has dual resistance elements with front and rear bearings designed to be mounted close to the main engine, and therefore required to withstand severe shock and vibration. The potentiometers have also been used in various military, commercial, industrial, medical, and automotive applications. They are available in standard or custom design, in-stroke lengths from 1 to 60 inches, with voltage or current outputs.
Vernitron Corp., 2800 Anvil St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33710, FAX (813) 347-7520.


VICTREX(R) PEEK monofilament woven fiber provides cut-through resistance and chafe protection required in long-term exposures to engine environments. Braided VICTREX PEEK sleevings are used in the Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft. The sleevings provide chafe protection up to 500F, adequate enough for these aircraft.
Victrex USA Inc., 601 Willowbrook Lane, West Chester, PA 19382, FAX (610) 696-5702.

Ultrasonic machining

The quartz crystal pictured here was ultrasonically machined. The structure, which undergoes further processing, is an accelerometer used in different aerospace applications. The 250 micron beams are machined through the 1.5 mm thickness. The stepped cavities and through hole were also achieved via this process.
Bullen Ultrasonics Inc., 4613 Camden Rd., Eaton, OH 45320, FAX (937) 456-2779.


A complete line of fans are suited for aircraft smoke detection systems used in both commercial and cargo aircraft. The low flow, high pressure fans offer no-stall characteristics suitable for air-sampling applications where quick response time is essential. Airflow range is from 15.9 to 58 CFM. Fused versions are available to comply with FAA smoke and toxicity regulations.
IMC Magnetics Corp., 1900 East 5th St., Tempe, AZ 85281, FAX (602) 968-5026.

Flow-control valve

Mini proportional valve has an isolation diaphragm that separates the working fluid from the coil and armature thereby limiting the fluid path exclusively to the poppet area. Features of this 2-way poppet valve include a 250 Hz frequency response, less than 3% hysteresis, and no sliding friction. The standard valve is made of stainless steel with viton elastomeric components but other materials can be special ordered. Operation is possible on a straight DC electrical signal without dithering. The valve performs well at low-pressure drops, making it suitable for medical, industrial controls, and alternative fuel applications where gases and liquids are involved.
Teknocraft Inc., 425 West Dr., Melbourne, FL 32904, FAX (407) 768-8732.

Hermetic connectors

Stainless-steel connectors feature a vacuum Hermetic glass-to-metal seal with a variety of pin patterns in various mounting styles and finishes. The connectors can be custom manufactured for computers, instruments, sensors, switches, servo valves, and electronic packaging applications.
Detronics Corp., 10660 E. Rush St., S. El Monte, CA 91733, FAX (818) 579-1936.

Deployment springs

Deployment springs, used for suspending the Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) device used on NASA's Mars rover Sojourner, are machined from a single piece of metal into rectangular-shaped coils. Springs are useful for applications where there is a need to alter the coil size and number to achieve mathematically specified, elastic rates.
Helical Products Co. Inc., Box 1069, Santa Maria, CA 93456, FAX (805) 928-2369.


Model SR-107VFR selectable-range angular accelerometer allows the scale factor and range to be adjusted in order to obtain optimum accuracy and readout match. Full measurement range is adjusted from plus or minus 1 to plus or minus 100 radians-per-second squared with a single external resistor change. In addition, since virtually all angular acceleration measurements are either transitory or periodic, the user also has the ability to select a DC blocking option and define the associated cutoff frequency. These accelerometers use force-balance fluid-rotor technology.
Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., 1925 MacDade Blvd., 19094, FAX (610) 872-3882.

Silicon sponge

The Groendyk LiteTM closed-cell silicone sponge enables designers to incorporate cellular silicone into a product design to enhance performance in cushioning, gasketing, sealing, and insulating applications. Low density provides potential solutions to meeting weight requirements in a design as well as a means of reducing weight-related freight and transportation costs. This material is self-extinguishing and useful in heat-management and insulation applications where low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance are required. Other applications include use in the automotive, aerospace, mass transit, and electronic industries.
Groendyk Mfg. Co. Inc., Box 278, Buchanan, VA 24066, FAX (540) 254-2400.

Miniature screw jack

SHZ-02 miniature screw jack has a carrying capacity of 500N and incorporates all the features of the heavier ZIMM systems. Measuring 60 x 53 x 45 mm, the screw jack is available in either the standing or rotating screw version, each with trapezoidal or ball-screw options. It is supplied in pre-assembled units ready for immediate mounting to a fabrication. Accessories include limit switches, bellows and gearboxes to motors, connecting shafts, and flexible couplings. With a maximum operating speed of 3,000 rpm, the two rates of lift available are 0.8 and 0.25 mm per revolution of the drive shaft.
Hepco Slide Systems Ltd., Lower Moor Business Park, Tiverton Way, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 6TG, FAX (01884) 243399.

Pressure sensors

EPE/EPI Series of sub-miniature pressure sensors employ monolithic Silicon Chip sensing diaphragms as small as 0.05 inches in diameter. They are available in pressure ranges from 0-2 through 0-500 psi, measuring both static and dynamic pressure with resonant frequencies to 1.7 MHz. Operating temperature ranges from -40 through 250F. Protective coatings for difficult environments and special-body configurations for dedicated applications are available for most models. Applications include use in aerospace and automotive wind-tunnel modeling, biomedical engineering, industrial and process control, as well as basic R&D.
Entran Devices Inc., 10 Washington Ave., Fairfield, NJ 07004, FAX (973) 227-6865.

Rocker switches

Available in a variety of housing and actuator colors, the R 1973 Series of SPST or DPST rocker switches offers illuminated versions with neon or incandescent bulbs ranging from 6V dc to 250V ac. The switches are constructed of high-temperature UL94 V-2 housing materials and are listed through UL and CSA at a rating of 6A 250V/9A 125V ac. They are also listed with VDE, Semko, Nemko, Demko, and Fimko at a rating of 4(1)A 250V ac. Engineers may choose between Faston terminations designed for 'Quick Connect' connectors, or right-angle PC pin terminals. The rocker switches can be customized with a variety of marking options.
E-Switch, 7153 Northland Dr. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, FAX (612) 531-8235.

Circuit breakers

Single-pole version Circuit breaker line now includes a single-pole version qualified to Mil-S-3320. With or without auxiliary contacts, these circuit breakers are available in extended ranges from 0.5 through 35A in one body style. Three-phase units are also available.
Crouzet Corp., 3237 Commander Dr., Carrollton, TX 75006, FAX (972) 250-3865.

Toggle switches

All models of the 31 Series joystick toggle switch are three position, single-axis, single-pole snap acting devices with a locked center position. Motion to actuate the 31 and 32 Series switches requires a short deliberate axial pull to free the handle before any deflection to either side of the zero position can occur. The snap-acting mechanism employed in this series is positive and reliable, with a rolling contact that insures clean switch breaking and a long life. Typical applications include avionics and space systems, medical equipment, and robotic positioning systems.
Machine Components Corp., 70 Newtown Rd., Plainview, NY 11803

Gasketing and cushioning pads

Die-cut and fabricated fluorosilicone sponge-rubber gasketing and cushioning pads are available for aeros

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