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May 5, 1997

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Product news

Gear motor

Size 34 ac induction motor, featuring a fully integrated gearhead, can achieve higher torque at lower speeds than what may normally be possible with the ac motor alone. Parallel shaft gearheads made with precision spur gearing, are available in a broad range of gear ratios. Furnished in die-cast housing, the motor features grease-lubricated gearheads and is equipped with either sleeve or ball bearings to ensure maintenance-free operation.

Designed to meet MIL-Spec requirements, the single- or three-phase motor is reversible operating at variable speed with inverter drives. Rated torque for the size 34 is up to 87 lb-inch. Thermally protected, the single- or dual-voltage motor can be adapted for nonstandard voltages and frequencies.

Eastern Air Devices Inc., 1 Progress Dr., Dover, NH 03820, FAX (603) 742-9080.

Flow meters

EFM Series flow meters provide low-flow sensing capabilities while maintaining accuracy and repeatability characteristics. Instruments in the EFM Series are constructed entirely of chemically inert, porosity-free polymer components. The integral cold-flare-style tubing connections support the low dead-volume properties of the meters. TTL-compatible outputs allow users to interface with standard data-acquisition systems. Linear flow range is 0.17 to 6.6 gpm with pulse resolution at 17,000 per gallon and an accuracy of plus or minus 5%. Applications include monitoring or controlling a wide variety of fluids such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and ultrapure liquids.

Flow Solutions Inc., 8716 E. Myrtle St., Mesa, AZ 85208.


PIC-SERVO controller board provides servo control of dc motors with incremental encoder feedback. It includes a fully protected amplifier capable of driving 6A peak at up to 48V or may be used with an external amp. Motors can be controlled in trapezoidal position or velocity mode. The 2- x 3-inch board is for internal mounting near the motor, reducing wiring complexity and noise. Communications over an RS-485 serial bus allows up to 32 motors to be controlled from a single serial port.

J.R. Kerr Prototype Development, 1713 Alameda de las Pulgas, Redwood City, CA 94061, FAX (415) 367-8487.


M4 and M8 bolted-pump Series is for specialized service in critical chemical-process applications. These 11/2- and 2-inch air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps are capable of delivering up to 70 to 158 gpm respectively and developing up to 125 psig head pressures. The absence of close-fitting parts allow solids to pass through the pumps without harm. Abrasive and viscous product is also pumped easily without damaging fluid characteristics.

Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., 22069 Van Buren St., Grand Terrace, CA 92313, FAX (909) 783-3440.


VALULINE VER insert bearings can be utilized in conveyor rolls, conveyor pulls, bulk-material-handling products, papermaking machinery, web printing presses, unit-handling equipment, textile machinery, and a wide range of other industrial products. The VER line is available in a complete range of sizes from 1/2 to 33/16 inches.

Emerson Power Transmission Corp., 620 S. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY 14850.


Stainless-steel PEM(R) self-clinching fasteners offer corrosion resistance for components subject to adverse environmental conditions. The fasteners install easily by using any standard press; enable secure and permanent attachment; and provide threads in thin metal sheets, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Available in a range of types and thread sizes they are suited for applications such the assembly of medical equipment and electronics.

Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp., Box 1000, Danboro, PA 18916, FAX (215) 766-0143.

Touch screen

Color, flat-panel touch-screen interface is for the Machine-WorksTM machine control system. The touch screen, TS-3200-FP, features a high-luminance, 10.4-inch active-matrix screen with wide viewing angles for displaying the MachineWorks interface, which is used to control motion and I/O, and to develop machine operation. The NEMA 4 rated TS-3200-FP can be used in several ways including mounted in an enclosure, placed on a swing arm, or detached and used as a portable unit.

Berkeley Process Control Inc., 1003 Canal Blvd., Richmond, CA 94804, FAX (510) 236-1186.

Power supplies

The ISP200 and ISP300 are low-cost, efficient, 75V dc, unregulated switching power supplies capable of delivering 2.0 or 4.0A of continuous current with peak output power of 200/300W. The units provide high performance power to dc servo motors and other inductive loads, such as stepping motors. The lightweight, compact packaging and small footprint of the ISP200 (3.9 x 4.0 x 1.5 inches) and the ISP300 (4.4 x 4.0 x 1.6) permit easy integration of the power supply into the end-product equipment.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., 370 N. Main St., Marlborough, CT 06447, FAX (860) 295-6107.


FLUENT/UNS 4.0 and RAMPANT 4.0 are unstructured solution-adaptive computational fluid-dynamics software packages. The new releases are the first CFD codes to combine unstructured mesh and solution-based mesh adaption capabilities with sophisticated physical models. The software supports 2- and 3-D flow simulations, including steady or unsteady flow with heat transfer, combustion, radiation, discrete particle trajectory modeling, and turbulence models. Fans, blowers, and pumps can be simulated using one of several models for rotating flow analysis. A complete material property database simplifies model creation and user-defined functions allow customization of properties, boundary conditions, and basic transport equations.

Fluent Inc., 10 Cavendish Court, Lebanon, NH 03766, FAX (603) 643-3967.

Telephone simulator

SM-900 telephone central-office simulator bridges the gap between telephone office simulators and full emulation systems. The SM-900 gives the user the choice of many dial codes to choose call-progress tones at various frequencies and levels, including SIT tones, coin tones, ringing patterns to the other line, winks, line voltages, and caller I.D. By entering a simple dial-code sequence the user's equipment is connected to the appropriate telephone system response.

Dianatek Corp., Box 616, North Sutton, NH 03260, FAX (603) 927-4715.

PVC hose

NYLOBRADE braided reinforced PVC hose is produced and stocked for same-day shipment in three wall thicknesses. Built to handle pressure, the hose is suitable for applications that involve air, water, food and beverage, chemicals, instrumentation, pneumatics, low-pressure hydraulics, spray systems, fuels, or oils. NYLOBRADE is made from non-toxic, FDA-approved ingredients. It is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51); will not transfer an odor or taste; and is constructed of an open-mesh polyester braid fused between walls of crystal-clear PVC, providing for visual contact with the material flowing through it.

NewAge Industries Inc., Plastics Technology Group, Box K, Willow Grove, PA 19090, FAX (215) 657-6594.

A/D system

DSPA64/DSPHLF A/D system is comprised of the DSPA64 and DSPHLF boards. This combination makes a complete system for A/D acquisition and processing. Sitting outside the PC, the DSPA64 card features a high-resolution 16-bit A/D converter and a 64-channel programmable multiplexer array. Sampling at aggregate rates up to 138 kHz, all DSPA64 inputs are differential and buffered through a low-noise precision instrumentation amplifier. In addition, overall gain and amplitude limits can be user set by resistors, with nominal values of 1.0 and plus or minus 2.75V. Connected by a 16-conductor ribbon cable, the DSP A64 communicates all of its acquired data in serial digital format to the DSPHLF card installed inside the PC.

Symmetric Research, 15 Central Way, Suite 9, Kirkland, WA 98033.

Assembly tool

Tool for automating tube nut assemblies provides for easy, direct-straight-forward and direct-reverse movements on and off hex nuts. Mounting on a slide rail, actuation causes the tool to immediately slide forward, engaging the tube nut. Then the driver quickly runs down the threads and sets final end torque with accuracy and precision. Instantly, the tool retracts, making it ready for the next assembly.

Dynamic Aerospace Tools Co., 1750 30th St., Suite 432, Boulder, CO 80301.


F06180 6-mm tactile dome enhances the feel of remotes and other hand-held electronic devices. It is a four-legged momentary switch that, when used with a pc board, becomes a normally open tactile switch. It will accommodate those applications that require an extensive amount of feedback, along with an attenuated contact life. The domes are placed on a pc board by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

Snaptron Inc., 2468 East 9th St., Loveland, CO 80537, FAX (970) 667-6261.


A combination of a number of valves commonly used in pneumatic load-holding circuits help reduce costs and simplify circuit design. Load-holding circuits may contain a pilot-operated check with a flow control at the cylinder. By combining these valves in one block, extra fittings, tubing, and installation time are reduced, simplifying circuit design and removing potential leakage points. Manual release and lockout are also available for slowly releasing trapped air without having to remove a fitting, and for protection against accidental release.

NGT, Box 5223, Elm Grove, WI 53122, FAX (414) 782-0197.

Power supply

Power-supply module provides an isolated 24V dc, 1A source from 120V ac mains, with auto-reset output overload protection. Designed for DIN rail mounting, the WT-PWR-W2R Series eliminates the need for fuse replacement. It will automatically restore normal operation after fault condition is corrected and power reapplied. A green LED indicates normal operation while a red LED indicates the presence of an overload condition. The minimum continuous current at which trip will occur is 2.2A with a 45 second trip delay.

Wieland Inc., 49 International Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425.

Pressure transducers

Series 21 industrial pressure transducers are for corrosive liquids, refrigerant gases, compressor pressures, and hydraulic systems. Available in standard pressure ranges from 100 through 8,000 psi, these transducers feature all 316 stainless-steel wetted surfaces and welded construction. Operating from unregulated dc supply, they provide standard outputs including both voltage and current-loop versions.

Keller PSI Inc., 503 Vista Bella, Suite 11, Oceanside, CA 92057, FAX (619) 967-0563.

Molded components and tools

Proprietary, small, interchangeable Hetero-Cavity custom tools and molded components are available. Custom, production tooling and parts are designed, engineered, and supplied in less time and cost than conventional molding. Conventional custom molding is also offered to satisfy larger part requirements, and secondary operations for decorative and mechanical operations.

Security Plastics Inc., Box 4723, Miami Lakes, FL 33014.

Test stand

Model BG-1 Micro-Dilution test stand satisfies all ISO 8178-1 requirements for equivalency testing as compared against USEPA "full-dilution" test systems operated on a steady-state basis. The unit is categorized under 8178-1 as a "mass-flow-controlled" device and utilizes a Caterpillar-patented dilution chamber design and digital mass-flow controllers for dilution ration control and flow quantification. All flow controllers and sampling functions are software controlled for ease of use as well as for enhanced data quality. Sampling time ranges from two to five minutes for a 2-mg-net sample mass depending on engine-particulate output.

Sierra Instruments Inc., 5 Harris Court, Bldg. L, Monterey, CA 93940, FAX (408) 373-4402.

Cable assemblies

Prewired cable harnesses speed up manufacturing and facilitate on-site installation, testing, and start-up. Standard or custom cable assemblies from a prototype to a production run, with circular, rectangular, or electronic connectors, can be assembled to user specifications. Connectors range from 3 to 280 positions, up to 660V 80A; have crimp, solder, or screw terminations; and are UL CSA recognized.

Contact Electronics Inc., 30 Plymouth St., Fairfield, NJ 07004, FAX (201) 575-7208.


Modular LightlineTM provides intense, uniform lighting for industrial web inspection applications. These turn-key illumination systems provide lighting for line-scan camera-based systems that inspect rolled metals, textiles, paper, films, plastics, and similar materials. The product provides high output which means faster web speeds and can be manufactured in long lengths to cover webs more than 80 inches in length. The rugged design is completely enclosed and sealed, and can be positioned 24 inches from the web.

Illumination Technologies Inc., 5 Adler Dr., East Syracuse, NY 13057, FAX (315) 463-1401.

Heat exchangers

Super-clean, reliable, compact, liquid-to-air steel-tubed heat exchangers are for cooling semiconductor manufacturing equipment, test equipment, electronics, industrial furnaces and ovens, and medical and industrial lasers. Available from stock, the 730 Series heat exchangers are manufactured to computer-grade reliability standards. Tubing and manifold circuitry are constructed of 316L stainless steel which is mechanically bonded to corrugated copper fins. The frames for each 730 Series product are fabricated aluminum with gold-irridite finish, complete with fan plenum and mounting fixtures.

Thermatron Engineering Inc., 300 Cummings Center, Suite 232C, Beverly, MA 01915, FAX (508) 922-1687.

Ball screws

Telescoping "multi-extend" ball screws solve the difficult tight-space linear actuation problems where pneumatic and hydraulic actuators present bulk and cost restraints. In addition, they offer high strength-to-weight ratios. Inch-size combinations for two right-hand screws, for example, range from a 0.500 diameter x 0.200 lead inside a 0.875 x 0.200 to a 2.250 x 1.000 inside a 4.000 x 1.000. Extended lengths for two screws can be 16 ft., for three screws, 24 ft.

Thomson Saginaw Ball Screw Co. LLC, 628

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