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October 20, 1997

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Product news

Linear guideway

Ball monorail is for applications including general automation, pick and place, semiconductor wafer handling, wood working, and machine tools. The monorail is available in six sizes, including 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 45, and four carriage types. The monorail BM's carriage runs on a trapezoidal rail profile and is a unitized design, which means there are a minimum number of components. The front plates incorporate a lubrication distribution system that channels lubricant to the various recirculating ball areas.
Schneeberger Inc., 11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730, FAX (617) 275-4749.


The Varitrak Series S carrier is for adverse applications where cyclic motion of cable and hose requires protection from constant flexing and abrasion and offers immunity to production problems caused by failed power and control wiring. This steel cable and hose carrier series withstands hostile environments including "red hot" debris, metal chips, dirt, grit, salt water, and high-humidity applications.
KabelSchlepp America, 7100 W. Marcia Rd., Milwaukee, WI 55223, FAX (414) 354-1900.

Air conditioners

ProAirTM CR23, CR29, and CR43 air conditioners are rated UL50 for use with NEMA-type 12 or 4/4X enclosures. Air conditioners withstand harsh industrial environments and corrosive, outdoor, or washdown situations. The line is offered in both sheet-metal or stainless-steel housings to afford varying degrees of protection. The internal and external air-circulation systems operate independently, thereby maintaining the integrity of the enclosure by keeping out ambient contaminates.
McLean Midwest, 11611 Business Park Blvd. N., Champlin, MN 55316, FAX (612) 576-3200.


Huco-Flex B stainless-steel bellows couplers combine high torsional stiffness with axial compliance. The couplers' symmetrical design enables them to operate at high speeds. The all-metal coupler design is available in three standard configurations: short, long, and stretched..
Huco Engineering Industries Ltd., 70 Mitchell Blvd., Suite 201, San Rafael, CA 95903.


The ST-C461 rack-mount computer for industrial applications features a Pentium single-board computer and multi-bus capability. The ST-C461 is rated at the front panel for NEMA 4/12 applications and is available with a 13.8-inch XGA AM TFT color LCD with resistive touch screen. The computer also features 256K L2 pipeline burst mode cache, up to 64 Mbytes of fast EDO DRAM, and a solid-state disk or hard-drive option.
Lucas Control Systems, Deeco Systems, 31047 Genstar Rd., Hayward, CA 94554, FAX (510) 489-3500.


DCC-Post(R) connectors terminate the steering wheel cassettes of European automotive manufacturers. The connectors incorporate both 2.54-mm pitch gold-plated contacts to meet the low-resistance requirements for the passenger-side airbag and 1.27-mm pitch DCC(R) terminations for the other electrical signals. The use of the custom DCC-Post connector terminates the FFC.
Miraco Inc., 9 Pittsburgh Ave., Nashua, NH 03062, FAX (603) 882-7388.


Working Model(R) 3D 2.0 software offers simulation speed increases of more than 20 times. The software also offers an advanced user interface. An object manager enables one to edit, organize, and manage various assembly objects
Knowledge Revolution, Working Model Inc. Div., 66 Bovet Rd., Suite 200, San Mateo, CA 94402.

Marking system

The InstMark Insignia laser marking product line marks 1-mm high characters at greater than 80 linear inches per second. Galvometer and steering control systems allow marking accuracy of 0.001 inch throughout a 12 x 12- inch2 marking field. The laser marking head is sealed at the factory and requires no optics cleaning, mirror replacement, Q-switch cleaning, and optics or q-switch realignment. A laser-cavity design eliminates maintenance and reduces the volume of the laser head from 40 to 27 inches.
Control Laser Corp., 7503 Chancellor Dr., Orlando, FL., 32809, FAX (407) 851-2720.

Rotary union

Airflex RT triple-passage RotorsealsTM simultaneously transfer three different fluids into or out of machinery through a rotating shaft or body. The RT Rotorseal has two 1-inch and one 0.5-inch diameter passageways, and is available in a standard cast-iron shaft design or a corrosion-resistant model with a brass shaft. These heavy-duty units are for the in-and-out passage of fluids to control water-cooled clutches or brakes. Other applications include the transmittal of cutting fluid to machine tools, lubrication of shaft-mounted components, and circulation of water or oil for cooling systems.
Eaton Corp., Airflex Div., 9919 Clinton Rd., Cleveland, OH 44144, FAX (216) 281-3890.

Forming techniques

Advanced forming techniques produce seamless vessels, tubing, liners, cones, skirts, and nozzles from refractory and reactive metals including tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, zirconium, vanadium, and their alloys. The company incorporates a combination of deep-draw, spinning, and machining processes to produce high-quality formed parts with wall thicknesses from 0.003 inches and up, and height-to-diameter ratios of more than 20:1.
B-J Enterprises Inc., 173 Queen Ave. S.E., Albany, OR 97321, FAX (541) 928-0596.


SMTelecom surface-mount fuse complies with UL 1459 and UL 1950 third-edition power-cross requirements. Suitable for the telecommunications industry, the fuse protects all phone-line-connected equipment against current surges resulting from power cross, power induction, and lightning strikes. The SMT fuse withstands lightning surges, permitting equipment to conform to Bellcore GR-1089-COR and FCC part 68 standards. Applications include modems, fax machines, desktop telephones, answering machines, and line cards.
Littelfuse Inc., 800 East Northwest Hwy., Des Plaines, IL 60016, FAX (847) 391-0894.

Integrated products

Dynamic Viewer and Dynamic Conferencing technology are integrated into WorkManager and SolidDesigner products. The co-creative design process is controlled by the WorkManager product data management and workflow management solution. Integration of Dynamic Viewer and Dynamic Conferencing with the WorkManager software allows users to view their models while accessing the databases.
Co-Create Inc., 3801 Automation Way, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Metal Detector

Model IV E-Z Tec MPC (Micro Processor Control) Metal Detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous particles. An angled nine-button touch panel provides easy control and viewing. Features include 1,000 phase-setting points; a three-level, four-digit security code; and a compact cabinet design for installation flexibility. The digital screen has real-time, alpha-numeric displays of all preset functions and reject occurrences and, for security purposes, records the date and time of changes to preset settings.
Eriez Magnetics, Box 10608, Erie, PA 16514, FAX (814) 835-6000.


Fiber-optic focusing assemblies allow for light collection and conditioning for applications including video inspection and machine vision. The assemblies feature rugged aluminum housings, high-quality glass optics, and optimum throughout. Three focusing assemblies are available, which feature 22.5-, 40-, and 25-mm focal lengths.
Edmund Scientific Co., Industrial Optics Div., Dept. B971, N999 Edscorp Bldg., Barrington, NJ 08007, FAX (609) 573-6295.

Resistor network

Series 753 in-line surface-mount resistor network features a termination pitch of 0.025 inch. In a bussed resistor configuration, the Series network allows two times as many resistors per area compared to discrete 0603 size chip resistors. Measuring 0.080 inch across the width, a 24-pad device with 22 bussed resistors provides up to 800 resistors per square inch. The series can be used for applications requiring a multilayer pc board.
CTS Resistor Networks, 406 Parr Rd., Berne, IN 46711, FAX (219) 589-3243.

Software tool

The Concept Smart Machine Suite software tool cuts the amount of logic needed by as much as 60% by eliminating the diagnostics programming. In addition, the suite automatically captures and displays production and process analysis information.
Schneider Automation Inc., 1 High St., North Andover, MA 01845, FAX (508) 975-9400.


Premium-grade barbed connectors are for instrument applications. They feature a sharp barb without a parting line, eliminating the possibility of flash or mold mismatch that may provide a leak path causing the fitting to fail. Connectors are made from 100% virgin material traceable to a lot number, and are available for 1/16-, 3/32-, 5/32-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch internal tubing diameters.
Ark-Plas Products Inc., Hwy. 178 N., Flippin, AR 72634, FAX (870) 453-2567.

Cords and cordsets

North American cords and cordsets are manufactured with the IEC 320 C-13 connector in straight and all four angles. These cords and cordsets are UL Listed, CSA Certified, and are available with SVT 18/3, SJT 18/3, 16/3, and 14/3 cordage. Depending on cordage used, the cords and cordsets are rated for service up to 15A at 125V ac. All plugs and connectors use a double-shot molding feature which encapsulates the crimp connections before they are over- molded in PVC. This eliminates any possibility that an uncrimped strand will protrude through the PVC and cause a shock after molding.
Panel Components Corp., Box 115, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, FAX (515) 673-5100.

Automation devices

AutoLog 2000 Series logic controllers contain an industrial computer. The AutoLog 2000 FCS is a set of automation devices based on the open-system concept. Rooms are integrated with logic functions eliminating the need for separate control-room software, bus configuration, or logic software tools. Features include TCP/IP support, online programming, and field bus interfaces, as well as Ethernet, Token Ring, and Arcnet industrial-network interfaces for rapid data communication. Programming is carried out with the IEC 1131-3 structured language 4GL, GRAFCET, or ANSI C.
FF-Automation Ltd., Kierretie 20, 01650 Vantaa, Finland, FAX +358 9 852 4707.

Measurement system

The Heise(R) ST modular-pressure and temperature-measurement system uses interchangeable Quick-SelectTM modules to maximize flexibility. The Quick-Select modules can be used with the ST system for in-plant activities and with the PTE-1 calibrator for in-field testing. Configurations for bench-top, portable, and panel-mount applications are available.
Dresser Instrument Div., 250 E. Main St., Stratford, CT 06497, FAX (203) 426-4349.

Nuclear imaging device

Vertex Plus nuclear imaging device features arching forms that create a design language that integrates the various remote components of the product into a cohesive, unified system. An arched collimator stand allows the technician to slide the filters from the closet onto the platform. The design of the Vertex carrier enhances the aesthetic theme and provides for ergonomic control during construction.
Studio Red, 115 Independence Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025, FAX (415) 324-2112.

Vacuum check modules

VactrapTM vacuum check valve and blow-off module prevents loss of load after interruption of vacuum supply. The module provides indefinite hold times without additional vacuum supply and features a two-piece anodized aluminum assembly. The module is not affected by a change in altitude and can securely hold non-porous components such as glass, metal, or plastic laminate regardless of the module's position within the work envelope.
Electro Pneumatic Innovations Inc., 22781 Heslip Dr., Novi, MI 48375, FAX (248) 348-8490.


Membrane switch assemblies feature combinations of materials and design options. Depending on the design and end-user application, various graphic overlay materials such as polycarbonate, polyester, special blended films, and laminated overlays can be selected. FlexTouchTM membrane switches can be designed in numerous shapes, sizes, and layouts.
Silver Cloud Mfg. Co., 525 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332, FAX (609) 825-8969.

Terminal blocks

The 8276 Series of modular pc-board terminal blocks are available in feed-through, mini-fuse, and disconnect versions. Compact in design, the 8276 Series of blocks interlock to form a continuous strip. They can be furnished in bulk or factory-assembled in any combination and any number of poles. Two pins per block, for 5.08-mm pin spacing, provide optimum joint strength while preventing the solder joint from being stressed.
Wieland Inc., 49 International Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425, FAX (910) 259-3691.


The PN Series of alternate-action pushbutton switches feature a bifurcated wiping contact design and are available in SPDT, DPDT, and 4PDT models with momentary and locking functions. The switches are available in shorting and non-shorting contacts, and their contact rating is 0.2A at 30V dc maximum. Applications include use with computers, modems, disk drives, printers, test and measurement equipment, and automotive.
C&K Components Inc., 57 Stanley Ave., Watertown, MA 02172, FAX (617) 926-6846.

Retaining rings

RotorClips(R) retaining rings are available in ANSI sizes from 1/25-inch to 35 inches. Constant section retaining rings, the latest addition to the Rotor Clip line, are available in inch and metric sizes featuring many of the popular cutoff styles used by industry today.
Rotor Clip Co. Inc., 187 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08875, FAX (908) 469-7898.


MetCamTM high-strength fasteners meet property classes 8.8 and 9.8 without subsuquent heat-treat operations. The fasteners are manufactured from a low-carbon steel which work-hardens during the cold-forming process. A short heat-aging process eliminates the cost of heat treatment, reduces manufacturing time, and helps eliminate bending of long parts which can occur during heat-treat operations. MetCam fasteners are available in thread sizes from M5 to M12 and lengths of 20 to 150 mm.
CamcarTextron, Camcar Div. of Textron, 516 Eighteenth Ave., Rockford, IL 61104, FAX (815) 961-5345.


A-max 26-mm diameter motors feature a rhombic moving-coil design for long life, low electrical noise, fast acceleration, and high efficiency. The ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and simple accurate control. Available with either precious-metal or graphite brushes, the power rating ranges from 4 to 11W, and the motor is available either with a single or passing shaft.
Maxon Precision Motors Inc., 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010, FAX (415) 697-2887.


SABRETM power connector system carries up to 18A per circuit and can be used in office equipment, workstations, telecommunications, power supply, aftermarket automotive, and appliance applications. The SABRE has a Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) design that eliminates a secondary plastic piece. A dual truss-style locking device on the female terminal provides dependable primary retention of the terminal in the housing.
Molex Inc., 2222 Wellington Ct., Lisle, IL 60532, FAX (630) 969-1352.


The RE Series of mechanical encoders is suitable for use in audio, medical, appliance, test and measurement, and automotive equipment. The series features a rugged construction and snap-in brackets, and offers numerous rotational torque specifications, allowing users to match a particular feel to their specific application requirements. The encoders are available with a variety of output signals including 2-, 4-, and 5-bit, with or without detented positions.
Noble U.S.A. Inc., 5450 Meadowbrook Industrial Ct., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, FAX (847) 364-6045.


The escap(R) P850 is a high-accuracy microstepper that incorporates a patented disc-magnet design, providing repeatable resolution for 100,000 steps per revolution with inertial loads. Absolute accuracy is within 3 arc-minutes of true position, and the P850 has a holding torque of 100 oz-inch with 4.6A and a 100W rating. This package measures 3.6 inches in diameterx2 inches in length and weighs 35 oz. The escap is suitable for applications including rapid start-stop and high-throughput automation where either direct-drive or leadscrew, belt, or gear drives are used.
Portescap U.S. Inc., 36 Central Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788, FAX (516) 234-3986.

Pendant arm

The COMPACTTM pendant arm Series 1 system provides operator flexibility and accessibility for smaller operator-interface drives. The pendant arm allows both horizontal and vertical positioning of small operator interface enclosures for operator comfort and safety. The series is made of lightweight aluminum and attaches to a machine or wall. An enclosure mounting plate can be rotated, tilted, and locked into the desired position, while a vertical-axis braking mechanism prevents "free fall" motion when locked.
Hoffman Engineering, 900 Ehlen Dr., Anoka, MN 55303, FAX (612) 942-6940.


RescorTM 901 alumina oxide adhesive and coating bonds, coats, and protects to 3,200F and is suitable for shop, laboratory, development, and production facility applications. Rescor is a composite of high-purity alumina oxide enhanced with ceramic fibers and particulates and contains no organic solvents or VOCs. The alumina oxide is formulated with specialty ceramic binders and will cure at room temperature to form a hard surface.
Cotronics Corp., 3379 Shore Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11235, FAX (718) 646-3028.


Cut-resistant braided oversleeving protects wire bundles, harnesses, tubing, and cable assemblies from mechanical damage and environmental hazards. The sleeving features an open-weave design for expendability and easy break-out of individual cables. This design also facilitates the inspection of sleeved components, and full cable flexibility is maintained in any direction, even at low temperatures.
Tally Inc., Box 517, Toms River, NJ 08754, FAX (908) 244-8843.

Relief valves

Relief valves perform as back pressure, bypass relief, and back-pressure regulator valves, and the molded corrosion-resistant valves protect equipment and systems against dangerous overpressures or sudden pressure surges. The valves also prevent pumps from "dead heading" due to unexpected shut-offs downstream as well as maintain necessary back pressure in closed-loop systems. These thermoplastic valves are available in designs including angle patterns with a molded Teflon shaft for smooth operation and in-line models which feature a rolling diaphragm that eliminates crystallization problems.
Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., 1384 Pompton Ave., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009, FAX (201) 256-4745.

Plier kit

Convertible plier kit is for installing/removing internal and external retaining rings. The kit contains 6 pliers which can be converted from internal to external and back again. The tools are available in both straight and 90-degree configurations that will fit retaining rings up to 2 inches in diameter, and are housed in a durable plastic case.
Rotor Clip Co. Inc., 187 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08875, FAX (908) 469-7898.


The 290 Series of expanders fits tubes from 1/2- to 11/2-inch O.D. and up to 22 gauge, and seals tube ends securely in condensers or heat-exchanger tube sheets. The expander is for OEMs who have consistent uniform expander needs.
Elliott Tool Technologies, Box 1165, Dayton, OH 45403, FAX (937) 253-9189.


Alpha Plus 330 Ultimate Center lathe incorporates automatic cycles and a 7.5 kW motor. The Alpha Plus 330 offers automatic cycles allowing use in one of four ways: manual, sequential, semi-, and fully automatic cycle operation. The fully automatic cycle offers added productivity for repetitive machining cycles by enabling the model's AlphaLink software to return automatically to the start position. With a swing-over-bed capacity of 330 mm, this lathe range can handle components measuring up to 330 mm in diamter.
T.S. Harrison & Sons, Box 20, Union St., Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, England WF16 OHN, FAX +44 01924 407285.

Conveyer system

The UVC-6-2 UV-curing conveyer system features high-intensity UV/visible light sources for the fast curing of adhesives, coatings, and sealants. The compact and slim design of this unit permits incorporation into new or existing automated assembly processes. The system's modular design features a 6-inch belt width, and the conveyer's complete length is 2 feet.
Dymax Corp., 51 Greenwoods Rd., Torrington, CT 06790.


The MP200 embedded controller features a 20-key tactile feedback controller, 4x20 LCD with LED backlight, optically isolated inputs, and SPDT relays or optically isolated ac/dc solid-state outputs. Applications include use with industrial machines and controls, monitoring systems, data loggers, smart motor controllers, and other OEM applications.
Micro-Bit Technology Inc., 2201 Midway Rd. #106, Carrollton, TX 75006, FAX (972) 386-9296.


Low-voltage electronic cables include fire alarm, security alarm, and data/electronic cables, and are for sound, access control, alarm, security, CCTV, and other communications applications. Features include sequential footage markings on the cable jacket, NEC Riser-ratings or above to meet stringent application conditions, and a ripcord underneath the jacket that provides for easy removal at installation.
Belden Wire & Cable Co., Box 1980, Richmond, IN 47375.


Multicell insertion heaters permit operation at process temperatures up to 2,050F. These extreme temperatures can be maintained uniformly across the heater due to multiple, independently controllable zones. Special bending capabilities and longer lengths allow for 40-ft reaches making it possible to keep leads away from heated zones. The multicell heater's radiant design also allows loose-fit insertion into the platen hole.
Watlow AOV, 4545 E. LaPalma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807, FAX (714) 777-9626.


Teflon solenoid valves, controls, and components range from subminiature to 1-inch line size. Applications include DNA/protein synthesizers, semiconductor process equipment, selection and dispensing of reagents in analyzers, and dispensing in chemical-plating equipment.
VALCOR Scientific, 2 Lawrence Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081, FAX (973) 467-9295.

Dust cover/magnetic shield

The one-unit, dual-function AD-MU dust cover/magnetic shield encloses both the shields and the entire weather radar display. This unit prevents CRT distortion, optimizes resolution, and minimizes positioning errors caused by the earth's magnetic field.
Ad-Vance Magnetics Inc., Box 69, Rochester, IN 46975, FAX (219) 223-2524.

Heat exchangers

BrazepakTM brazed-plate heat exchangers are for applications requiring high performance in a small size and offer high thermal efficiency while withstanding high pressures and temperatures. A brazing process bonds together 316 stainless-steel plates which feature a corrugated design for maximum turbulation and high heat transfer in a small surface area.
ITT Standard, Box 1102, Buffalo, NY 14240, FAX (716) 897-1777.


PPC2 single-board computers meet embedded-systems requirements and are available in four build levels in both air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions. In the extended shock test for the Level 4 rugged conduction-cooled PPC2, the computer successfully withstood half-sine shock pulses of 200g for 5 mS in three axes, two directions per axis, three pulses per direction for a total of 18 shock pulses; and a half-sine shock pulse of 400g for 1 mS in one axis, one direction for a total of three shock pulses.
Radstone Technology Corp., 50 Craig Rd., Montvale, NJ 07645, FAX (201) 391-2899.


High-temperature protective bellows for AccuGlideTM linear guides can withstand temperatures up to 500F. A metal clip secures the bellows to the carriage and the internal supports mirror the AccuGlide rail. Bellows are available for rail sizes 20 through 55 mm. The AccuGlide linear ball glides provide high-load capacity and rigidity in all directions, drop-in replacement for existing ball guides, and completely interchangeable carriages and rails in all accuracy classes and preloads.
Thomson Industries Inc., 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050, FAX (516) 883-9039.

Variable speed system

The high-power density FBL-II Series brushless dc speed-control system provides a high constant torque over a variable speed range from 300 to 3,000 rpm. These systems provide a maximum speed regulation of -3% at 3,000 rpm with a rated load. Two models, the FBL575A at 75W, and the FBL5120A at 120W provide continuous torques of 34.7 and 55.5 oz-inches respectively.
Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp., 2510 W. 237th St., Suite 102, Torrance, CA 90505, FAX (310) 325-4146.

Fastening system

The Mek-Lock Fastener(R) drive system is a patented and controlled fastening system that features a 3-D tamper-proof design as standard. The system can be custom "keyed" for specific applications and can provide more than a quarter-million head combinations. The system provides engineered design, aesthetics, torque capability, and flexibility for specialty bolting.
Mek-Lock Fasteners, 2965 E. Hillcrest Dr., Suite 304, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362, FAX (805) 495-2747.

Video cable

Underwater video cable improves cable flex life at significant underwater depths, and features a stranded #22 AWG center conductor, a solid Teflon dielectric insulation, and a Teflon jacket. Video equipment operators use the cable to provide the electrical connection between an underwater video camera and its control unit. The cable can also be used to distribute power to lighting, and pan and tilt.
WPI/Burton, Box 47062, Gardena, CA 90247, FAX (310) 532-0303.


The RD850/840 Series of paperless recorders replaces rolls of chart paper with a bright, high-resolution, backlighted LCD display. Data is recorded on removable 31/2-inch disks or PCMCIA memory cards equivalent to multiple rolls of recording paper. The user can directly transfer data to IBM-compatible PCs via an addressable RS485 or RS232 communication port, PCMCIA card, or disk.
OMEGA Engineering Inc., Box 4047, Stamford, CT 06907, FAX (203) 359-7700.


High-quality, water-cooled engines can run on gasoline, LP, or CNG in displacements from 1.3 to 4.2l . Ranging from 42 to 152.1 hp, five of the engine models are in-line, four-cylinder units, while the sixth is an in-line, six-cylinder engine. Engines are suitable for applications including scrubber/sweepers, aerial platforms, generator sets, and lift trucks.
Nissan Industrial Engine, 240 N. Prospect St., Marengo, IL 60152, FAX (815) 568-0179.


Relex 6.0 is a fully integrated software package incorporating reliability predictions per the Bellcore, mechanical, and MIL-HDBK-217 specifications, reliability block diagrams, failure mode and effects analysis, and maintainability predictions.
Relex Software Corp., 540 Pellis Rd., Greensburg, PA 15601, FAX (412) 836-8844.

Vacuum pads

Vacuum pads feature pad diameters of 2 to 200 mm; bellows and oval pad types; and nitrite, silicon, urethane, fluoric, and antistatic rubber and sponge-pad materials. An air-operated vacuum pump and custom-size vacuum pads are also available.
Pisco USA Inc., 2228 Landmeier Rd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, FAX (847) 427-1317.


A series of low-cost three- or four-decade synchro to BCD converter modules feature choice of scale factor and are 2.6x3.1x0.82 inches high. The converter modules are mounted on pc boards and converter synchro or resolver inputs of 11.8 or 90V, 400 Hz or 90V 60 Hz into three- or four-decade BCD data representing angle with an accuracy of plus or minus 6 or plus or minus 30 minutes of arc.
Computer Conversions Corp., 6 Dunton Ct., East Northport, NY 11731, FAX (516) 261-3308.

Stepping motors

Stepping motors are available in versions with explosion protection properties. The 3-phase stepping motor with 5.8 Nm and its synchronous 5.3 Nm motor conform to protection standard EExd IIC T4, which allows them to be used in hazardous situations such as operation in the chemical industry, varnishing systems, and printing machinery. A flameproof enclosure envelopes the motor, meeting the requirements of temperature class T4.
BERGER LAHR Motion Technology Inc., 41170 Joy Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170, FAX (313) 459-8622.


Ultra cylinders combine the advantages of a rolling diaphragm seal, a hardened steel shaft, and Class A linear ball bearings to provide virtually friction-free operation without lubrication. The cylinders are available in stroke ranges of 1.8 to 4.2 inches, and operate at plant air-supply pressures up to 145 psi, with effective pressure areas of 4 to 16 inches2. Custom diaphragm materials are available which allow operation at temperatures from -75 to 400F.
ControlAir Inc., 8 Columbia Dr., Amherst, NH 03031, FAX (603) 889-1844.


Series A and B universal serial-bus connectors feature a single USB port used for connecting peripheral devices, including those that use serial, parallel, keyboard, mice, or game ports. Peripheral devices are connected to the PC through the same connector, allowing a reduction of required PC slots. Features include plug and play, hot swapping capabilities, computer/telephony integration, and port consolidation. The units permit transfer rates up to 12 Mbytes/sec and support up to 127 devices.
HARTING Inc. of North America, 1370 Bowes Rd., Elgin, IL 60123, FAX (847) 741-8257.

Embedded controller

The SBC2000-188 embedded, multitasking, compiled Basic is a C programming language that is supported using a remote debugger, extensive libraries, or a C compiler. Downloading DOS applications involves invoking any terminal program to transfer the .EXE file into the onboard flash disk when using the ROMDOS option for this x86-compatible engine. Minimalist programmers can use the same terminal interface to load machine-code BIOS extensions directly into the Flash memory.
Vesta Technology Inc., 11465 W. I-70 Frontage Rd. N., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, FAX (303) 422-9800.


Piezoelectric and electromagnetic transducers are available in several mounting configurations and feature a clear and penetrating sound in addition to a low-current consumption. Applications include office equipment, communications equipment, home appliances, alarms, computers, and automotive and commercial vehicles.
North American Capacitor Co., 7545 Rockville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214, FAX (317) 273-2400.

Motion controller

The 1-8 axis PC-bus or stand-alone motion controller features a motion-controller card that can control up to 8 servo- or stepper-axes of motion and is provided complete with an integrated PC-bus or stand-alone chassis. The controllers also feature 32/64-bit floating point DSP at 50 MHz, a preemptive multi-tasker, a 50-microsecond servo update rate, and a programmable limit switch.
Acroloop Motion Control Systems Inc., 7801 Park Dr., Chanhassen, MN 55317, FAX (612) 474-7674.

Power supplies

Power supplies convert ac power voltage to dc control voltage and are available from 50 mA to 50A, with smoothed, linear, or switch-mode regulation. Surge-suppression modules are for solenoid valves, contactors, motors, and universal applications and feature Diode, Varistor, Z-Diode, and RC components.
Norstat Inc., 300 Roundhill Dr., Unit 4, Rockaway, NJ 07866, FAX (888) 667-7828.

Ball components

AMFLEX-S.A.F.E. ball components incorporate a floating ball that aligns itself up to 6 degrees to the angle of the part being machined, while maintaining precision height setting. The ball adjusts itself to draft angles and non-flat surfaces by virtue of a precision spherical seat which allows ease of movement under high loads, such as 1,800 to 22,500 lbs. depending on ball size. An O-ring incorporated into the housing insures that oil, cooling fluid, and dirt do not contaminate the ball seating area.
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., 2500 Latham St., Rockford, IL 61103, FAX (815) 962-6483.

Vaporizer/mixer system

The QM-packaged propane-air vaporizer/mixer system uses microcomputer/PLC technology to control and sequence the integrated vaporizer/venturi mixer. The QM produces an alternate fuel capable of replacing or supplementing natural gas. The system is a combination of a gas-fired water bath vaporizer and an atmospheric venturi mixer.
Sam Dick Industries, Box 70498, Seattle, WA 98107, FAX (206) 789-5414.

System boards

The P5T30-B4 baby AT system boards are based on the 430TX chipset and are from mainboards that support high-performance microprocessors. Features include four 72-pin SIMM sockets and two DIMM sockets for support of up to 512 Mbytes of RAM, plus four 32-bit PCI-compatible expansion slots, and three 16-bit ISA slots.
Tekram Technology, 46712 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538, FAX (510) 353-6089.


The Model CR10 circular-chart recorder measures, indicates, and records temperature and humidity or temperature and dew point on 8-inch diameter chart paper. Thermistor measures temperature with plus or minus 1.8F accuracy while the thin-film capacitor measures 0 to 95% relative humidity with plus or minus 2 to 3% accuracy. Model CR10 includes paper, pens, foot stands, ac adapter, and instruction manual.
Dwyer Instruments Inc., Box 373, Michigan City, IN 46361, FAX (219) 872-9057.

Harness mount system

Wire-harness mounting system is for high-volume harness manufacturing operations found in transportation, appliance, consumer electronics, and office equipment industries. Components of the system replace metal and plastic clips taped to the harness after construction. The tie harness-mount components are integrated into the harness construction process using cable ties to secure the mount to the harness. Ties can be hand-installed using hand or pneumatic-operated cable-tie tooling.
Panduit Corp., 17301 Ridgeland Ave., Tinley Park, IL 60477, FAX (708) 532-1811.

Test systems

Variable-speed motorized digital test systems work with accessories for tensile or compression testing and are used to perform a variety of ASTM tests. Models are available with capacities of up to 5,000 lbs, and test systems include a 0.5% accuracy digital force system with an S-block load cell.
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., 625 E. Bunker Ct., Vernon Hills, IL 60061.

Bar-code reader

Part No. OTR480 single-channel bar-code reader features high resolution, and custom apertures are available. The series features a red or infrared emitter and a phototransistor in a single plastic housing. Applications include card readers, medical diagnostic analyzers, and indexing and encoding.
Opto Technology Inc., 562 Chaddick Dr., Wheeling, IL, 60090 FAX (847) 537-4785.

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