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December 4, 1995

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Power Transmission & Motion Control

Gearmotor fits in small spaces

0816 Series 8-mm diameter motors with matching planetary gearheads meet the increasing demand for very small actuator packages capable of doing the work of larger, more conventional motors. The motors are available in 3-, 6-, and 8V dc versions and are capable of output power up to 0.18W and stall torques of up to 0.06 oz-in. Mating planetary gearheads with ratios from 4:1 to 4,096:1 afford maximum output torques to 8.5 oz-in continuous, and up to 120 oz-in intermittent with gearhead efficiencies of up to 90%. Six different ratios are currently available. Both the motors and gearheads come standard with sintered bearings, and offer optional ball bearings. No-load motor speeds range from 15,800 to 17,800 rpm depending on coil version.
MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 34622, FAX (813) 573-5918

Motor increases power

LFC-S is a three-phase, sinusoidal linear motor that provides a significant increase in power to yield direct improvements in moving greater mass at higher acceleration rates. The motor performance is coupled with improved magnet technology that increases peak and continuous force. The LFC-A measures 260- x 537- x 52-mm.
Anorad Corp. 110 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788, FAX (516) 435-1612

Blower offers higher efficiency

Combustion air blower combines a backward-curved design with an economical shaded-pole motor design for higher efficiency. A static tap ensures correct operation of the blower. The blower is encased in a corrosive-resistant polypropylene housing designed to stop vibration transmission. The housing has rain gutters built-in to collect condensate. The drains then eliminate condensate from the flue pipe and housing. A completely sealed system prevents acidic condensate leakage.
Fasco Motors Group, Box 548, Cassville, MO 65625, FAX (417) 847-8219

Monorail guideways simplify dimensioning

Type MZ monorail guideways with rollers have a combination linear guideway with integral rack-drive mechanism. They have a high-load carrying capacity, and enable easy installation since the rack drive is integral and therefore already align-ed. The guideways also feature simplified dimensioning and support structure design. MZ units are available in sizes 25, 35, 45, and 55. Dynamic load capacities range from 13,850 to 65,950 newtons per carriage. Maximum velocity is 3 m/sec. Single rail lengths are available up to 1.5m, and rails may be mounted together to attain longer continuous lengths.
Schneeberger Inc.,11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730, FAX (617) 275-4749

Rollers eliminate noise and wear

TAPERHEX(TM) conveyor rollers feature spring-loaded, tapered-hex shafts at both ends that lock into side-frame mounting holes. The rollers eliminate noise and wear as the shafts self-adjust to eliminate movement between shaft and frame, in any direction. The rollers are for new or existing powered conveyor systems used in applications such as food processing, beverage and bottling, warehouse and distribution centers, and assembly lines. The rollers "pop" into the conveyor side frame, the same as conventional spring-loaded rollers. The self-adjusting tapers will sear tightly, regardless of the condition of the mounting holes.
Interroll Corp., 3000 Corporate Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405, FAX (910) 392-3822

Conveyer provides automatic adjustment

QC3000 conveyor control features an onboard current sensor to maximize machine performance and efficiency without risking equipment overload. As the load increases the current beyond the predetermined current range on the process motor, the control automatically senses and adjusts the conveyor feed-rate to keep the process motor in the control range. This is accomplished by the servo control monitoring the current draw of the process motor and using this feedback to control the feed-rate to maintain the process motor in the control-current range.
Quantum Controls Inc., 1450 Park Court, Chanhassen, MN 55317, FAX (612) 474-7861

Power Take Off extends belt life

SP 314 SB-1 straddle bearing Power Take Off (PTO) allows the V-belt to wrap around the outside of the drive sheave, or to wrap around the sheave and to the inside of the housing. The sheave housing can be easily removed without disturbing the sheave location. The PTO features high-capacity straight roller bearings, improved side-load capacity, ball-bearing throwout collar, and optional shaft extension for auxiliary drives. It has no pilot bearing.
Twin Disc Inc., 1328 Racine St., Racine, WI 53403, FAX (414) 638-4480

Pulley reduces weight

Independently adjustable pulley eliminates traditional steering mechanisms, thus speeding adjustment, improving reliability, reducing weight, and freeing up valuable space. The design allows the user to steer a belt by adjusting the pulley without changing the pulley shaft's longitudinal axis. Multiple pulleys on a common shaft can be adjusted independently and, therefore, each belt steered independently. The pulley requires no lubrication and eliminates the expense of additional system-adjustment hardware such as shaft-end adjusting collars, pillow blocks, bearing slides, shims, yokes, pivots, and screws.
Belt Technologies Inc., Box 468, Agawam, MA 01001, FAX (413) 789-2786

Mirror mounts have high resolution

Ultima(TM) Series mirror mounts have a clear quadrant design (CQD(TM)), customer-retrofittable actuators, and high resolution. The series is for the orientation of beamsplitters, mirrors (1/2 to 2 inches), prisms, and other components in research and development, laboratory, and OEM applications. The CQD enables users to build optical systems with smaller geometries and reduced incident angles to minimize beam distortion. The mirror mounts allow the user to change actuators from new high-precision screws to micrometers, lockable actuators, or motor drives. 3/8-inch front- and 5/8-inch back-plates coupled with large diameter springs enhance the overall thermal and mechanical stability.
Newport Corp., 1791 Deere Ave., Irvine, CA 92714

Disc clutch/brake provides continuous service

WCB disc clutch/brake type units are pneumatically operated and externally cooled. They absorb and dissipate the high thermal loads associated with the most severe slip clutch or tension brake applications. Developed specifically for continuous slip service, the units have a dynamic coefficient of friction larger than their static coefficient of friction. WCB units are available in standard one- or two-disc designs, and in five sizes from 8 to 36 inches. Thermal capacities can reach 2,600 HP with torque up to 1,180,000 lb-in. A specially formulated friction material interfacing with a copper-alloy surface eliminates the stick-slip characteristic associated with ordinary frictional devices.
Eaton Corp., Airflex Div., 9919 Clinton Rd., Cleveland, OH 44144, FAX (216) 281-3890

Pulleys and belts offer high durability

PowerGrip GT pulleys and belts are for synchronous belt applications. They offer high durability, strong load-carrying capability, and reduced noise and vibration. The devices are available in 2- and 3-mm pitches in materials including aluminum, steel, and injection-molded plastic. Applications include office equipment; computer printers; plotters; and equipment for postage handling, data storage robotics, and medical diagnostics. PowerGrip GT drive systems offer increased tooth contact for up to 50% greater load-carrying capacity over trapezoidal timing devices. Fiberglas(TM) tensile cords wrapped in a durable neoprene body give them flexibility and increased service life.
York Industries, 303 Nassau Blvd., Garden City Park, NY 11040, FAX (516) 746-3741

Springs save die-set time

Hollow-rod nitrogen gas springs have an open cavity in the center that allows them to fit over die-set pins or shafts. The springs can be used as spring bolts in blanking dies, as return springs in cam units, in piercing dies in place of a stripper plate, or as shock absorbers. Applications include clutch and turret punch press tooling. The springs also can save die-set time on slap dies where the upper punch holder is not bolted to the ram of the press, but is supported and returned to the open position by gas springs. The recommended maximum stroke speed for hollow-rod nitrogen gas springs is 3.28 feet per second, and they perform well at rates of 20 to 40 strokes per minute. The maximum working temperature of the springs is 176F as measured on the spring body.
Associated Spring-Raymond, 1705 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, OH 43537, FAX (419) 891-9192

Drives provide continuous torque output

FX Series Positioning Servo Drives operate directly on-line with 380 to 460V ac power. Logic control is powered by a separate 96 to 264V ac power supply. Models FX-81000 and FX-8800 supply continuous torque output of 1,000 and 800 lb-in respectively. Peak torque is rated at double the continuous-torque rating. Top speed for both models is 2,250 rpm. FX Drives are completely self-contained units that incorporate the power supply, I/O lines, power amplifier, and motion controller into one package. These digital amplifiers are matched with low-inertia, brushless servo motors to provide a complete servo positioning system.
Emerson Electric Co./Emerson EMC, 1365 Park Rd., Chanhassen, MN 55317, FAX (612) 474-8711

Honorable Mention

Motor replaces many parts

The SmartMotor(TM) combines a controller, amplifier, encoder, PLC, network manager, and brushless dc servo motor. With this compact, fully programmable design, the SmartMotor replaces unnecessary burdens, such as potentiometers, internal wiring, DIP switches, and screw terminals. The motor is for use in automation, robotics, machine tools, semiconductor handling, pick-and-place, postal, medical, and packaging applications. Key features include closed-loop control; 12.5A peak current; 125 oz-in peak torque; and 32-bit position, velocity, and acceleration.
Animatics Corp., 3050 Tasman Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054, FAX (408) 748-8725.

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