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September 17, 2001

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Power Transmission & Motion Control


Patented NEMA gearheads are energy-efficient alternatives to conventional "cut gear" speed reducers. Each unit uses a "composite gear" (precision roller chain mounted on a disc to form a pin gear) in cycloidal, differential, and planetary design configurations. Operational features include compact aluminum cases, pin gear construction that permits force transmission in either direction, and gearhead reductions ranging from 3:1 to 595:1.

Gearing Solutions, www.gearingsolutions.com.

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Zero-backlash bellows and torque-limiting safety couplings are for digital servo drives, spindles, and tools operating at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. The outside conical hubs automatically quick-release when disassembling, resulting in more accurate manufacturing tolerances, improved bearing wear, and reduced downtime. Release set screws are also available.

Rimtec Corp., www.rimteccorporation.com.

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Shaft collars

Clamp-type shaft collars feature a solid flat and square working face that can be modified to function as a component mounting collar, seal, or hardened thrust-bearing race. The Accu-Clamp(TM) shaft collar combines a non-marring clamping section with a solid working face that is flat and square within 0.001 inch TIR, and can be machined or hardened. Designed to provide a basic platform that can be faced, turned, drilled, and tapped, the device can be provided with a keyway or an O-ring groove, and threaded to create a mounting surface for sprockets, pulleys, and other components.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp., www.staffordmfg.com.

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DEEPGROOVE(R) tooling for internal grooving consists of a DEEPGROOVE toolholder shank, head, and clamp, and is available for use with 2, 3, and 4-mm DEEPGROOVE inserts. The maximum depth into the bore for the tooling is 3 inches with a minimum bore diameter of 1 inch, and a .50 inch maximum depth of cut. The toolholder shank diameter is 1 inch, and has an elliptical shaped neck for extra strength and rigidity.

Kaiser Tool Co. Inc., www.thinbit.com.

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SCF Series Sub Micro Drives introduces a set-point control option. For process control applications where regulation of a process variable to a set point is important, the built-in PI regulator reportedly saves cost, space, and set-up time versus using a stand-alone controller to regulate the drive. Applications include pumps, fans, material feed conveyors, and rewind stands.

AC Technology Corp., www.actechdrives.com.

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SSW-04 and SSW-03 soft starters have been redesigned and are said to match the ruggedness and reliability of the company's motors. The product reduces mechanical stress and limits inrush current and voltage drops. Features include 16 to 1,400A and 230 to 575V input power supplies, an all-digital 16-bit microprocessor with keypad, and a built-in electronic overload relay. Applications include pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors.

WEG Electric Motors Corp, www.wegelectric.com.

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