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October 16, 2000

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Power Transmission & Motion Control


A complete family of small PWM servo amplifiers, designed specifically for semiconductor fabrication applications, these units are intended for space critical applications, saving panel space, and reducing overall costs. Most units have CE compliance and UL recognition. Various command signal interfaces are available including plus or minus 10V analog, direct PWM, or U-V signals. Modes of operation include current/torque, velocity, encoder, and tachometer.

Advanced Motion Controls

Ac-servo actuator

FFA series servo actuators combine Harmonic Drive(R)precision gearing with ac servo motors in a compact design. The series is available in five sizes from 20 to 58. It provides maximum output torques from 10 to 1,800 Nm and standard reduction ratios ranging from 50:1 to 160:1. They can reach a maximum output speed of 80 rpm. Typical applications for the actuators are in the fields of machine tools, or semiconductor manufacturing, as well as all kinds of automation and handling applications.

Harmonic Drive AG

Dual-axis motion controller

DMC-1425 two-axis motion controllers are designed to provide both RS232 and Ethernet communications links for easier, high speed, and long distance communications between any number of computer hardware devices. The DMC-1425 also supports the Modbus protocol for communication with I/O devices. And the 3.75x5 inch unit controls step- or servomotors, includes linear and circular interpolation for coordinated motion along two axes, and includes uncommitted digital inputs and outputs, and two uncommitted analog inputs.

Galil Motion Control


Three different AS-interface (AS-i) slaves to control three-phase motors are available. The Moviswitch port can turn a motor on and off and signal thermal overload. With the Movimot universal module, up to 7 rotational speeds and direction of rotation can be defined via AS-i. In another mode, a continuous ramp is adjustable in 255 steps. The master either transfers the data in a binary format without additional function block or according to the analog profile 7.1. The motor is directly mounted onto the frequency converter, which is fastened to the motor.

ifm electronic

Step gearmotor

This 35mm step motor with M gearhead, the PF35T-48 model, is designed to offer a smaller package size, 37 mm diameter, than previous models, while providing an increase in maximum allowable torque. An increase in the number of available gear ratios should allow speed and torque flexibility to meet most application needs. Because of the compact size, the company recommends it for medical, laboratory instrumentation, and computer peripheral applications.

Kollmorgen Motion Technologies


BPH model brushless servomotors have sinusoidal control for smooth operation, even at low speeds. They are said to offer 0.4 to 100 Nm toque at speeds of 1,500 to 8,000 rpm for machine tool applications, such as grinding and specialty operations. They also reportedly provide 1.3 to 38 Nm torque at 2,000 to 3,000 rpm for machines with direct motor-to-ballscrew coupling, and those where inertial loads vary according to use.

NUM Corp.

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