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Power Transmission & Motion Control 11454

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May 1, 2000

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Power Transmission & Motion Control

Miniature bearing

The company guarantees a fit-up of 0.0001 to 0.0003 inches clearance for its miniature instrument bearings for precise and smooth motion. Smoothness is assured by finishing the working surfaces of the bearings to better than 4 microinches. Precise positioning is enhanced with the virtual elimination of stick/slip by the bearings'low coefficient of dynamic friction. Available in 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch bore sizes.

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 944-1892; www.thomson.com.

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Motor-design software

SPEED(R)Software facilitates the design and set up process of nine common brushless permanent magnet motor types. Microsoft Windows(R)based software provides motor manufacturers and OEMs a quick-start design simulation platform. Using a Pentium 200 MHz personal computer or better, the program reportedly prompts users through static design, then output phase current, back emf, developed torque waveforms, and finally, dynamic design in just a few hours. Output is suitable for complex simulation software such as MATLAB, SABRE(R), EASY5, and SIMPLORER(R). Windows 95, 98, or NT connectivity allows users to interface with FEA programs such as MagSoft 2D(R)and MagSoft 3D(R)software for more detailed analysis and design procedures.

MOTORSOFT INC., Box 442, Lebanon, OH 45036; FAX (513) 934-4599.

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Mini controller

The RTC-3000 freestanding controller-amplifier measures 3.68 X 1.815 X 0.35 inches. It operates virtually any small brushed or brushless dc servo when connected to 24V dc power and programmed with a host utility. The complete stand-alone system is about the size of a credit card and includes a controller, amplifier, logic power supplies, and program interpreter with 32k of program memory and 32k of data storage. The RTC-3000 communicates with a PC or PLC over RS-232 or RS-485, and can multi-task between internal program and host commands. Designed for multi-axis applications, up to 120 RTC-3000s can be combined on a single RS-485 network.

Animatics, 3050 Tasman Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054; FAX (408) 748-8725.

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Motion control package

FlameMaster(R)Series, a broad line of servo products for welding and shape-cutting applications, consists of TorqueMaster(R)brush and brushless servomotors, DataTorque(R)encoders, and PowerMaster(R)amplifiers. Brushless and brush motors reportedly feature low cogging for position accuracy. With IP65 seals, the motors offer reliable performance in harsh environments. Continuous torque ratings range from 10 oz-inches to 450 lb-inches in frame sizes from 2 to 7.5 inches. Brush and brushless amplifiers designed with surface mount technology range from 800W modules to amplifiers that produce over 40 kW of peak power.

Cleveland Motion Controls - Torque Systems Div., 829A Middlesex Tpke., Billerica, MA 01821-3954; FAX (978) 667-4989.

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Planetary right-angle gearboxes

CONCURVE planetary right angle gearboxes incorporate larger, stronger teeth than standard involute gears. Three standard frame sizes offer continuous torque ratings of 300, 1,000, and 2,000 inch-lb. Peak torque ratings of up to 4,000 inch-lb are available, with a sound level of &70 dB at full-rated load and 3,000 rpm. Applications include medical, packaging, factory automation, and material feed equipment.

ITW Spiroid, 3700 W. Lake Ave., Glenview, IL 60025; FAX (847) 657-5098; www.itwspiroid.com.

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Low-voltage amplifier

Model SMB 815-8, a PWM dc servo amplifier drives dc brush or brushless motors of up to 8A continuous or 15A peak. Surface-mount technology provides high power density and a universal controller interface eases implementation. Two package configurations are available. A chassis-mount module provides easy multiaxis mounting into the machine builder's hardware, and a modular package allows wall mounting in harsh environments. All units feature adjustable RMS current limit, LED fault indicators, and set-up monitor points. Applications include small machine tools, positioning tables, conveyor systems, and robotics.

Servo Dynamics Corp., 21541 D Nordhoff St., Chatsworth, CA 91311; FAX (818) 718-6719; www.servodynamics.com.

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Microstepping drive

OEMZL reportedly provides a low cost, user friendly system that delivers high performance and reliability for single and multi-axis applications. OEMZL4, a packaged 4A-peak microstepping drive, incorporates two advanced damping technologies: Anti-Resonance and Electronic Viscosity(R)that reduce system resonance and ringing that usually accompanies quick moves. In combination with the 6K controller, up to 64 axes can be synchronized. The OEML6104 combines the OEMZL4 drive with the power of the 6000 family of controllers, and is compatible with many software development tools. In quantities of 100, the OEMZL4 drive is priced below $500.

Parker Hannifin - Compumotor, 5500 Business Park Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94928; FAX (707) 584-8015; www.compumotor.com.

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