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May 20, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Automation controller

The 5100 Series Blue Fusion(TM) automation controllers are designed to provide device connectivity and to support HTTP, XML, SOAP, and SMTP Web standards. The 5100 reportedly features a small-size DIN-rail-mountable controller with high-speed digital/analog I/O, servo and stepper motor control, and integral pluggable terminal blocks. Intended for space-constrained applications, it has six user-configurable module bays for CTC digital, motion, and analog modules. Control Technology, www.ctc-control.com. Enter 600

I/O cards

Two Zone Control I/O (ZCIO) cards are designed to extend embedded I/O capabilities for machine-embedded applications. Featuring 1799-ZCIOV (sinking output) and 1799-ZCIOB (sourcing output) modules, they offer a reduced depth profile, expanded internal memory, and the Zone Interlocking Protocol (ZIP) technology that stores data from four ZCIO cards on one card. Applications include robotics I/O, operator interface panels, packaging machines, and semiconductor uses. Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com. Enter 601


Ultrasonic motor firmware enables the company's controllers to provide optimum performance when used with Nanomotion's Brand LS2 Ultrasonic Motors. The firmware permits such special functions as anti-friction bias, deadband capture, and two sets of PID filters to help with point-to-point control of the ultrasonic motor. The modified firmware also reportedly holds the motor in a vibration-free mode, resulting in a significant reduction in settling time. Galil Motion Control, www.galilmc.com. Enter 602


The 16G88 Series of dc ironless-rotor motors are made with a 16 mm diameter, 4.5W continuous power rating, maximum shaft speed of 12,000 rpm, and 5 mNm maximum continuous output torque. Motors may be used in motorized devices with specific power-to-size ratios, such as robotic end-effectors or medical power tools. According to the company, without magnetic saturation effects, the motors will not incur power-wasting iron losses when driven at high peak torque levels. Portescap, www.portescap.com. Enter 603

Rotary table

Engineered as a compact, direct drive rotary table, the DRT-200 Rotary Stage eliminates the torque variations, gear wear, and backlash of typical rotary tables, according to the company. The compact size eases routing for vacuum/pneumatic lines and optical beam paths. Other features of the rotary table include 0.2 arc-second resolution, stiff 4 point contact ball bearings, acceleration up to 400 revolutions per sec2, and velocity up to six revolutions per second. Danaher Precision Systems, www.NEAT.com. Enter 604


The company's line of Turbo UMAC (3U format) high-performance machine controllers include digital and analog interfaces, reportedly designed for accurate contouring operations and improved control with high-speed machining. Powered by Motorola's 563xx Series digital signal processor, the machine control system allows for communication with the Turbo CPU board, due to the enclosed 3U rack. Delta Tau Data Systems, www.deltatau.com. Enter 605

Expansion module

Made for the expansion and distribution of I/Os, the HSSI (High-Speed Synchronous Serial Interface)-I016 Module includes 16 opto-isolated sink/source configurable inputs and 16 opto-isolated outputs with overload protection. The module also features LED indicators for input/output status, DIN rail or surface mounting, and ACSPL+ or C libraries for programming. ACS-Tech80, www.acs-tech80.com. Enter 606


The GYROMAX(R) Endurodrive includes reportedly higher overhung load capabilities in a compact design with ratios up to 87:1. Made specifically for overhead conveyor applications, the drive may be used in the warehousing, food processing, and automotive industries. According to the company, the mounting and output shaft dimensions are equivalent to industry standards. Shimpo Drives Inc., www.shimpoinst.com. Enter 607

HVAC drive

The Class 8839 ECONO-flex(TM) Type 3R drive, intended for commercial and industrial HVAC and pump applications, includes bottom conduit entries made to reduce installation time, and a thermal management system that allows for equipment operation in -10 to 50C temperatures. The drive offers HVAC variable torque operation, as well as HVAC controls and interface connection. Square D, www.SquareD.com. Enter 608

Stall detection feature

The Stepping Motor Cube(TM) with DeviceNet(TM) features a sensorless stall detection system that reportedly eliminates the need for encoders, cables, and complex programming. According to the company, the system verifies if the motor is in motion and then signals a stall mode and alerts the controller. The stall detection algorithm may be adjusted with stall velocity threshold, stall sensitivity, and bus voltage parameters. Whedco Inc., www.whedco.com. Enter 609


The SYSDRIVE JV series ac inverter features a digital operator with a face-mounted speed potentiometer that enables the inverter to be started when the power is applied. LEDs make for easy programming, and the inverter's five-inch height size allows it to be mounted on a DIN-rail bracket or used for small motor control. Applications include fans, pumps, conveyors, mixers, blowers, and compressors. Omron Electronics Inc.www.omron.com. Enter 610

Lead-screw assemblies

Intended for linear displacement applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, these lead-screw assemblies have a self-adjusted, patented, preloaded nut to minimize misalignment and backlash, improving repeatability. Installation is reportedly simplified and manufacturing and assembly time is reduced with precision mounting brackets and motor brackets. Universal Thread Grinding, www.universal-thread.com. Enter 611

Motor drivers

The IB462 and IB463 bipolar stepping motor drivers combine 160W output power in a smaller-than-3-in3 package and 230W output power in a larger-than-3.6 in3 package, respectively. According to the company, the drives are available with either full or half step and up to 40 kHz step clock rate. Applications for the drivers include PC board mounting and frame/chassis mounting. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., www.imshome.com. Enter 612

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