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August 25, 1997

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Plastics, Metals and other materials


ZTA-96 is a zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic that offers wear and corrosion resistance, high strength, and toughness. ZTA-96 components can be manufactured to precision tolerances and finishes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Other features: Vickers hardness of 1,750 HV, flexural strength of 110 kpsi, and a maximum temperature use of 1,650C.
Astro Met Inc., 9974 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215, FAX (513) 772-9080.

Rubber rollers

New methods for the production of precision ground silicone rubber rollers for use in business machines have been developed by this company. Silicone rubber is suitable for precision rollers for business machines because of its high and low temperature stability, resistance to compression set, and chemical resistance. Complete molding, grinding, and finishing equipment are available to meet stringent surface finish and dimensional tolerance requirements for silicone rubber rollers.
Moxness Products, Versa Technologies Inc., 1914 Indiana St., Racine, WI 53405, FAX (414) 554-2321.


PolyMed Generation II composite tubing offers dimensions as small as 3 millimeters in diameter. The 3-mm tubing meets the stiffness requirements needed by the medical industry for minimally invasive surgery. Applications for the tubing include scissors, graspers, and electro-cauterizing devices.
Polygon Co., Box 176, Walkerton, IN 46574, FAX (219) 234-2265.


WearComp self-lubricating bearings and bushings are for harsh applications that are characteristic of down hole drilling and petrochemical processing. The material of which they are made combines two ingredients with natural lubricity--graphite fibers and a specially formulated polymide resin. The reinforcing fibers provide the strength and dimensional stability that permits usage in continuous temperatures of 550F. The material is resistant to corrosion, exhibits high tensile and impact strength, and may last longer than greased aluminum bronze in heavy moving-part applications. WearComp materials do not experience creep or cold flow.
HyComp Inc., 17960 Englewood Dr., Cleveland, OH 44130.

Rubber products

Custom-extruded seals, profiles, gaskets, tubing, and custom liquid molding including high consistency silicone injection molding, transfer, and compression processes are available. Fabric reinforcement is also available. Each silicone product is custom designed to the individual need or application, including in-house mixing and compounding. Functional and versatile, these elastomers are ozone and corona resistant, offer low compression set, and withstand temperatures from -100 to 600F. They are environmentally friendly and nontoxic when burned.
Flexfab, Div. of FHI, 1843 Gun Lake Rd., Hastings, MI 49058, FAX (616) 945-4802.

Elastomer system

These thermoplastic grades can bond with Nylon 6. Santoprene(R) rubber nylon-bondable grades enable designers and manufacturers to develop components with a high-performing elastomer bond to an engineering resin; with an impact strength, temperature, and abrasion resistance superior to that of polypropylene. Previously, Santoprene rubber chemically bonded only to polypropylene. The rubber is available in black and colorable grades, and is expected to be utilized for demanding applications in the appliance, automotive, electronics, fluid delivery, industrial, and power tools markets.
Advanced Elastomers Systems L.P., 388 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44311, FAX (330) 849-5599.


Multi-step MAGNAPLATE HTR surface enhancement coating technology increases mold release efficiency and wear resistance of all metals, including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum by creating a surface with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Treated substrates maintain their levels of mold release and wear resistance, and can be effectively employed even when subjected to continuous operating temperatures over 950F, intermittent air temperatures over 1,600F, and vacuum temperatures up to 2,400F. Applications include those where conditions are demanding, and where specifications call for dry lubricant coating that will perform where other dry lubricants fail.
General Magnaplate , 1331 Rte. 1, Linden, NJ 07036, FAX (908) 862-6110.


Ultramid B3GM35 natural and B3GM35 black are glass/mineral reinforced nylon resins designed for applications where optimum surface appearance is required. Parts molded of the two easy-flow grades have dramatically improved surface appearance. Ultramid B3GM35 natural is for parts to be painted. Ultramid B3GM35 UV black 23220 is for unpainted exterior applications which must have a deep-black appearance, excellent surface gloss and long-term resistance to discoloration.
BASF Plastic Materials, 3000 Continental Dr. N., Mount Olive, NJ 07828, FAX (201) 426-3912.

Laser-markable film

Pomalux(R) LM laser-markable rod and sheet made from Celcon(R) acetal copolymer resin produce parts which can be inscribed with clear, consistent, and precise laser marking. Already used for surgical lens identification, Pomalux LM is for use in safety, photographic, clean-room, and laboratory equipment or any application requiring clear, indelible images. Pomalux LM is available in a base color of black. Print colors include crisp white, green, blue, maroon, and brown.
Westlake Plastics Co., Box 127, W. Lenni Rd., Lenni, PA 19052, FAX (610) 459-1084.

Blown film

Stevens Urethane blown film provides design engineers with a very tough, thin membrane for a variety of applications, including laminations, bladders, and bandages. Available as thin as 0.001 inch and in widths up to 80 inches, the film also offers strong tensile and tear strength, abrasion and puncture resistance, easy fabricability, and resistance to fuels, oils, solvents, and other chemicals. Blown film can be used for products such as bladders and cushions, as an adhesive for emblems, or as a laminate to fabric or other substrates for applications ranging from conveyor belts to medical products.
JPS Elastomerics Corp., 9 Sullivan Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040, FAX (413) 552-1199.

Semiconductor material

A new material specifically for the semiconductor industry is available--Xytrex(R) 574 HP. This polymide material is an alternative to Vespel for parts used in semiconductor processing equipment, with high physical properties. Xytrex 574 HP resists temperatures up to 550F in a wide range of applications.
EGC Corp., 11718 McGallion, Houston, TX 77076, FAX (281) 774-6201.

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