NXdoctor: A Fix For NX CAD Data

DN Staff

April 6, 2010

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NXdoctor: A Fix For NX CAD Data

NXdoctor the product data quality (PDQ) validation/repair tool used by Nissan to ensure quality of Siemens NX CAD data, is now being offered to the general public by Elysium.

NXdoctor, a Siemens NX plug-in, validates and repairs 3D CAD data and can be customized by automotive OEMs and other manufacturers to create a single standard across their supply chains. Adopting NXdoctor in the early design phase can help validate and secure the quality of all CAD data sent and received during the product design stage based on the OEM or company’s specifications.

Features of this new general release include:

·        PDQ Validation of 27 critical check items and thresholds using ‘Check-Mate,’ which provides the same accuracy as Elysium’s CADdoctor.

·        Healing using the ‘Full B-Rep Repair’ (automatic healing of the whole model) or ‘Repair with History’ (PMI and attribute information is stored and only sections with PDQ errors are repaired) option.

·        Input and output Elysium Neutral File (ENF) allowing NXdoctor repair results to be used freely on CADdoctor or ASFALIS.

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