New BMW 5-Series Features Novel Backlit Instrument Cluster

DN Staff

September 17, 2009

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New BMW 5-Series Features Novel Backlit Instrument Cluster

There’s a cool new backlighting technology on display at the 63rd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. The instrument luster on BMW’s new 5-series features inverse forming technology for three-dimensional black panel film that has no distorted effects. In conventional thermoforming, thinning occurs at certain places on the film causing polarization in these areas in the form of rainbow-like distortions known as Newton’s rings. Achim Hosenfeld, vice president electronics at Johnson Controls, says:  “Unlike before, the film is placed down into the forming tool. The result is a special embossed surface structure that is imprinted by the texture of the tool. This eliminates the need for an expensive anti-reflective coating and also makes the display easy to read.”


The black 3D film produces a smooth transition between the flat printed surfaces of the analog instruments and the digital information display.

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