MTS Linear Position Sensor Extends Performance

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November 12, 2009

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MTS Linear Position Sensor Extends Performance

Anaheim, CA — MTS Systems Corp. announced today at the RockwellAutomation Fair a performance enhancement to its Temposonics® non-contactposition sensors. Based on the magnetostrictive principle,the sensor measures absolute, linear position at the load.

While this approach has manyadvantages, the measurement is time-based and the update rate is thereforereliant on the overall stroke length. To overcome these limitations and extendthe sensor's use into applications that demand high-speed performance formotion control, Product Manager John Balding explained that engineers haveadded a predictive sensing algorithm to the sensor that provides updates every100 µsec.

The controller is available for protocolssuch as SSI (synchronous serial interface), which is a high-speed, point-to-pointinterface for absolute encoders. It can read absolute position data at a 10 kHzupdate frequency synchronized with an internal clock.

An outstanding resolution down to 1 micronenables movement at very low speeds of 0.5 mm/sec. Sampling rates up to 10 kHzare assured to track fast movement and cycle times. With a linearity of

Temposonics sensors enable simultaneous andcontinuous position measurement of up to 30 different points on an axis and areavailable in lengths up to 65 ft.

Click here for more information on MTS Linear position sensors.

MTS Linear Position Sensor Extends Performance

MTS Linear Position Sensor Extends Performance_A

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