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June 6, 2005

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


With 16,000 count/revolution encoders

The 34 Frame I-Grade SilverNugget N3 controller/driver is designed for servo control of the company's NEMA 34-frame step motors. Also included in the system is one of six 34-frame step motors with attached encoder. The 34 frame I-Grade motor/encoders range in torque from 500 to over 3,200 oz/inch. All have 16,000 count/revolution encoders. The system handles inertial mismatches of 100×1, making it fit for direct-driving large loads in applications such as labeling, packaging, and web handling. QuickSilver Controls Inc.


Safe on soft rod material

The Dynamic Rod Lock is engineered to function as a braking and holding mechanism for pneumatic cylinders and guide rods. It provides pneumatic cylinder users the ability to slow and stop loads in all axes without relying solely on the cylinder itself. Features include integrally molded friction materials, safety on soft rod material, a manual release feature, and IP67 rating for wash down. It also can be used as a stand-alone device or with ISO/NFPA cylinders. Nexen Group Inc.


Easy-to-use command set

Easy-Step 3000 is an advanced stepper motor drive and control system that is designed to offer an easy way to control unipolar stepper motors up to 35V and 3A per phase. Its small size makes it fit for incorporating in robots and other industrial control equipment. At 63.6 × 26.4 mm, the product can drive unipolar stepper motors in full two-phase, full one-phase, and half-step modes using an easy-to-use command set. Four modes of operation are supported: direct command set, slave/remote, voltage mode, and teach mode. Saelig Co. Inc.


In more than 600 styles

The company's Energy Chain Systems® accommodate various installation designs and all forms of data cables, energy supplies, and hoses by using interior separators that isolate the conductors to keep them bending freely and prevent tangling. Chainflex® continuous-flex cables are designed specifically for installation in an Energy Chain System; they are available in more than 600 sizes and styles. The line ranges from power and control cables to air hoses, data cables, servo cables, and fiber-optic cables. igus Inc.



The company's Guide Rail Brake is designed as the most competitively priced and efficient brake on the market. It is a spring-engaged, air-released unit that is compact and easy to install in existing systems. It is engineered for maximum holding and/or dynamic braking, making it fit for power-off safety conditions. It is able to hold large loads in all axes and performs dynamic stops within a short amount of time and distance. Nexen Group Inc.


Dependable operating

The EC20 long life clutch brake is engineered to provide stopping and holding torque, as well as clutching. It features dependable operation and low power consumption for use in a range of OEM applications. It is suited for paper-feed operations in copiers, collators, and sorters. The product is rated for 1 million actuations at its dynamic load capacity of 20 lbs/inch. It is based on the company's patented wrap spring clutch design. Reell Precision Mfg.


Hollow shaft

The DG Series hollow-shaft rotary actuators combine the precision of the AlphaStep stepping motor and driver with a large-diameter, hollow output table, and gearhead. They are available in three sizes: 60, 85, and 130 mm. The output table of the product enables the user to directly couple to the application load. A single-stage reduction gear mechanism enables a large through hole configuration. Oriental Motors U.S.A. Corp.


Rugged and robust design

The IPPC-9120G is a rugged 12.1-inch SVGA TFT-LCD display computer. The robust design and compact size of the series makes the product fit for almost any industrial HMI application. Constructed with a stainless steel chassis and a heavy-duty aluminum front panel, it stands up to tough industrial environments. The strengthened glass is designed to protect the front panel from shock, and it is NEMA4/IP65-compliant for water and dust protection. Advantech Corp.


Reduces maintenance

The Copperhead Transmitter Unit offers an extended line of rugged vibration and temperature sensors, a new digital vibration transmitter, and a new digital display/alarm module to increase monitoring abilities. The new line includes models with higher sensitivity and lower frequency capability to monitor low speed equipment. The system is designed to enable contractors to reduce downtime, maintenance, repair costs, and to improve reliability and worker safety. SKF Group


Modular construction

The HerculesTMSeries gantry features modular construction that provides design flexibility for gantry applications. Each axis of the product can be ordered with either iron core or ironless (zero-cogging) linear servo motors. Both motor types are available in three coil lengths to best suit an application's power requirements. Also, the lower, Y-axis, can be specified with either single or dual-motor actuation to optimize throughput. Rockwell Automation


Versatile and three-phase

The TA320 linear three-phase servo amplifier is engineered to allow motion system designers to easily integrate the latest developments in sinusoidal motor control and its benefits of zero cogging, no torque ripple, and smooth motion, into such applications as high-resolution inspection systems or meteorology instruments. It can be configured to accept two sinusoidal commutations separated by 120 degrees with the third phase generated by the amplifier. The audible noise problems associated with PWM amplifiers are eliminated. TrustAutomation


Available in three designs

The 21000 series (size 8) linear actuators are the newest and smallest additions to the company's hybrid motor line. They occupy a 0.8 inch square space and are available in three designs: captive, non-captive, and external linear versions. Available in a range of resolutions (0.0015-0.04 mm), the products deliver thrust of up to 4.5 kg. They can also be microstepped for finer resolution. Applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, and handheld instruments, among others. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.


High shock rating

Designed as 2-inch incremental shaft (T8.5000) and hollow-shaft (T8.5020) encoders, the "Kubler by TURCK" encoders are made specifically for demanding industrial applications where space is at a premium. The products feature an extremely high shock rating of 250g, and they have a speed rating of up to 12,000 rpm and frequency responses of 300 kHz. When ordered with the robust shaft seal, they also provide a high level of protection (IP 67) for harsh factory automation applications. TURCK


Light and heavy duty available

The company has introduced two new series of base-mounted stainless steel mesh vibration mounts: the V10Z22 (light duty) and the V10Z28 (heavy duty). They are designed for marine, aerospace, and machine shop applications where corrosive environments could cause conventional isolation materials to fail or operate at reduced efficiency. The stainless steel springs and resilient knitted pads are not affected by oil, water, ozone, bacteria, corrosion, or temperature extremes (-94 to +347F). Advanced Antivibration Components


With "Finger-Flex" isolators

The V10Z 4 series of vibration mounts feature "Finger-Flex" isolators that are designed for loads up to 37 lbs per mount. Two hardnesses of the product are available: 30 and 60 durometer. The natural frequencies range from 6-30 Hz. Features include corrosion-resistant zinc-plated housing and low 1.125-inch, free-standing height. Applications include office machines, electronic and scientific equipment, fan blowers, heating and air conditioning equipment, motors, and pumps. Advanced Antivibration Components


Miniature in size

The 208 is reportedly the smallest two-phase hybrid stepper to date. This 1.8-degree bipolar NEMA 8 miniature step motor is intended for applications where space is limited. The motor measures 0.79-inch square and is available in two stack sizes: 1.30 and 1.69 inches in length. Although it weighs a mere 0.13 lb, it is still capable of up to 4.2 oz-inches of holding torque depending on stack size. The 208 is also available with a standard rear shaft extension. Suitable applications are medical, communications, semiconductor, and robotics. Lin Engineering


Links to PC

Toggle-Aire® pneumatic toggle presses combine the advantages of levers and toggles to produce a ram force that builds as it reaches the bottom of its stroke. It features new process controls that provide force monitoring for quality control, and the products can display ram position to ±0.0005 inch, and force to ±0.05 percent FS, and link to a PC for real-time plotting and graphing. Presses from 5- 12 tons are available for a range of punching, fastening, and assembly operations. AIM Jaraco


With a variety of network functionalities

The Tuba, part of the company's SimplIQ servo drive family, is a high power density product that is available in six models. It ranges in output power from 3.3-10 kW. Its overall size is 9.7 × 7.4 × 3.6 inches, and it weighs fewer than 5.9 lbs. A built-in power supply provides a direct ac input capability that ranges from 115-460V ac at 50/60 Hz. The drives feature a variety of operating network functionalities, including CANopen DS301 with a full implementation of DS402. Elmo Motion Control


For industrial environments

The company has introduced a new BOX option that provides a metal enclosure for its DMC-21×3 card-level motion controllers. The BOX option makes the controller fit for industrial environments. The standard option combines the controller and ICM-20105 interconnect board in an 8.55 × 5.6 × 1.95-inch metal enclosure. If required, other metal enclosure options are available. Galil Motion Control


Easy to use

The X20 System is designed as a complete control system as well as a remote I/O system. It is suitable as an addition on a standard fieldbus to expand existing control systems. It is also a complete controller, which demonstrates its full capabilities when combined with X20 System CPUs, and is easy to use, cost-effective, and available with many variants on one platform. B&R Industrial Automation Corp.


Adjustable features

The RT404-FLEX II rotary dispensing table is designed to provide a convenient way to dispense materials in a circular pattern. It provides two rotating platforms for simultaneous dispensing onto two items. The flexible Z-axis features adjustable height, tilt, and speed. The company's model DSP501A dispensing controller can be housed within the table for easy access. I&J Fisnar Inc.



Available in five gear ratios ranging from 5.8:1 to 42.9:1, the 880 gearmotors series are designed to produce up to 1,060 inches/lb of continuous duty torque. Two 1.5 hp motor options provide the specifier with the option of a single-phase 115/230V ac, 50/60 Hz motor or a three-phase 230/360V ac, 50/60 Hz motor for greater efficiencies. Applications include food preparation, chemical mixers, automatic feeders, and packaging equipment. They are totally enclosed and fan-cooled. Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.


Cost less than ground ball screws

The company's new high-precision rolled thread ball screws are engineered to cost less than ground ball screws while delivering virtually the same accuracy and performance in linear motion applications. They are fit for a variety of applications, including automation, robotics, and material-handling equipment used in the medical, EDM, automotive, aerospace, woodworking, metalworking, paper and paperboard, and general manufacturing industries, among others. All types in the product range offer smooth-running performance and high-load capabilities. Preloaded and non-preloaded designs are available. SKF Linear Motion & Precision Technologies


High performance

The company is releasing CTC's HPC and HPX high-performance PowerStations, enabling PC users to take advantage of the latest PC technologies in a workstation that is cost-competitive with light-duty industrial PCs. They are available in 10-, 15-, and 17-inch panel-mount touch screen systems, as well as a non-display version. They run in Windows® on CompactFlash. Also available is the HPX PowerStation, which comes installed with InteractX HMI software. Parker Automation


Protection for tapered roller bearings

All-metal NILOS® Rings are engineered to provide space-saving sealing protection for tapered roller bearings. They offer practical, easy-to-mount barrier solutions against contamination by foreign matter, including tough abrasive particles that can cause equipment malfunctions, lost productivity, and unscheduled downtime. The products are suited for grease-lubricated, antifriction bearings used in harsh industrial environments generating excessive contaminants, such as the mining, paper, agriculture, construction, and automotive industries. SKF Motion Technologies


Smooth running

The 8690 series 26-mm brush-commutated dc motors are engineered to deliver power in a relatively small package. The smooth-running and quiet iron core motors are suitable as an economical alternative to coreless products. Applications include equipment used in data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, automation, and other applications requiring high performance, long life, and reliability. They are offered in three lengths: 1.798, 1.923, and 2.173 inches; they can provide continuous torque output up to 3.17 oz/inch, peak torque up to 20 oz/inch, and speeds up to 9,000 rpm. PennEngineering Motion Technologies

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