November 21, 2005

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Good value

The DEC 70/10 speed controller is specially developed for the upper performance range where it can control electronically commutated dc motors of up to 700W. The four-quadrant product needs no additional encoder; it operates with the motor's own Hall sensor signals, making it ideally suited for speed and positioning applications. The three operating modes—speed control, voltage control with IxR compensation, and current control—can be pre-selected per DIP switch. Maxon Motor


Reliable operation

The DGS60 incremental encoders are rugged IP-67 products that are available with resolution up to 10,000 pulses for precise, reliable operation in tough environment conditions. Their design easily accommodates adaptation to suit specific application requirements. They are ideal for machine tool, textile, woodworking, and packaging applications. Six and 10 mm solid shaft versions are available, and they are also available with through or blind hollow shafts with a connector or cable outlet, and TTL or HTL electrical interfaces. Sick Stegmann Inc.


Provide motion control

The company's line of compression and extension dampers are engineered to assist users with their motion control needs. They are primarily used where a heavy load or door must be lowered or swung in a controlled motion at a constant speed. They supplement their gas springs to provide a complete selection of lifting, lowering, and dampening options. The products are made in rod/tube diameter sizes from 0.24 x 0.59 inch to 0.315 x 0.87 inch, with stroke lengths from 2 to 7 inches. H.A. Guden Co. Inc.



The RSSA-8 is an expanded rotary blast cabinet for automatic processing of large components that require consistent surface preparation. It is available in specially adapted versions for abrasive blasting, shot peening, nondestructive blast cleaning, cosmetic surface finishing, and media-blast coating removal. The product contains enough cubic space for up to eight suction-blast guns or four pressure-blast nozzles. Guyson Corp.


Instantaneous stop

The SB50 brake pack provides four key control functions for ac induction, reversible, watertight, and electromagnetic brake motors in a single package. Forward/reverse motion, instantaneous stop, electromagnetic brake control, and thermal protector open detection with alarm signal are integrated into the 2.77×1.97×2.76 inch product. It comes with a single-phase voltage range from 100 to 230V ac, 50/60 Hz. Oriental Motor USA Corp.


New metric stroke

A metric stroke of 25 mm for the Z26000 captive linear actuators is now available. The product is available in a range of resolutions, from 0.0127 to 0.1016 mm per step and offers up to 4.5 Kg of force. Using rare earth magnets, they are designed for low or high volume applications. Ideal applications include medical devices, small machinery, and instrumentation. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.



The company's size 17 DSM 2344H-C6231 miniature stepping actuator is made of a hybrid step motor and an internal lead screw cut directly into the shaft. It features an M5 x 2.0 lead pitch configuration that develops a linear force of 13.5 lbs. The motor's front bearing is preloaded to ensure zero backlash performance under light loading conditions, according to the company. The product's step size is 0.4 micro-inches, and the step motor size is 1.65 inches square by 1.34 inches long. Gee Plus Inc.


Provide flexibility

Engineered for service in demanding, high-speed applications, the company's line of miniature bearings (& 1 inch) feature dimensional and functional accuracy. They are ideal for medical, dental, and commercial aviation/aerospace applications, lab instrumentation, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They provide design flexibility and versatility with a range of steels, ceramic rolling elements, closures, mounting configuration, cages, and lubricants. Kaydon Bearings Div.


Reduces costs

The 32-bit LinkMotion machine driver software is designed to make programming motion control boards as easy as sending a file to a printer. It reportedly speeds up the design-to-manufacturing process and reduces costs by eliminating the need for a proprietary applications development process and controller hardware. It is ideal for a variety of 2 1/2 D machining operations, including laser marking and cutting, scribing, drilling, engraving, electro discharge machining, torch cutting, waterjet cutting, and CNC machines. Solustan


Strong, lightweight

The DM-01 is an innovative module SMA actuator that provides a large stroke in a small package with a high degree of design flexibility. It is engineered as a strong, lightweight, silent, fast-acting product with low power requirements. The product can replace motors and solenoids in a range of applications, including latch-release mechanisms, door and cabinet locking/unlocking, and air duct/vane positioning. MIGA Motor Co.



The PCD and PCS pneumatic valve actuators feature a four-piston rack and pinion design. The rugged design enables the product to be smaller than other design types, making it ideal for applications with tight space requirements. The PCD model is double acting and requires air pressure for both the open and close cycles of operation; the PCS is an air to spring or fail safe design that uses a mechanical spring to operate one of the actuation cycles while air pressure is used to operate the other. Hayward


For outdoor applications

The Octavis vibration monitor product line now includes a durable metal unit for washdown, metalworking, and outdoor applications. It resists oils and coolants, is designed to withstand extreme washdowns. The product is ideal for a variety of applications, including food processing and outdoor equipment monitoring. It incorporates a MEMS accelerometer, A/D converter, DSP, and diagnostic electronics in a 40 x 40 mm package. ifm efector inc.


Little inertia, small starting voltages

Two new ultra-flat dc motors, with diameters of 15 and 26 mm and a housing length of 5 or 7 mm, are designed to offer constant torque of up to 3 mNm and speeds up to 10,000 rpm. An ironless rotor with three flat, oval coils revolves with little inertia in an axially-aligned neodymium magnetic field, without cogging or iron loss. The motors may be ordered as geared motorheads with attached spur gear, enabling the drives to have constant torque up to 100 mNm. MicroMo Electronics Inc.

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