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April 4, 2005

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Low EMI emission

The SilverNugget I-Grade controller/driver and the I-Grade motor/encoders are designed with standard DB connectors for inexpensive and reliable cables. The system is suitable for dusty environments; it meets IP50 standards. The SilverNuggets come with the company's standard DB15 data connector for the seven I/O and communications signals. They are engineered for low EMI emission and high signal integrity. QuickSilver Controls Inc.


High power, high acceleration

The 000-0358 high performance, brushless dc frameless motor is for low-voltage applications where a high-acceleration, high-torque motor is required at low speeds. At 48V, the product operates at 200 rpm and delivers 600 oz/inch of torque with an efficiency of 80 percent. It is also capable of delivering a burst of stall torque up to 1,300 oz/inch. It is fit for precise, powerful, low speed applications. A range of electrical and mechanical options are available. Servo Magnetics Inc.


Six models available

The RD series of six open frame solenoid models provide flexible production with fast turnaround delivery. While the open frame solenoid features a simple configuration, a maximum performance is achieved through the use of better magnetic steels and manufacturing techniques. All six products are available in 6, 12, and 24V dc winding configurations. They can be supplied in production quantities subject to existing production tooling. Customized open frame versions can also be supplied to fit specific applications. Gee Plus Inc.


With fully molded connector ends

Designed as an entire "off the shelf" servo system solution, Add-A-Motor serial configuration cable—with SmartMotors—is ready to plug and play. The fully molded cable connects SmartMotor to SmartMotor in a daisy-chain configuration for serial operation, thus eliminating the need to create custom, multiaxis cable configurations for each application. They are designed to provide dc power and RS-232 communications to multiple SmartMotor 1700 and 2300 Series motors. They feature fully molded connector ends and high-flex cable. Animatics


Housed in compact body

The EZ Limo series of linear motions products are engineered to combine advanced step motor functionality and sophisticated motion control features into an easy-to-use linear motion product. They use the company's stepping motor with built-in feedback system; when a misstep is about to occur, the motor performs closed-loop control, thus enabling stable operation. The motor, ball screw, and feedback system are all housed in a compact body. The EZC, EZHC, and EZHP series of motorized cylinders provide pushing and pulling motion using a rod driven by the ball screw. Oriental Motor USA Corp.


Doubles conveyer belt length

The AS-i extension plug is designed to allow each segment of a conveyer belt to reach 200m before a repeater is used, doubling the potential length of a conveyer with a single AS-Interface network to 600m, and eliminating the need for multiple networks. It can be installed at the furthest point from the AS-Interface power supply and is suitable for all network topologies, including tree, line, and star. It is equipped with an integrated under voltage detection circuit. Siemens Energy & Automation


Improved display functionality

Designed to provide manufacturers with expanded control functionality while maintaining a small footprint and low cost, the Allen-Bradley Pico Series B nano-controllers are equipped with faster processor speeds and an expanded memory. This reportedly results in three times the ladder logic capacity and twice the number of function blocks than previously available. The new line also features backwards-compatible programming, improved display functionality, and additional power supply options. Rockwell Automation


Provides "drive-like" control

Engineered as a cost-effective I/O alternative to traditional stepper controls, the KL2531 and KL2541 stepper motor terminals integrate a compact motion control solution for small stepper motors up to 200W. Both products offer two controlled sine/cosine currents, and 25 kHz current control allows smooth current output without resonance. The current resolution is 64 steps per period, 64-fold microstepping. Beckhoff Automation


Seven models

The company has introduced seven models of linear motion voice coil motors, ranging in size from 0.63 inch diameter by 0.55 inch long, to 3.15 inches diameter by 2.13 inches long. They are designed to offer precision linear actuation over short distances or strokes. The linear motion force profile is constant and linear over a wide variety of strokes and excitation levels. The smallest product develops a near constant 2.9 oz of force over a 0.15- inch stroke at 100 percent duty cycle operation, according to the company. The largest product furnishes a near constant 9.5 lbs of force over a 0.7-inch stroke at 100 percent duty cycle operation. Gee Plus Inc.


Remains rigid under torque loads

Offered in both single and double disk styles, the company has expanded its zero-backlash motion control coupling line to include Discflex miniature disk couplings. They are an assembly of two anodized aluminum hubs, a center spacer (double disk style only), and multiple flat stainless steel disk springs to transmit torque. The thin disks are designed to allow for a substantial amount of misalignment between shafts, while remaining rigid under torque loads. Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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