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Motion Control/Power Transmission 12442

DN Staff

September 8, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Intelligent drives

Wide range of power options

A NEMA 4 enclosure, 3-phase power, and all-in-one solution are features of the VLT(R) decentral FCD 300 drive. Available in 0.25 to 5 hp and with a disconnect switch to avoid drive fusing, the VLT drive requires no separate cabling. Cabinet space and installation costs are reduced in retrofitting. The drive is reportedly suitable for automotive, material handling, and food applications. Danfoss Drives www.danfossdrives.com Enter 592

Tough encoder disk

Handles extreme shocks

An Ultra-Tough encoder disk option for high shock applications handles precise measurement in the most difficult environments, according to reports. The special code disk is made from military vehicle materials and operates from -40 to 105C. The Ultra-Tough disk comes in industry standard H25 and HS35 packages. BEI Technologies Inc.www.beiied.com Enter 593

CMOS camera

Change resolution on the fly

Vision applications are enhanced with faster frame rates and global shuttering using the CDC-200(TM) CMOS-based camera. High-resolution image acquisition moves to higher speed, reportedly with no loss of quality and performance. The machine is about half the size and weight of typical CCD-based cameras, and operates at twice the speed, the company says. It images SXGA at up to 26 frames per sec. Cognex Corp., www.cognex.com Enter 594

Magnet linear sensor

Coil creates two transformers

Permanent magnet linear displacement sensors use the electromagnetic induction principle to produce proportional feedback, keeping processes monitored and in line. Linear sensing applications include drives, machinery, automation systems, and conveyors. Sensors are not mechanically connected to drives or equipment, and can be used in rotary actuator applications. Tyco Electronics, www.tycoelectronics.com Enter 595


Use signal conditioners

Model 7240C piezoelectric accelerometers provide high-frequency vibration measurement. The device is reportedly lightweight, compact, and rugged. It operates from -67 to 500F and contains a PIEZITE(R) Type P-8 crystal element. Benefits include low base-strain sensitivity and output stability, according to reports. Endevco Corp., www.endevco.com Enter 596

Steel spline shafts

Interchange with aluminum shafts

A spline shaft series includes steel shafts that are reportedly three times stiffer than aluminum. They are used for heavier loads and rough handling applications. Benefits include longer life and low friction in adjustable rotary drives. Applications for steel include medical sampling, dispensing, material handling, business equipment, assembly machines, and positioning systems. Kerk Motion Products, www.kerkmotion.com Enter 597

Linear actuators

Variety of options available

Modular range linear actuators are practical alternatives to multi-component spring lift systems, the company reports. CAT33 electromechanical actuators are used for window lifting systems in armored vehicles. Custom designs use standard parts for lifting thick and heavy windows quickly and quietly. Options include stroke length, 12 - 24V dc motors, gears, cables, and attachments. SKF Motion Technologies, www.skf.com Enter 598

Digital servo-amplifier

RS232 or CANbus

Digital, brushless servo amplifiers for velocity and torque control at low speeds require supply voltages of 12 - 50V. The units are designed for servomotors equipped with Hall effect sensors and digital encoders. Maximum speed, offset, current max, and gain can be easily set via trim pots, the company claims. Applications include web tensioning, high-end pumps, robotics, medical devices, and positioning systems. Maxon Precision Motors, www.maxonmotorusa.com Enter 599

Brushless dc kit motor

Robust design

Created for low voltage applications where a high torque motor is required, the 000-0326 has a reported operating voltage of 12V and capability of delivering 1 hp of continuous power. The company claims a typical efficiency of 90%. With a 5.38-inch diameter by 2.4-inch length, the product is designed for use in applications with demanding temperatures. Servo Magnetics Inc., www.servomag.com Enter 600

600V IGbt

Better torque control at low speeds

IGBTs are co-packaged with the company's soft recovery diodes and housed in a fully isolated TO-220 package. Guaranteed isolation is 2 kV and a new process enables increased electrical and thermal performance, according to reports. With a 10-microsecond short-circuit rating, the IGBT is ideal for hard starting and is guaranteed up to 175C. Applications include variable-speed appliance drives in washers and air conditioners. International Rectifierwww.irf.com Enter 601

Servo motors

For rugged industrial areas

Plated servo motors are available in five frame sizes, from 2 to 7 inch2, for use in harsh environments. With IP66 sealed motors and chemically resistant finishes, the SP Series is designed for dairy, meat, and pharmaceutical industries. Coatings include aluminum oxide infused with PTFE, and plated nickel. Stepper motors are available in NEMA 23 and 34. Elwood Corp.www.elwood.com Enter 602

Hydrostatic control unit

All inputs are protected

The Series 20 RC2-2 control unit provides programmable control of up to two solenoids, in open or closed loop, for hydrostatic drives. Developed for mobile machinery, the control protects from temperature, shock, vibration, and electromagnetic incompatibility. Features include a 16-bit microcontroller and all I/Os on one board. The controller includes an RS-232 standard interface. Bosch Rexroth Corp.www.boschrexroth-us.com Enter 603

Low-voltage drives

Pedestal mount available

ACS 800 DriveIT low voltage drives are available in R2, R6, and R7 frame sizes, and are 50% smaller than previous models of the same horsepower. The units start up faster than previously and have direct torque control, adaptive programming, and snap-on field bus adapter. Applications include plastics extruding and other auger mixers and movers. ABB Drives & Power Productswww.abb.com/motors&drives Enter 604


Infinite position sensitivity

With a thin, rectangular shape, the LA05-30-001 reportedly features a total stroke of 0.4 inch, a continuous stall force of 3.4 lbs, and a peak force rating of 8.5 lbs. The product is designed as a two-wire, hysteresis-free, cog-free, direct-drive linear servo, which features a linear force constant characteristic for simple control. Its unloaded acceleration capability is 80g continuous and 150g for 10 seconds, according the company. It can be used in such applications as pick-and-place machines. BEI Kimco Magnetics, www.beikimco.com Enter 605

Torque testers

Tests with multiple stages

Test for uniform performance through low torque levels with the M15-W universal torque tester. Designed for MicroTorque(TM) analysis in applications like disk drives, gyroscopes, and medical devices, the torque tester operates on a low-speed system, revealing details of rotating components. A dc servomotor and TorqueScope(TM) Windows(R) software is included. Measurement Research Inc.www.measurement-research.com Enter 606

Pump bearings

Saves time and money

These pump bearings - which consist of 40 degrees double-row angular contact ball bearings and a machined brass cage - reportedly provide quick and easy solutions for upgrading centrifugal pumps to meet ANSI+ standards. Designed to increase thrust capacity and have a longer service life in heavy-duty and marginal lubrication conditions, the products have ABEC 3 (P6) tolerances, which contribute to smoother bearing operation. MRC Bearing Services, www.mrcbearings.com Enter 607

Ball screws

Wide variety

With a standard product line that includes rolled ball screws and ground ball screw assemblies, all products are designed to promote precise positioning in a range of linear-actuation applications. Rolled ball screws include miniature ball screws with ball re-circulation by integrated tube inside the nut. Diameters range from 6 to 125 mm; leads range from 2 to 50 mm; and dynamic load ratings range from 1.2 to 164.7 kN. All rolled ball screw and ground ball screw assemblies can be equipped for screw shafts and nuts. SKF Motion Technologieswww.linearmotion.skf.com Enter 608

Step motors

10,000 half-steps per second

The 211 family of Size 11, 2-phase hybrid, 1.8-degree step motors offer a wide speed range and low vibration, the company reports. Available in three lengths - 1.99, 1.75, or 1.25 inches-generating 16.6, 13.7, or 9.2 oz-inches of holding torque respectively. Various input voltages and currents with single- or dual-shaft extensions are available. Model 211-20-02, the longest motor, achieves 8.6W output with driver input of 24V dc and 1.3A per phase. Lin Engineering; www.linengineering.com Enter 609

Frameless motors

Large through-hole rotor

Reportedly ideal for positioning optical components in inspection machinery, the ULT-63 frameless, 63-mm motor has a 44-mm through hole and is designed for direct-drive micro-pumps. Features include minimal cogging torque without laminate skewing, high-resolution encoder, and low axial height. Motors offer less than 1% harmonic distortion and speed range from 1.0 - 9,000 rpm. Applimotion Inc.www.applimotion.com Enter 610


Improves accuracy

The two new Enclosed Series incremental encoders measure motor speed and shaft rotation in commercial and light industrial applications. The E12 encoder, with a 1.2-inch diameter, has a resolution of up to 1,024 ppr, while the E14 provides resolution up to 2,540 ppr. Both products offer an optional marker pulse, and are ideal for such applications as medical ultrasound and dialysis equipment, photocopiers, desktop printers, elevators, and light-duty industrial machinery. Danaher Controlswww.dancon.com Enter 611

Step motors

Integral, plug-in connector

PK-P 2-phase hybrid stepping motors reportedly operate at the highest torque available in a 1.65-inch square package. The 2.32-inch long model provides 133 oz-inch torque when using a bipolar driver. The 1.54-inch long model offers 69.4 oz-inch torque when using a bipolar driver, and 55.2 oz-inch using a unipolar driver. The rated input current is 0.85A per phase, bipolar, and 1.2A per phase, unipolar. Oriental Motor USA Corp., www.orientalmotor.com Enter 612

Adapter ball bearings

Insert cannot chip, flake, peel

E-Z KLEEN(R) GRIP TIGHT(TM) adapter ball bearings are designed for washdown applications in the food and beverage industries with reportedly minimized damage to shafts. Bearings reduce vibration and are available in polymer and 300-series stainless steel. Press fit bearings to shafts, for 360 degrees contact through the bearing length, and eliminate fretting corrosion. A collar ring system locks a tapered adapter sleeve under the bearing for mounting. Rockwell Automationwww.dodge-pt.com Enter 613

Linear side load carriers

Minimizes chance of damage

Designed to enhance the performance and longevity of linear drive assemblies, the slides reportedly eliminate twisting and bending forces from the drive unit, guide rails, and supports. They also ensure that the bearing assembly is not under excess pressure when the payload weight is lifted off the drive unit. These products would be useful in such applications as CNC machining centers, winding machines, and spraying equipment. Amacoil Inc.www.amacoil.com Enter 614

Spring pins

Special materials available

Double reduced-end coil spring pins align mated components in assembly processes. Pins eliminate the need to orient parts during assembly. Various materials are available, including high carbon steel, chrome, or nickel stainless steel, and other alloy steels. Users may install double reduced pins with a hammer, arbor press, or standard pin insertion equipment. Spirol Int'L Corp.www.spirol.com Enter 615

Plastic chain

Available in electroconductive materials

Plastic chains for industrial use are reportedly ideal for accumulating conveyors and electronic, sanitary, and corrosive applications that harm metals. Products include RS chain, Clip-Top, Poly-Steel, and Roller Table chain. Improved plastics offer chain that can run faster, last longer, and withstand chemicals, mold and UV light, the company says. Chains have low-friction, antimicrobial, and electro-conductive properties, depending on type. U.S. Tsubaki Inc.www.ustsubaki.com Enter 616

Panel-mount PLC

Controls dc motors

The first panel-mount PLC with LED display available in DIN 1/16 size, the FP-e series is reportedly ideal for small machines. Instructions include 32-bit integer and floating point math, ASCII string, window compare, PID, auto-tuning, and motion control. Features include two serial RS-232 standard ports, programmable function keys, eight inputs, and six outputs. FP-e controls two axes of stepper or servo motors simultaneously. Aromat Corp., www.aromat.com Enter 617

Sheet metal crowder

Automate part stopping, lifting

PDK crowders push sheet metal into exact locations for machining, withstanding strong impacts while fitting into limited machine spaces. The crowder is available with 50-, 80-, 100-, 125-, 160-, or 200-mm strokes. The cylinder has adjustable cushions and a magnetic piston for use with proximity switches. The tool plate, guide bar, and bearings deflect 0.06 inch under heavy loads to protect the crowder from accidental damage. PHD Inc., www.phdinc.com Enter 618

Mixer drive

All openings are protected

Mixing specialty fluids or basic chemicals for treatment applications, Series 3800M mixer drives are designed to withstand heavy static and dynamic loads in wastewater treatment, the company reports. Drives feature water and dustproof covers for all openings, a variety of impellers, and heavy-duty gears and bearings. Philadelphia Mixers, www.philamixers.com Enter 619

Cross roller stages

Connects to RS-232 serial port

Cross roller translation stages, in 1.75 and 2.62-inch sizes, reportedly offer up to twice the load-carrying capability of ball bearing products. Made from aluminum or stainless steel, stages have precision ground mounting surfaces and black anodized finishes, and are rated at 100 million inches at load. Applications include microscopy, machine vision inspection, alignment, wafer inspection, and various vibration-sensitive operations. Edmund Industrial Optics, www.edsci.com Enter 620

Voice coil actuator

Direct drive, infinite set

A voice coil actuator with integrated position sensor can reportedly be mounted into handheld wands for reciprocal medical applications. The unit is 2.5 inches long and has a 0.2-inch stroke. It includes an LVDT position feedback sensor for servo positioning or velocity control. Benefits include control of velocity, force, reciprocation, and acceleration. Applications include valve control, beam steering, clamping, and servo control of X, Y, and Z axes. BEI Kimco Magnetics, www.beikimco.com Enter 621

Servo drive

Very open and compact

The AX2500 compact servo drive operates on one power supply module, including axis control. Add up to seven axis control modules, plugged together using dc bridge connectors, eliminating backplanes. The open system reportedly saves mounting time and the expense of additional equipment. It is designed for use with the company's TwinCAT PLC and Motion PC-based control software. Beckhoff Automation LLC, www.beckhoff.com Enter 622

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