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September 22, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Control solenoids

Control emergency exits, locks

The Mecalectro(TM) linear and rotary solenoid line includes shotbolts and holding/carrying electromagnets. Linear solenoids are available in various types and sizes for stroke lengths, force capabilities, and duty cycles. Shotbolts lock doors and other mechanisms using power-off or power-on functions. Applications for solenoids include process automation, position control, locking devices, and mechanical signaling. SKF Motion Enter 585

Mounted bearing units

Thermoplastic or metal housings

Bearing units designed with corrosion-resistant, coated, or stainless steel insert bearings serve food processing applications such as beverage, poultry, meat, and fruit and vegetable uses. Features include maintenance-free, dual-sealing systems and ZMaRC(R) coating for cast iron units. Marathon(R) bearings are available in pillow block housings, 2- or 4-bolt flanges, or tapped bases. Extreme duty and composites are available. MRC Bearing Enter 586

Fieldbus boxes

Integrate additional power sources

An IP67, very thin Fieldbus box permits distribution of power to several I/O modules. Separate power connections ensure that the sensitive electronics are separated from the sensor power. A short circuit cannot damage the intelligent electronics module. Power can be daisy-chained across several boxes. This product is available in networks including DeviceNet, Profibus, CANopen, and Ethernet. Beckhoff Automation LLC Enter 587

Conveyor drives

Stronger, longer life

Conveyor RollerDrives(R) feature belting that meets industry demands for faster, heavier, and higher-torque material handling applications, according to reports. Rubber, high-integrity grooved belts drive brush type and brushless RollerDrives, offering longer life than standard O-rings. Drives are used for conveyor speeds over 150 fpm and weights more than 300 lbs. Applications include parcel handling, food processing, and baggage handling. Interroll Corp., Enter 588

Brushless motor

Low noise, high speed

With no brushes to wear out, the EC 16 brushless motor is electronically commutated and produces minimal electrical noise. Neodymium magnets are used in three versions of the motor: sensorless, with Hall sensors, or with integrated electronics. The brushless, 16-mm motor weighs 58g and is 56-mm long. Features include 40W continuous output and 60,000 rpm maximum speed. Maximum continuous torque is 2.2 oz-inches. Maxon Precision Enter 589

Industrial encoders

2,000 variations available

Express Encoder(R) products include six popular models-four incremental and two absolute-and ship in two business days. Products include selected cable assemblies, accessories, and signal conditioners. Model H25 is shafted, HS25 is hollow-shafted, HS35 is hollow-shafted in incremental and absolute versions, and Model H20 is a shafted, incremented encoder. BEI Technologies Inc., Enter 590

Networking modules

Many configurations are available

A variety of networking solutions is available for PLCs, including the H0-ECOM Ethernet communications module, a DeviceNet slave module and a Profibus slave module. These devices are designed for use in industrial programmable networks and data systems. The Ethernet module is 10 Base T and uses a standard RJ45 connector for various protocols. The DeviceNet slave installs into an option card slot to collect and report all I/O data to a master. The Profibus slave can be configured to allocate up to 4 blocks of I/O or registered memory from the PLC to the master. AutomationDirect, Enter 591

Multiple toolholder system

Includes tray, attachment holes

Triplit toolholders allow three tools to be mounted in one turret station, each in a coolant ported pocket. Parts that previously needed rechucking can reportedly be machined in one operation. Triple toolholders reduce cycle and setup time, and free other stations for more setups. External coolant balls are provided, and optional tool pre-setters are available. Jotco Inc., Enter 592


High torque ratings are available

A series of dynamometers for testing electrical motors is available in very low torque ratings and speed ranges to 70,000 rpm. Features include optical speed sensors, torque measurement to 0.3% accuracy, and an optional sensor for accuracy to 0.1%. Applications include miniature motor testing for medical/dental equipment, vacuum systems, and toys. The dynamometer can be connected to the company's high-speed programmable controller, power analyzer, and dedicated software, resulting in a complete test system. Magtrol Inc., Enter 593

Mounting technology

Vibration resistance, switching accuracy

The MZ T6 and RZ T6 magnetic cylinder sensors are designed to offer vibration resistance and switching accuracy. Able to detect the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders by sensing a ring magnet in the piston through housing wall, the products are optimized by the incorporating a new mounting system. The mounting bracket allows the entire length of the sensor to be pressed against the cylinder, along the floor of the mounting slot. The reported result is a stationary placement that prevents the sensor from being pulled out by its cable. SICK, Enter 594

Servo motors

Low vibration, high power density

Created for use in medical and surgical applications, the full autoclavable slotless-brushless dc motors reportedly have high power density and 90% efficiency. The motors are designed to have no RFI or EMI noise. Made of stainless steel components and available in sizes as small as .50 inch, the motors can be used in such medical applications as hand-held surgical instruments and pumps. Xtreme Energy Inc., Enter 595

Rotary encoder

Single LED and sensor

RCM15, a rotary optical encoder with commutation, combines brushless motor commutation pulses and incremental position feedback. Encoders are come with resolutions up to 2,048 lines and commutation for 4-, 6-, or 8-pole brushless motors. Features include an LED/sensor arrangement, built-in servo groove, and slide/gap mechanism. Renco Encoders Inc., Enter 596

Digital torque wrench

Automotive, quality control apps

The CTB digital torque wrench reportedly eliminates room for human error when checking the tightening condition of fasteners within a product. This is done by incorporating the company's patent-pending T-Point Retightening Torque Method. A green lamp/alarm is signaled when an operation is completed, and the wrench also offers interchangeable heads. Tohnichi America Inc., Enter 597


Eight current outputs in single location

The CL-300, a solid-state compact module, is designed to fit easily within mobile equipment for powering a variety of devices, including a starter and valve solenoids. Featuring customer configurable maximum current on each output, and NEMA 4-rated enclosures for off-road environments, the product can reportedly operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85C. With a non-volatile memory that stores configuration data, the product is not required to reconfigure each time the system is powered up. HED, Enter 598

Motor driver

Compact size

The re-design of the IB462H results in a smaller and more affordable model with a higher performance level than before. Improvements made reportedly increase the output current range to 0.1 to 2A, and the operating voltage to +48V dc. With a hybrid design, the bipolar half/full step driver measures a compact 1.2 x 2.4 x 0.28 inches. Products also come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Intelligent Motion Systems Enter 599

Slotted brushless dc motors

Variable speed control

ELCOM ST(R) motors feature internal Hall sensor feedback for linear speed-torque characteristics. Available in four standard stack lengths-1/2, 1, 11/2, and 2 inches- the slotted brushless dc motors use high-energy neodymium-iron-boron magnets, and have reported speed of up to 800 rpm. With continuous torque output of up to 49 oz-inches, the motors are ideal for a variety of applications, including data storage, medical/biotech, automation, commercial aviation, and semiconductor. Pittman, Enter 600

Microstepping driver

Cost-effective with smooth motion

The R208 driver reportedly produces sinusoidal current waveforms for smooth motion. The microstepping resolution can be set from full, half, 1/4, or 1/8 step, and the 24V, 2A, bipolar product features optically isolated step, direction, and disable inputs. It also has built-in thermal shutdown and efficient current control features. Lin Engineering, Enter 601

Gas lifter springs

Long life, precise lifting

T2SL stock lifter gas springs replace air cylinders in parts lifting applications. Gas springs offer guidance and lift in one design, using a double tube that isolates the gas spring from side load. Lifters are adjustable, with a force range from 100-700 lbs. Features include a controlled return speed option, die-fluid resistance, and 2 million cycles between rebuilds. Gas springs reportedly run longer and require less maintenance than air cylinder assemblies. Hyson Products, Enter 602

Mezzanine card

Increases range of available devices

Designed as a solution for intelligent remote I/O in automation and instrumentation applications, the M-Module is a 16-bit processing unit with an intelligent Profibus DP Slave Interface that conforms to the Profibus DIN19245 standard. It has short circuit protection on the output with an optically isolated RS485 interface. Transmission ranges from 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps are supported by the M79, and the processing unit has 512 kbytes of flash memory and 1 Mbyte of static random access memory. MEN Micro Inc., Enter 603


Displays data over wireless networks

The iPanel(TM) Series of web-enabled touchscreens reportedly has industry-leading resolution and brightness, and is able to automatically find and communicate with controllers on the network. It is available in five models with various dimensions, resolutions, and prices. With integrated hardware and software solutions, and allowing concurrent web/network access, the products include USB, serial, VGA, parallel, and Ethernet connectivity. Control Technology, Enter 604


Lowers installed costs

A pre-engineered, flexible system of operator interface, the DDC includes 22-mm operators, and local or remote I/O and main control that are reportedly customized for specific OEM applications. Composed of two components-a main display panel rated NEMA 4X and also local or remote plug-in Smart Interface Modules and system power supply-the product is designed for easy installation. It is ideal for a range of applications, including packaging, machine tool, waste handling, and material handling. BTR Controls Inc., Enter 605

Cast iron wheels

Various hub diameters available

V-groove precision bearing cast-iron wheels are designed to tow heavy loads on angle iron rails. Features include very low tractive resistance, rough service conditions, precision ball journal bearing, high capacity, and long durability. Wheels are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch diameters. Load capacities range from 450 to 2,000 lbs. Applications include construction of manufactured homes, mining, general construction, and processing plants. Revvo Caster Co., Enter 606


Connects to laptop or PC

The Microgage 2000 cylindrical alignment laser is designed for easy set up and use. With its hand-held digital display, the product is suited for aligning bores, rotating machinery, drive systems, and lathe collets. It is able to measure straight runs, flat surfaces, parallel rails, and align bores, and it is accurate to 0.0001 inch. The Microgage 2000 Alignment System will operate over a range of 80 ft and can be connected to a laptop or PC for recording readings and generating maintenance reports. Pinpoint Laser Systems, Enter 607

PC/104 card

Accepts various input parameters

The Navigator(R) -PC/104 intends to provide dedicated motion control features for brushed and brushless dc and step motors, including trajectory generation, servo loop closure, quadrature signal input, motor output signal generation, trace, and on-the-fly changes. Accepting input parameters such as position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk, the product generates the corresponding trajectory. A servo loop rate of 100 microsec/axis is provided, with 5.0 mcount/sec quadrature encoder input rate. Performance Motion Enter 608


Easy inertia matching

The LP line of economy planetary gearheads for general motion control has been expanded to include 7:1 single-stage and 70:1 two-stage gear ratios. Torques range from 46 to 2,566 inch-lbs, and units are available in NEMA sizes from 23 to 56. The new sizes also apply to the LPB series of LP gearbox and integrated belt pulley solutions, reportedly eliminating the need for a right angle gearbox and couplings. alpha gear drives Inc., Enter 609


Saves time, money, and labor

With a rotating lead screw design using a stainless steel acme lead screw that is directly in the motor's rotor, the size 34 hybrid external linear actuator replaced four different components - a motor, coupler, lead screw, and nut. It is available in resolutions ranging from 0.0127 to 0.127 mm per step, and it delivers thrust up to 500 lbs. The product is reportedly best suited for applications requiring precise positioning and rapid motion. Haydon Switch & Instrument Enter 610

Slider bed belt conveyer

May be shortened or lengthened

Model H-400 has standard lengths beginning at 7 ft and going up in 2-ft increments, with intermediate sections available in 6-, 8-, and 10-ft lengths. Sections can be added or subtracted using only hand tools. The product is available for a range of bed widths, and stands on "H" type supports. It's recommended for companies with changing requirements in conveyer systems. Bilt-Rite Conveyors Inc., Enter 611

Conveyor chains

Many shapes and sizes available

Industrial conveyor chains have light running transport rollers made of hardened steel, plastic or antistatic materials. Power and free conveyor chains require little or no maintenance and are permanently lubricated at the factory. Features include offset roller arrangements for support, a small minimum radius, and optimal load distribution with each pin bearing the load. Applications include warehouses, material flow systems, accumulators, and pallet/container/crate carriers. SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 612

Slim load cell

Longer life, cooler operation

The low-profile Slim Cell includes a low-friction bearing design and specially formulated lubricant for longer life and cooler running. The Slim Cell measures and monitors precise web tension in manufacturing and converting applications. For use in load cells that operate rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers, Slim Cell is reportedly effective where space is tight, web tension is low, and dust or corrosion is a problem. Cleveland Motion Enter 613

Panel PC

Various screens, chips available

The Panel PC, a line of control panel LCD monitors, ranges from 6.5- to 20-inch screen sizes, and offers four types of integrated computers. Features include full keyboard, disk drives, mouse ports, touch screen, touch pads, and data ports. Various motherboards, processors, and PC slots are available in combinations. Options include TwinCAT software, Fieldbus cards, PLC control packages, and upgradeable SDRAM. Beckhoff Automation LLC, Enter 614

Metric ball screws

Low profile, low cost

Featuring patented anti-backlash ball nut designs, the screws can be matched with low profile and anti-backlash nuts. They are German precision and available with either machined or unmachined ends; lengths extend up to 3m. The 16- and 25-mm diameter screws come with leads of 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mm. The products are reportedly ideal for precision applications and where space is an issue. Techno Inc., Enter 615

Positioning stages

Optional servos, controllers

SV Series positioning stages offer travel lengths from 4-24 inches, loads to 1,000 lbs, accuracy to 0.0001 inch, and repeatability of same. Stages are made of anticorrosive aluminum and covers are included. Options include servo or stepper motors, controllers, ball or lead-screw drives, photo sensors, and mechanical switches. Each positioning stage is reportedly compact and stackable. Specialty Motions Inc., Enter 616

High-speed machining center

Improved rotational axis design

The HSM 600U high-speed machining center was developed for 5-axis machining of large work pieces. The company reports the highest quality surface finishes in work done on all axes. Features include liquid-cooled, direct drive motor; up to 360 rpm on the rotation axis; swivel range of +110 to -30 degrees ; and large clamping area. The integrated pallet magazine and pallet changer are optional. Mikron Bostomatic, Enter 617

Linear actuator

Eliminates gears and belts

The Duraplus(TM) linear actuator is designed for tight spaces and drop-in replacement for stepper motors. This motor reportedly offers extreme actuator control and efficiency, has a self-lubricated polymer nut, and has a stainless steel lead screw for increased life. Motors are available in NEMA 17 and 23 sizes with up to 50 lbs linear force or 200 lbs linear force, respectively. EADmotors, Enter 618

Servo drive

Obtains tight speed regulation

The Model M1224-BL servo drive accepts dc input voltages from 200-360V. This PWM servo amplifier features a continuous output current of 12A, peak output of 24A, adjustable peak, continuous current limiting, tachometer scaling, and built-in diagnostics. The units are shipped with protection against over-voltage, over-temperature, and ground faults. Options include drives, power supplies, servo motors, and encoders. Midwest Motion Enter 619

Ceramic ball bearings

Help eliminate damage, maintenance

Hybrid ceramic ball bearings are preferred over standard steel ball bearings because they prevent electrical arcing, resist wear, and run at higher speeds, and lower operating temperatures, the company claims. Silicon nitride balls running in steel rings are lighter, harder and more durable than all-steel products. These products are highly inelastic resulting in increased bearing stiffness and reduced deflection under loads. A wide range of bearing types is available. MRC Bearing Services, Enter 620

Food processing motors

Foot and footless mounting

Featuring a cast-iron frame and severe duty foundation, the W21(TM) food processing motor is available from 1-30 hp. Features include a two-part white epoxy paint, stainless steel shaft, and labyrinth taconite shaft seal. W21 motors are UL and CSA certified and offer Class F insulation. Each motor is constructed using double-sealed ball bearings, NPT threaded terminal box, and an IP55 watertight enclosure. WEG Electric Motors Enter 621

Pillow blocks

Clean lines, dimensional stability

Aluminum pillow block and housing flange assemblies feature self-aligning bearings. Other features include a 5-degree static alignment capability that eliminates machining and assembly; aluminum housings with controlled dimensional stability; and design flexibility. The line includes self-aligning needle rollers, Teflon-impregnated bronze, and oilite bronze bearings. Shafts are available in inch and metric sizes. Spyraflo Inc. Enter 622

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