Moog’s New Electric Servoactuation Solution Designed for Easy Installation, Longer Life

July 31, 2009

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Moog’s New Electric Servoactuation Solution Designed for Easy Installation, Longer Life

MOTION CONTROL: Drawing on its experience with power generation, flight simulation and subsea equipment, Moog has unveiled an electric linear servoactuation solution, which has been designed as a convenient alternative to hydraulic actuation. Engineers can apply Moog’s electric actuation solutions to a multitude of general industrial applications including damper control, security barriers, pick-and-place robotics and metal forming presses.Moog’s new solutions promise longer life, greater efficiency and productivity because of the use of superior materials and design. For instance, the innovative design of Moog’s ball screw, which translates rotational motion to linear motion inside the servoactuator, extends its life by twice that of traditional designs. And although Moog’s electric linear actuation solution draws less power than hydraulic alternatives, it sacrifices none of the precision, speed and productivity engineers need.

“Moog’s electric linear servoactuators incorporate our innovative ball screw design combined with carefully selected materials and manufacturing processes” said Rob Nicholl, engineering manager, Electric Linear Servoactuator Product Line for Moog Industrial Group in North America. This design results in higher efficiency and higher dynamic load capacity, providing up to two times the life of competing technologies. Moog’s new product is also an improvement over roller screw designs.

Moog has more than 25 years of experience designing electric solutions for motion control.
Moog’s new solution for engineers makes installations quicker because of such things as simple mounting and automatic configuration of the servoactuator.

Moog is introducing three offerings to the marketplace. First is a Standard Electric Linear Servoactuator for use with most linear actuation applications. Moog’s Standard Electric Servoactuator features: One of the industry’s smallest footprints; maximum force of 70 kN; rod speeds up to 640 mm/sec; and, an absolute encoder for transmitting position and feedback data.

Second is a Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuator for higher forces, rod speeds and longer strokes. Moog and its customers can tailor almost every feature of the Flexible Series to meet application-specific needs. Moog’s Flexible Electric Servoactuator includes: Longer strokes than the Standard solution; inline and foldback design; motor windings that can be tailored to meet application-specific needs; maximum force of 115.59 kN; and, rod speeds up to 1,600 mm/sec.

And, third, is Moog’s pre-engineered package option including the Standard Electric Linear Servoactuation Package and Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuation Package. Each package includes Moog’s servoactuator, servodrive and commissioning software. Moog’s commissioning software automatically uploads preset system tuning parameters from the absolute encoder when starting up the solution, which customers can rely on to save significant time.

“Moog’s Standard and Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuation Packages provide industry-leading sustainability solutions,” said Sal Spada, a director of Motion Control Research for ARC Advisory Group. “Energy efficiency, reliability, plus ease of set-up and installation, lower the total cost of design and ownership for both new and retrofit applications.

“By reducing a manufacturer’s energy consumption, these solutions can also help to reduce a manufacturer’s environmental footprint,” added Spada. “Design engineers that form partnerships with providers that embrace objective and systems-oriented perspectives on the technology achieve and often exceed desired goals. Moog is an excellent example of an industrial solution provider with the technology-neutral perspective and mechatronic systems approach that are so critical today.”

Detailed specifications for Moog’s Standard and Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuators and Packages are available at


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