LM76's Speed Guides™ Linear Guide Systems

July 17, 2006

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LM76's Speed Guides™ Linear Guide Systems

Moving heavy loads at high speeds

These guide systems are made for high speed and low cost. The Speed Demon OSG type and Speed Demon SG type systems run up to 10m per second (32.8 ft/sec), accelerate at up to 50 m/sec squared, and take loads up to 5,600N, or 1,259 lb. The OSG systems have five rail and block sizes, while the SG systems have seven rail sizes and 19 block designs. The rails in both systems have pre-drilled mounting holes, dual RC60 steel shafting and come in lengths up to 4m (13 ft), but can be ordered cut to size. The OSG blocks have four dual-contact roller bearings with two bearing on eccentric mounts, while the SG blocks have one, two or three bearings. OSG running straightness is +/- 0.02 mm (+/- .0008 inches), and the SG's is +/-0.015 mm (+/-.0006 inches). Both systems use felt wipers, high-angular dual-contact bearings, and corrosion-resistant materials. LM76http://rbi.ims.ca/4928-627

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