Intersil's Single-Ended PWM Controllers

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April 14, 2010

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Intersil's Single-Ended PWM Controllers

ELECTRONICS: Intersil Corp. introduced the industry’s most robust, military temperature, radiation-hardened PWM controllers for flyback and forward topologies. The ISL7884x family is electrically screened to DSCC SMD# 5962-07249 and is ideal for satellites, down-hole drilling and other high-reliability power supply applications.

The ISL7884xASRH series includes four new high-performance, radiation-hardened controllers that are pin-for-pin compatible with industry-standard current mode PWM controllers. All meet 100krad(Si) total dose specifications and have been tested for single-event effects with outstanding single event latch-up (SEL), burn out (SEB) and transient (SET) performance up to LET = 86.4 MeV/mg/cm2. The series offers Class V and Class Q manufacturing flows for packaged versions, and a Class V flow for die.

The new controllers feature a 1A MOSFET gate driver, fast transient response with peak current mode control and current sense propagation delay of only 35ns. All versions of this series operate from a 9 to 13.2V input voltage and over the MIL temperature range of -55 to 125C ambient. Start-up current is typically 220 microamperes over the full military temperature range and with 100Krad(Si) total dose radiation. All of the devices feature adjustable switching frequency up to 1MHz and high peak current drive capability with 50ns rise and fall times into a 1nF capacitance. This combination of features, including fast transient response and fast output switching, makes it an ideal choice for new designs or existing designs that require updating.

Two of the new ICs, the ISL78843 and ISL78845, feature rising under-voltage lockout (UVLO) of 8.4V. The ISL78840 and ISL78841 provide rising UVLO of 7V.

The ISL7884xASRHVF series is available in an 8-lead hermetic ceramic flat pack and die versions, and is priced beginning at $372.55 each in less than 25-piece quantities. ISL7884x/proto pricing starts at $102.94.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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