ICs Vital to Advanced Motion Control Systems

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November 5, 2007

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ICs Vital to Advanced Motion Control Systems

The higher performance integrated circuits (ICs) that run software are a critical portion of today's advance motion control systems - a portion that requires at least brief mention in this Trend Watch. Two product trends that bring the importance of ICs into proper perceptive involve motion control ICs and machine vision systems for IC manufacturing.

For many high-performance motion control systems, the control starts with a digital signal controller (DSC). Optimized for industrial applications that include servo motor control, Texas Instruments' TMS320F28044 and F2809 deliver 100 million instructions per sec (MIPS) and 150 psec PWM resolution. The trend of increasingly higher performance is a mainstay of digital ICs.

Machine Visions for IC Manufacturing

The symbiotic relationship between high-performance semiconductors and motion control requires that neither can advance without improvements in the other. With increasingly smaller geometries in the wafer fabrication (fab) process, precise motion control is essential. Batch processed wafers are constantly monitored for process control during assembly. "As our fab customers continue the move towards fully automated wafer traceability, new semiconductor processes and materials present new wafer ID challenges," says Marilyn Matz, senior vice president, semiconductor and electronics, Cognex Corp.

Cognex In-sight 1720, 1721 and 1722 machine vision systems offer three options for automated wafer identification. The newest 1720 model provides optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode reading in a stand-alone package with a 752 x 480-pixel CMOS sensor. These vision systems are just a small part of the motion control improvements.

Cognex In-sight 1720, 1721 and 1722 machine vision systems provide automated wafer indentification for manufacturing high-performance semiconductors.

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