Homogenization Test Laboratory Evaluates In-Line Process Feasibility

DN Staff

April 14, 2010

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Homogenization Test Laboratory Evaluates In-Line Process Feasibility

MATERIALS: An application test laboratory for evaluating particle size reduction and de-agglomeration manufacturing processes utilizing their patented in-line mixing equipment which subjects 100 percent of the product to shearing, with no bypass, is available from Bematek Systems Inc.

Bematek’s Homogenization Test Laboratory was developed for manufacturers of dispersions, emulsions, and slurries that require complete consistency and repeatability. Utilizing a dynamic in-line mixer or high shear colloid mill featuring patented rotor-stator mixing technology that exposes 100 percent of the customer’s product to the same shear action, with no bypass, the laboratory test results are fully scalable to production volumes by Bematek Systems.

Providing a comprehensive test report which includes application objectives, testing procedures, and processed sample results, Bematek’s Homogenization Test Laboratory will allow the firm to specify an in-line wet mixing system or colloid mill that is best suited to a specific customer’s production processing requirements up to 10,000 GPH throughput.

Bematek’s Homogenization Test Laboratory fees are based upon process complexity. Systems comply with 3A, USDA, and FDA standards.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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