GlobalSCAPE Connectivity Software Reduces Bandwidth with Byte-Level Differencing

November 2, 2007

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GlobalSCAPE Connectivity Software Reduces Bandwidth with Byte-Level Differencing

GlobalSCAPE's Wide Area File Services (WAFS) software alleviates challenges associated with coordinating the development of one project file, such as a CAD file or an Excel document, over the Internet and between multiple users.

The WAFS software mirrors a file set and is stored locally on each of the users’ machines or servers. When one user opens the local file, the software pings the mirrored locations and locks the file from being edited by other users. Users can still access the file and “save as,” but they are unable to edit and save the original file until the first user saves and closes the file.

According to GlobalSCAPE Marketing Director John G. Kelly, the WAFS software uses byte-level differencing in order to minimize data transfer loads. Byte level differencing doesn’t transfer the entire file; it only transfers the data changes to the file to save time with larger files. “The software is smart enough to be able to see that that’s the change that has happened,” says Kelly.

GlobalSCAPE also provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software, which provides a constant backup of designated drives or servers that like the WAFS software makes changes at the byte level. The user needs to establish a local or remote location for the data to back up. “Once you’ve got our Continuous Data Protection in place, whenever somebody is making a change you are capturing that change, and then at the central location for our CDP product we retain versions so anytime there’s a version that’s changed, we keep it,” says Kelly.

The WAFS software costs approximately $5,990 for the two-agent minimum and the CDP software is available for approximately $1,990, which includes one source agent and the backup. They are available together for $6,990 as the Avail Enterprise package , which supports two systems. Clients include Ericksen Roed, URS, Earth Tech, Carter and Burgess, Ammann and Whitney, Bohannon Huston and Fuscoe Engineering.

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