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January 13, 2003

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Fluid Power

Duckbill check valves

Instant check at flow stoppage

Duckbill check valves, zero gravity fittings with a flow-through design, are made for applications requiring sensitive valves. Duckbills allow full volume in the flow direction and instant check when flow stops. These silicone valves reportedly hold in check with pressure as low as 0.5 psi. DCVs are available with 1/8 and 3/16 barbs molded without parting lines. Secure barb seals hold in flexible tubing as tested to 150 psi without hose clamps. Body materials include nylon, polypropylene, Kynar(R) and polycarbonate. Ark-Plas Productswww.ark-plas.com Enter 593

Specialty microfiltration

Variety of standards, specials

A specialty line of industrial microfiltration products features precision miniature filters and strainers, designed to offer last line protection for sensitive components in fluid systems. Among the applications are fluid filtration, purification and condition monitoring equipment. The company offers special design and engineering services for specific uses. Parker Hannifin Corp., Hydraulic Filter Division www.parker.com/hydraulicfilter. Enter 594

Venturi vacuum pumps

Use less shop air pressure

Air-Miser(TM) Series multi-ejector, air powered, venturi vacuum pumps are designed to provide vacuum levels down to 27 in. Hg, using 45 psi inlet pressure. The pumps reportedly use less air while holding the same capacity as conventional venturi pumps, and run quieter. Offering a reliable, 100% duty cycle, Air-Miser pumps require 1 to 4 CFM air consumption to achieve 4 to 12 CFM vacuum flow, depending on size. They are available from 1/16 to 8 HP for applications including packaging machinery and material handling equipment. Anver, www.anver.com Enter 595

Motorized pump

Compact, features unique stator

General utility, motorized progressing cavity pumps are designed for material transfer and metering applications involving clean liquids or abrasive and corrosive fluids. Reportedly compact and lightweight, Series 200 pumps offer easy installation and feature a molded wobble stator that increases the compression fit during operation between rotor and stator. Units are self-priming, with non-pulsating and low-shear flow to 5 gpm, pressures to 40 psi and quiet operation. Pumps have standard mechanical seals and dual HD sealed ball bearings. Moyno Inc., www.moyno.com Enter 596

Solenoid valves

Encapsulated, fight corrosion

Corrosion-resistant, all-plastic solenoid valves close regardless of pressure differentials across them. The instant on/off, non-contaminating valves feature coils that rectify ac to dc current, with very low coil operating temperatures. According to the company, coils and electronics are encapsulated in molded polyester housings that fight corrosive environments but allow quick, easy seal replacement. All valves have true union design, allowing removal of the bodies by unscrewing two valve assembly nuts and lifting out the valve body. Valves are available for 0.25- to 1-inch pipelines, in PVC and CPVC, with Viton(R) or EPDM seals. Hayward Industrial Products Inc.www.haywardindustrial.com. Enter 597

Tiny turbopump

Smallest available, for instruments

The CompactTurbo TPD 011 is reportedly the smallest turbopump available and is designed for use with portable, battery-powered or compact analytical instruments. The rectangular unit is easily installed, weighs 5 lbs. and has a pumping speed of 10 l/s for nitrogen. The TC 100 drive system is reportedly 70% smaller than competitive units. Pumps are operated by an RS485 interface via control units or PCs. When combined with a small rotary vane or diaphragm pump, the CompactTurbo is a total vacuum package. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologywww.pfeiffer-vacuum.com. Enter 598

Linear actuator

Reduces positioning errors

A rotary stepper motor for linear actuators reportedly provides linear accuracy of 0.0035mm full-step linear movement using a leadscrew nut with an M4 hole threaded through its center and formed as part of the motor. Motors have bearings held in place through threaded adjustments that will not allow movement under load, and variable shaft lengths. Model DSM4234LN uses a leadscrew cut directly into the motor, and the nut and leadscrew assembly reduce inertia and backlash. Customer-specified leadscrews can be fitted for larger actuators. Densitron Corp., www.densitron.com Enter 599

Hose pumps

No seals, easy maintenance

Verderflex seal-less industrial hose pumps are designed for applications where compact machine design requires few wearing parts and easy maintenance. Reportedly durable and technologically advanced, the pump has no flaps or valves and is closed coupled. Units are available with capacities from 0.1 to 350 gpm, pressure to 230 psig and suction lift to 30 ft. Granzow Inc., www.granzow.com Enter 600

Linear actuator sets

For high-force applications

The DuraPlus linear actuator is designed for axial load capacity and has a precision-machined, polymer rotating nut with a special 300 Series stainless steel leadscrew combination. The self-lubricating nut is maintenance free and reduces noise in operation. Available in NEMA sizes 17 and 23, these high torque motors (60 oz-in. peak) are engineered extensions of rotary hybrid stepping motors and offer 50 lbs. linear force. DuraPlus motors eliminate the need for gears, belts and couplings. Applications include medical devices, piston pumps, remote valves and semiconductor equipment. EADmotors, www.eadmotors.com Enter 601

Window blowoff

Air sheet cleans constantly

The Air Stik(TM) blowoff keeps CNC machine viewing windows clear of coolant and chips. It fastens to windows with adhesive and uses a continuous stream of compressed air that forces surrounding air in layers down the glass. The unit reportedly offers infinite air volume control and is easily piped and mounted. It has no moving parts and cannot harm the mounting surface. Operators can view processes more easily and control the air flow from a shutoff valve attached by bulkhead fitting or magnetic base. EXAIR Corp., www.exair.com Enter 602

Welding water cooler

Small but powerful

Cool-Arc(TM) 40 welding-application water cooler uses the ProCon(R) pump which reportedly provides superior cooling power and minimum vibration, using newly designed fans. The cooler is light and portable, and offers vertical or horizontal mounting for tight locations. The unit is self-contained for use with water-cooled welding guns and torches for GTAW and PAW. Each pump has an industrial motor and pumps to 100 gph at a maximum pressure of 60 psig; pumps are available in 115 or 230V, 50/60 Hz. Lincoln Electric Co., www.lincolnelectric.com Enter 603

Gas fill platform

Reduces errors, bubble-tight

Gas filling operations dependent on the variables of manual systems can reportedly be replaced using fill platform equipment with CPV FloMaster(R) valves, which markedly increase the accuracy of complex gas mixes. According to the company, the valves are bubble-tight and precision-timed, and mix gas with accuracy of plus or minus 2 gm per canister, largely due to the software operating the system. Valves configure up to 200 customer-designed gas mixes and account for every parameter that can affect accuracy. CPV Manufacturing, www.cpvmfg.com Enter 604


All-digital, panel mount

The Accelus panel-mount servoamplifier offers high power for heavy-duty operations in hydraulic and pneumatic drives. Software controls reportedly simplify system commissioning, tuning and diagnostics. The company reports that the amplifiers drive brushless linear and rotary motors at higher torque, speed and efficiency than other units. Features include an auto tuning algorithm, a current sense design, sinusoidal motor commutation, and compatibility with many popular controllers. Options include 90 or 180V systems, 3 - 9A continuous, 12 - 36A peak power. Applications include robotics, assembly machines, X-Y tables, packaging equipment and conveyor drives. Copley Controls Corp., www.copleycontrols.com Enter 605

Nitrogen generator

99.95% pure, on-site service

A compressed nitrogen generating system that can eliminate the need for cylinders, Dewars and bulk nitrogen supplies is available to produce up to 9,600 scfm of 99.95% pure nitrogen on location. The Balston(R) generator produces from any compressed air supply regardless of quality using a combined filtration/pressure swing absorption system. It reportedly operates at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention while microfiltration removes contaminants to 0.01 micron. Features include oxygen analyzer and audible alarm. Parker Hannifin Corp., Filtration and Separation Div., www.parker.com/filtrationandseparation Enter 606

Valve driver board

Programmable, current-regulated

A compact, microprocessor-based valve driver board for electro-hydraulic proportional valve control applications accepts a 4-20 mA or 5V input signal. Flow control is available with one analog and three solid state auxiliaries. The board is compatible with the company's joysticks, foot pedals and other controllers. Standard features include LED diagnostics, ramp-to or through-center, neutral off switch and broken command signal detection. Optional features include adjustable hi-lo range mode select and timed deadman-enabled circuit. The PWM outputs are current-regulated. J.R. Merritt Controls, www.jrmerritt.com Enter 607


Wide turndown, measures in SCFM

Model 10A compressed air flowmeters are microprocessor based and have very wide turndown, reportedly intended for compressed air measurement. These units measure in SCFM units directly, without pressure or temperature compensation, and their calibration is traceable to NIST standards. The flow sensor is made of 316 stainless steel and is all-welded. In-line and insertion models are available. Fox Thermal Instrumentswww.foxthermalinstruments.com Enter 608

Colored cable ties

Fluorescent, bright and bold

Fluorescent cable ties, made of Type 66 nylon, are ideal for color coding hoses by their application, time-in-service or other criteria. They are available in bright blue, orange, pink, yellow and green. Highly visible, the ties can be seen underwater and are available in 4- to 14-inch lengths and fit various hose and tubing. Applications include safety markers, security bracelets, wire or tube bundling, and matching equipment to building or regional locations. Nelco Products Inc., www.nelcoproducts.com Enter 609

Open hopper pump

Drives sludge, other high-solids

Open hopper sludge pumps transport very viscous liquids and dewatered sludge cake with over 50% solids. Applications include mineral slurry cakes with over 80% solids and waste sludge up to 45% consistency. The feed auger operates independently from the rotor shaft so that fluid shearing rate is not related to the pump speed and bridging in the pump is reduced. Available in a variety of materials, the pump reportedly operates at higher volume efficiencies than competitive products. seepex Inc., www.seepex.com Enter 610

Manual screen changer

Hand-operated, easy-slide

HSC manual discontinuous screen changers offer a solution to cost-effective manual screen changing problems. With a newly designed lever system for easy-slide operation via torque multipliers, HSCs are available in 5 standard sizes to 148 mm. Torque multiplication enhances the safety and ease of use of the products, and the pressure-activated seal makes the system leak free. Applications include PVC, PC, PET and PMMA; HSCs are available as stand-alone or packaged units. Maag Pump Systems Textron Inc., www.maag.com. Enter 611

Oil-less liquid pumps

Safe for dry running

The ability to run dry safely and self-prime makes the 5002F Series liquid pump ideal for chemical and laboratory application, according to the maker. Pumps are made from standard or acid/base-resistant materials and feature oil-less designs that keep contaminants out of the fluids. Teflon-coated diaphragms and vitron diaphragms and valves are available. Series includes permanent magnetic dc motors in 6, 12, 24V dc and 230V ac 5Hz, and have a maximum pressure height of 390 inches H2O for standard and chemical pH media. Thomas Industries Inc., www.thomaspumps.com Enter 612

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