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October 16, 2000

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Fluid Power

Filter media and elements

Made from micro-fine glass fibers that are randomly laid into a multilayered web, Microfil(R)III high performance filter media and elements are designed and tested to provide beta 200 filtration efficiency. According to the company, the element's composite construction maintains superior hydraulic or lubricating oil cleanliness. The units are offered in standard grades of 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, and 25 microns, and are said to withstand 150-psid collapse pressure.

Purolator Facet Inc.

Peristaltic pumps

MityFlex(R)peristaltic pumps feature variable speed controls with flow rates ranging from 0.04 to 3,800 m(liter)/min. Ac voltages range from 24 to 240V in 60 or 50 Hz, and in 12 and 24V dc. The pumps are designed to be sealless and self-priming, with consistent positive displacement. They are reportedly capable of carrying a variety of viscosities from gasses to heavy slurries.

Anko Products Inc.

Inert proportional valve

Designed for use with corrosive or high-purity fluids, the inert proportional valve is a proportional, solenoid-operated diaphragm isolation valve said to provide infinitely variable flow control. Flow is proportional to the magnitude of the current input into the 24V dc valve driver. The poppet and seat are configured to provide bubble tight leakage characteristics. According to the company, the materials of all surfaces in the flow path are inert and impervious to a range of aggressive fluids.

South Bend Controls

Continuous level system

Developed to address level measuring challenges in the measuring and control industry, Continuous Level System 4-20 reportedly features measuring accuracy, universal applicability, and simple handling. It is designed for use in hazardous areas, bulk materials, pressurized vessels or the petrochemical industry, as well as in laboratory analysis. Measurements are performed through electronically generated pulses, which are reflected from the tank wall and evaluated at distances up to 20M.

Besta AG


Intended for transfer of flammable or volatile liquids, without static electricity build up, the E5 Acetal pump features the Elima-Matic(R)shoe valve for non-stalling, anti-icing, and lubrication-free service. The inlet and discharge swivel 360 degrees -reportedly increasing flexibility. Additionally, the inlet and discharge are threaded internally and externally for more leak-free installation options.

Versa-Matic Pump

Solenoid control valves

Continuous control valves-types 6022, 6023, and 6223-reportedly provide "ready-to-use" continuous process control of liquids and gases. The controllers-a microprocessor-based, self-supporting, and programmable unit that mounts directly on the solenoid valve-are integrated in a polyamide NEMA 4 housing for direct connection to continuous solenoid control valves.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Ball valves

Available with stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass bodies, the company's 60 series ball valves are designed to prevent leaks to the atmosphere with a live-loaded stem seal. According to the company, spring-loaded valve seats exert constant pressure against the ball to provide a reliable seal, even in low-pressure conditions. In addition to standard models, they are offered in fire series, steam service, and chlorine service.


Solenoid valve

CETOP 05 solenoid valves were developed using lamellar modeling technology-reportedly allowing for improvements in performance. Flow rate operating limits are 120 (liter)/min and pressure drops of 8 bar at 120 (liter)/min. Options include an inductive sensor for spool position monitoring; a fixed or adjustable restrictor to control the spool shifting time; an electronic device to control valve switching time from 0.06 to 2.5 sec; and a Y drain port, which should enable high pressure operation.

Duplomatic Oleodinamica

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