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December 4, 2000

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Fluid Power

Composite cylinder

Premair(TM)composite cylinders are designed to provide high performance and long life in harsh or corrosive environments, including wet and washdown operations in which conventional metal cylinders are prone to failure. The cylinders are available in 5 common bore sizes, 3 functional styles, and four mounting options for a total of 4,000 model variations. The products are also said to be light weight and factory lubricated. "This composite cylinder offers advantages against corrosion and denting in uses where traditional metal cylinders may not work so well," says judge Francis McMichael of Carnegie Mellon. "The polymer material has advantages over metals and the designers have addressed other issues about sealing and endcaps. It offers improvements that may result in longer service life."

Ingersoll-Rand , Fluid Products Div., Bryan, OH 43506-0151; FAX (419) 636-1674; www. arozone.com.

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Suitable for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications, the 2MA Cylinder incorporates a linear position sensor that senses a piston's position in relation to its stroke to the nearest one-thousandth of an inch. The cylinder is available in a variety of mounting configurations and in bore sizes of 2 to 8 inches.

Parker Hannifin Corp. , 500 S Wolf Rd., Des Plaines, IL 60016; FAX (800) 892-1008; www.parker.com/cylinder.

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Irrigation pump

This medical irrigation pump provides flow rates from 0.06 to 1,600 ml/min through 1/8- to 1/4-inch ID tubing. Media are contained within the tubing, so the system is noncontaminating and sanitary. The drip-proof enclosure measures 6x7.5x8.75 inches, and has safety interlock on the pump head. Options include a pneumatic start/stop footswitch and fixed-speed or 4- to 20-mA speed control models.

Barnant Co. , 28W092 Commercial Ave., Barrington, IL 60010; FAX (847) 381-7053; www.barnant.com.

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Proportional valve

This inert proportional valve features a solenoid-operated diaphragm for infinitely variable flow control. Flow is proportional to the magnitude of the current input into the 24V dc valve driver. Flow-path surface materials are inert and impervious to aggressive fluids. The unit's poppet and seat are configured for bubble-tight leakage characteristics.

South Bend Controls, 1237 Northside Blvd., South Bend, IN 46615; FAX (219) 234-3948; www.sbcontrols.com.

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Vacuum pumps

Vectra Series liquid ring vacuum pumps have a common platform and feature interchangeable parts. Capacities range from 115 to 2,860 cfm. The compact GL model has cone angles optimized to reduce the size of the pump and features patented gas-scavenging technology to improve performance at high vacuum levels. Heavy-duty XL models are made of ductile iron or stainless steel to withstand chemical processing, and accommodate a variety of mechanical seals.

Nash Engineering Co. , 9 Trefoil Dr., Trumbull, CT 06611-1330; FAX (203) 459-3988; www.nasheng.com.

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Solenoid coils

Series E water- and weather-resistant solenoid valve coils can survive harsh outdoor applications, such as construction and mobile equipment. Coil windings are fully encapsulated. Models with integral connectors (DIN, Deutsch, or MetriPack(R)) have the connector molded into the coil encapsulation, ensuring IP67 or IP69 weather resistance. A rugged metal shell protects the device from physical damage and concentrates magnetic flux for the coil.

HydraForce Inc. , 500 Barclay Blvd., Lincolnshire, IL 60069; FAX (847) 793-0086; www.hydraforce.com.

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Directional valve

Series D3 directional control valves pass up to 40 gpm and are half the size of pilot-operated valves. Available in 2- and 3-position configurations, the 4-way valves are designed for manifold mounting and conform to NFPA's D05 pattern. Options include choice of four operator types and 22 spool styles. Solenoid-operated models feature ac or dc coils and monitor-switch and surge-suppression options.

Parker Hannifin, 520 Ternes Ave., Elyria, OH 44035; FAX (440) 366-5253; www.parker.com/hydraulicvalve.

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Solenoid valves

The series 30 normally closed valve handles very low pressures up to about 2 psi with high flows (C v =0.57). Larger flow passages allow higher flows through the valve. Larger drilled ports also allow higher flows. The compact units suit commercial ranges and cook tops employing natural gas.

Peter Paul Electronics, Box 1180, New Britain, CT 06050; FAX (860) 223-1734; www.peterpaul.com.

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Hydraulic drive

The first member of the Power Wheel Plus family of hydraulic planetary-gear wheel drives for aerial lifts and agricultural and construction equipment is the Model 43. This unit features a 43 cc maximum displacement axial piston motor installed inside the gearbox spindle; minimum displacement options are 17, 22, or 27 cc. Cone-Loc patented parking brakes feature an output torque that is always greater than the output torque of the drive, so operators cannot drive through the brake.

Auburn Gear Inc. , 400 E Auburn Dr., Auburn, IN 46706; FAX (219) 925-4725; www.auburngear.com.

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Stainless-steel and sanitary gauges are available with an option that enables a dry gauge to act like a liquid-filled unit. Gauges with the PLUS!(TM)Performance option resist the damaging effects of vibration and pulsation, weigh less than liquid-filled gauges, and are not subject to leaks. These gauges also last twice as long as conventional dry gauges, according to the manufacturer.

Dresser Instruments, 250 E Main St., Stratford, CT 06614-5145; FAX (203) 385-0499; www.dresserinstruments.com.

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Y connector

The Integral Y-Connection connects the company's Series 52 Valve Status Monitor with a DIN solenoid. This single-point attachment simplifies wiring, reduces field wiring time, and allows quick repair and replacement. The part is for 20 to 120V ac applications with a common wiring of the live connection. Users can wire the connector to a remote electrical junction box via cordset, extension cord, or conduit adapter/conduit.

Bray Controls , 13333 Westland East Blvd., Houston, TX 77041; FAX (281) 894-9499; www.bray.com.

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Pilot-actuated valves

Brass poppet valves have integral pilot actuators, reducing the number of components required in a pneumatic circuit. The devices are available in 2- and 3-way configurations, normally closed or open, with #10-32 or 1/8 NPT ports. Minimum pilot pressure is 15 psig. In 3-way versions, exhaust is ported through the hole at the base of the mounting thread.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, 7390 Colerain Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239; FAX (513) 521-4464; www.clippard.com.

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Combining an innovative bowl/blade clutch design with a single ac motor and ac motor drive, the CentraSep(TM)automatic centrifuge can remove submicron to half-inch particles and fines from coolants and lubricants. Processing rates range from 25 to 135 gpm. A positive locking clutch couples the bowl's main spindle and the blade together so that both rotate at the same speed. The motor links to the spindle via a chevron-style timing belt and pulley design that prevents slippage.

Midwest Engineered Products Corp., 5060 East 62nd St., Suite 130, Indianapolis, IN 46220; FAX (317) 255-7399; www.midwest.com.

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