Fastening products

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August 25, 1997

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Fastening products

Draw latch

Rotary-action draw latch is available in two styles--a concealed spring-loaded version and a fixed-anchor plate version. The spring-loaded version compensates for mounting-hole irregularities, panel variations, and gasket set. It absorbs shock and vibration and reduces rattling. A lift-and-twist action is necessary to open the latches. This dual action prevents a latch from snapping open, making it suitable for applications where safety or accidental opening are a concern. Applications include use in industries ranging from RV/caravan to off-highway, farm equipment, medical, food equipment, furniture, and exhibit.
Southco Inc., Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331, FAX (610) 361-6314.


AcupointTM anti-cross-threading fasteners feature a spherical point that allows the fasteners to self-align from both off-angle and off-center positions. This point design allows quick engagement into the hole and thread engagement only when the fastener is properly aligned. Its shorter point length minimizes interference. Available sizes will include M4, M6, and M8.
Camcar Textron, 516 18th Ave., Rockford, IL 61104, FAX (815) 961-5345.

Adhesive tape

FM 2453 double-coated adhesive-foam tape is for bonding exterior mirrors to plastic housings on cars and trucks. Features include a proprietary black-foam carrier coated on both the unwind and liner sides with 1.8m of an acrylic adhesive that provides a bond for attaching mirrors to their housings. The tape product has a continuous operating temperature of 180F and an intermittent operating temperature of 225F. The foam is useful for gap filling and offers complete adhesive coverage over the back of the mirror, enabling the mirror to be shatter- resistant.
Avery Dennison, Specialty Tape Div., 250 Chester St., Painesville, OH 44077, FAX (216) 639-7518.


The Trim-Line swinghandle can be fitted with a variety of internationally standardized actuator drives and lock cylinders. An overall height variance of 9 to 12 mm makes it possible to shrink the dimensions of the swinghandle to 133 mm in length and 36 mm in width. Driven by a special shaft and innovative linkage, either the modern DIRAK flat-rod latching system or 3-point cam-controlling rods can be utilized. Single or 2-point closure is also possible. Applications include use in equipment construction and small housings such as those found in advanced electrical technology.
DFS International Inc., 7151 Lake Ellenor Dr., Orlando, FL 32809, FAX (407) 858-9601.

Mold-in insert

DODGE(R) Ultra-MoldTM threaded insert features a two-part design that eliminates dead space, tapping chips, and debris left inside. This threaded insert is manufactured from two separate pieces of brass material. Threads are tapped completely through the insert body before an end cap is attached. Since the entire length of the insert is threaded, smaller inserts can be used. A bolt pilot allows fast entry of screws and mold pins, and the capped end eliminates material back flow. Available sizes include #8, #10, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inch, and metric M4, M5, M6, M8, and M10. Ultra-MoldTM inserts are designed for industrial, automotive, and electronic applications.
Emhart Industrial, 510 River Rd., Shelton, CT 06484, FAX (203) 925-3109.

Contact tip

Delta II triangle contact tip features a wire contact of 2 points, an inscribed circle diameter of 1.24 plus or minus 0.02 mm, and a clearance of 0.45 mm to eject flaking. A triangle hole versus the conventional round hole helps to reduce or eliminate common tip problems such as spatter. Other improvements include better electric conductivity, a reduction in downtime, and a decrease in the required amps/voltage. The tip is available in sizes that fit robotic and automatic welding guns with metric thread.
Daido Corp., 615 Pierce St., Somerset, NJ 08875, FAX (908) 805-0122.


SurelockTM quick-connect clamp features a pull-through-band feed design for rapid, bind-free take up. The captured-screw design ensures trouble-free engagement and final tensioning, in difficult conditions or confined areas. An extended-housing design accommodates more screw threads for superior screw-to-band engagement and a more positive seal. The 9/16-inch-wide band, housing and saddle, and 5/16-inch hex-head screw feature premium 300-grade stainless-steel construction for superior corrosion resistance.
Stant Corp., Ideal Div., 3200 Parker Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32095.


Bi-Sert insert provides a permanent precision metal thread in molded plastic parts. The hex shape, useful in rotational molding, provides torque and resistance to pull out. The space between the hexes provides flow characteristics, making the Bi-Sert suitable for use with fiber-resin plastics.
Yardley Products Corp., Box 357, Yardley, PA 19067, FAX (215) 493-6796.


5320/5327 ICS design casters are made from a thermoplastic material that is corrosion and rust resistant, making them easy to clean and able to withstand disinfectants and detergents. The thermoplastic or polyurethane wheels, combined with the rounded profile design, reduce rolling resistance and allow for smooth rolling in any environment. The casters are available in 4- and 5-inch swivel, or without the total lock system, and are suitable for the medical industry.
Tente Casters Inc., 2266 Southpark Dr., Hebron, KY 41048, FAX (606) 586-5859.


Ergonomically designed workstation is made from T-slot aluminum framing products and can be assembled using standard hand tools. This workstation is designed to function as either a stand-alone unit or a section integrated into a more extensive layout. Features include ergonomically designed parts bins, information boards, and tool racks; power strips; air bags; and tool balancers. In addition, three-way light bars and adjustable foot rests help reduce fatigue.
Bosch Automation Products, 816 East 3rd St., Buchanan, MI 49107, FAX (616) 695-5363.

Expansion bolts

Superbolt(R) expansion bolts replace large-fitted or interference-fit bolts. Loose fit sleeves of 0.010 to 0.020 inch are easily inserted, even in a hole misaligned due to rotation. Tightening can be done in less than five minutes per assembly. The split sleeve springs back to the original size, making it much less likely to hang up during removal. These bolts generate axial and radial force simultaneously and require no honing or coupling face machining. Applications include use with steam, gas, and hydro turbines; large motor couplings; marine drives; ring and split gears; and flanges.
Superbolt, Box 683, Carnegie, PA 15106, FAX (800) 345-2658.

Insert driver

Heat insert driver is for installation of miniature inserts as small as 2 mm across by 2.5 mm in height. Modular in design, this driver is for the manufacture and assembly of cellular telephones. It automatically feeds, orients, and installs up to four inserts at a time. The heat-insert process yields more consistent performance in terms of jack-out torque and pull-out force than alternatives such as ultrasonic welding.
Spirol International Corp., 30 Rock Ave., Danielson, CT 06239, FAX (860) 774-0487.


PRISM(R) 4203 and 4205 are rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate adhesives that provide resistance to impact, vibration, prolonged heat, and damp environments. PRISM 4203 is a low-viscosity adhesive, while PRISM 4205 is a non-running gel adhesive. Both products achieve fixture strength within 20 to 30 seconds on most substrates including steel, aluminum, nitrile, rubber, ABS, phenolics, and SBR. These adhesives cure to a clear, durable bond line, and are suited for bonding speaker and appliance assemblies, automotive components, electrical equipment, oil filters, disk drives, and other applications.
Loctite Corp., 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, FAX (860) 571-5465.

Mini spring line

Line of self-contained disposable mini nitrogen-gas springs includes the RD-12 with an OD of 0.472 inch, the RD-19 with an OD of 0.748 inch, and the RD-25 with an OD of 0.98 inch. Designed for smaller, higher-speed dies, these mini springs can be dropped into a die-spring pocket and mounted using the tapped hole in the bottom or by attaching a flange part. They are available in six stroke lengths, ranging from 0.28 inch to 3.15 inches with initial force ranging from 15 to 450 lbs. Flange mountings are also available.
Associated Spring Raymond, 1705 Indian Wood Circle #210, Maumee, OH 43537, FAX (419) 891-9192.

Captive self-clinching fasteners

Captive self-clinching studs are available with a special nylon patch applied to the thread area. The compressed patch exerts a spring-like wedging pressure on one side of the thread, between the stud and mating nut. This creates a tight metal-to-metal contact on the opposite side of the stud thread and provides a strong yet fully adjustable locking action when nut tightening stops. Patch thickness can be tailored to desired torque levels upon request. Studs can be fed through standard automation insertion equipment. The need for a separate lock washer is eliminated and the repeated removal and replacement of the mating nut is allowed.
Captive Fastener Corp., 19 Thornton Rd., Oakland, NJ 07436, FAX (201) 337-1012.


For life-safety and protection, these fasteners provide ready access only to authorized servicing. Available in bolts and nuts in all sizes, with a three-dimensional tamper-proof design as standard, the fasteners can be custom keyed for exclusive customer use with more than 250,000 unique head combinations. A lock-on, high-torque, coded wrench adds confidence to critical installations.
Mek-Lock Fasteners., 2965 E. Hillcrest Dr., Suite 304, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362, FAX (805) 495-2747.

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